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Revenge of the Ghost - 4

Ravindra woke up at 7 am. First thing he did that he checked his phone for any update on the car owner. The message he hoped for was not there. He got ready and went to the police station at 10 am. As soon as he entered his cabin and took a seat, he called the constable. The constable came in by seeking his permission and saluted Ravindra with a smile on his face as if he had cracked the case wide open. The constable said sir the owner of the car was Hemantbhai Sagar. And added that he lived in the nearby village called Rajgarh and gave him a piece of paper having all the details mentioned.

Ravindra pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialled a number. Pratap picked up the call and with a surprise asked that my dear friend I heard your voice after a long period of time. So how is everything going asked Pratap. Have you met a girl yet? Or still a lone wolf. Ravindra smiled with a strange sadness in his eyes while replying no “yaar” still single and not ready to mingle. Ravindra then asked Pratap, “can you check an address for me?”. Pratap said sure thing, give me that I will get it checked asap.

While they were talking, the constable rushed inside and said sir sir sir please hear me out. Ravindra told Pratap that he would call after a while and if Pratap finds anything please let him know. As soon as he put the phone down, the constable said Surajsinh Jagirdar is found dead in his grand mansion. Ravindra was shocked hearing that as he was a good man and used to do a lot of good work for the society. They both rushed out of the cabin and rode the jeep together. They reached to the mansion in no time.

A huge crowd was there in front of the gate, but nobody was allowed to enter. Ravindra opened the huge old gate of the mansion. Suddenly, Ravindra had a very bad feeling. He could not understand but he felt it scary and sad. A servant was crying vehemently just before the front door. Ravindra reached to him and as he touched his shoulder, he shivered, and his eyes were struck with cold fear. He kept on staring Ravindra without saying a word. It looked like he wanted to speak, but his tongue was not in his control and he just blabbered. Ravindra could not understand much apart from just a word Ghost. Ravindra moved ahead in the mansion with a thought in mind, “do Ghosts really exist”.

Forensic team was already there and Satya too. Satya also looked a bit frightened. She said that body was found in the room upstairs. They both went there. As soon as Ravindra entered the room, he just froze. He had never seen anything like this before ever in his entire life. The entire room was covered in blood spatter. Surajsinh’s body was hanging on a rope in the middle of the room. The head was twisted in the complete opposite side of the body.

There were scratch marks on the entire back of the body. Blood was still dripping from wounds. The legs were tangled in one another like a braided rope. From the look of it every bone in both the legs was broken with cruelty. Ravindra wanted to check the face so he carefully stepped in the dry space on the floor. As he looked up, he got chills. He is a fearless person, but the scene was beyond terror and Ravindra too felt the pain and horror. Both the eyes were pulled out of their respective sockets and hanging by a nerve. There were no muscles left in both the chicks and the entire jaw was visible just like a skeleton. The small pieces of meat were scattered just below the body.

The constable who came with Ravindra straight away ran back and vomited. Ravindra too was scared from inside to see such a horrific scene. He knew that he would be having nightmares about this for a long period of time. He was just stunned and staring the body as if his eyes were glued to it. A member of Satya’s team asked sir will you please move aside as I need to take the pictures. Ravindra came out of the trance and said yes yes. His eyes met Satya’s eyes and they both signalled each other to move out of the room to discuss.

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