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Revenge of the Ghost - 3

Both Ravindra and Satya reached the accident scene at the same time. The car was completely cold now. Ravindra saw Satya and they both greeted each other and Ravindra asked her about the report. She said her team is working on that round the clock and she will send the report by the end of the day today. Ravindra asked her about the purpose of the visit. She said that she could not explain it, but something had been eating her mind since yesterday.

Satya said let me explain. She opened the car door from the driver’s side and asked him “what do you see”? Ravindra was a bit confused but he tried to look for the clues. Bang…A thought came to his mind that which is the origin of the fire? He had a peculiar habit, when he solves any puzzle, he taps his right temple and snaps the fingers. He did the same thing and told that Divya that the origin of the fire is missing. There are only two places in any car from where a fire can be started. Either the engine or the petrol tank. But in this case, none of the reasons was visible. The point of origin of the fire was from the driver’s seat only which is highly unlikely. Only if someone had used some sort of accelerant to accelerate the fire and put the driver on the car seat. But then why did not the driver jump out of the car? There were scratch marks on the inner side of the door glass. Probably, the car doors were jammed, and the driver could not jump out.

To iron out the wrinkle, he called the most trusted mechanic to test the car for any glitches. The mechanic was 10 mins away. So Ravindra asked Satya, let us have a cup of tea while he arrives. She agreed and they both went to the nearest tea stall. While drinking tea, Satya and Ravindra both had the same thought and tried to speak at the same time. Both started and Ravindra politely said ladies first. Satya said that something doesn’t seem right with this accident. There are many unsolved puzzled in this case.

Suddenly, Satya’s phone rang. She picked up and her lab assistant said that madam report is ready. She asked her to send that report to her email id. The phone chimed and immediately Satya opened the email and started to read. Death occurred due to burn only and there were no signs of violence. Satya narrowed her eyebrows and said hmm. This is the thing she does when she can not understand or solve any case. Ravindra still had the inquisitive look on his face and was eagerly waiting for the report. Satya realised that and said oops sorry. The report says that the death is because of burning only, no other signs of any kind of physical violence.

Both were flummoxed and the moment they started to say something, a car honked loudly and there was a break in their thoughts. The mechanic Bholu arrived and signalled his arrival with a loud noise. He saluted Ravindra and asked sir may I check? Ravindra nodded. Bholu checked the car with a minute detail and exceptional patient but he could find nothing. He said sir, the car’s engine, break, door locking mechanism everything is intact. There is no sign of foul play.

Satya and Ravindra just stared at each other without any clue. Now the only task remaining was to identify the victim. Ravindra could not inquire about the car details as the car was badly burned and both the number plates were unreadable. He asked Bholu what we can do to identify the car. Bholu said sir let me check the engine number. At last some luck. Engine number was readable and immediately Ravindra called his constable and gave him the number and ordered him to get the car details asap. Meanwhile Satya’s team was trying to recover any sort of fingerprints from the body, but they were not very hopeful about that based on the condition of the body.

Satya was quickly going through the report for any clue and a note caught her eye. The note said the internal body temperature was too high that his organs were found melted and that was not because of the fire. That meant the victim was burnt from inside. Satya could not make anything out of this. How can this be possible? She called Ravindra and discussed the same thing with him. None of them had any clue to solve this case and they just stood there staring at the car.

Satya and Ravindra both went to their respective offices but with an itch of not able to understand so many things about this case. Ravindra entered his office and even before he took his seat, he called the constable for an update about the victim or the owner of the car. The constable said that he will be back within half an hour with all the information. Half an hour passed meanwhile Ravindra was not able to wait or concentrate on anything else. He had been just pacing in his office for the last half an hour. Finally, the constable came with good news and he said sir the owner is…

Who is the owner of this car? Is this the beginning of something horrific? To know all the answers please read the next part. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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