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Do you love me? -  Episode: 1  The promise

Pavan & Priya's parents are family-friends. So Pavan and Priya became childhood friends who studied in the same school, college, and university.

Pavan was a handsome & smart student but spends most of his life parting with friends. He started his career as a graphic designer at his father's company.

On the other hand, Priya is also a well talented, kind, and caring girl.she was a dream girl for every male student in her class but no one perceived her 🤷. Instead of partying with friends, She always spends time with her Father (when she was 7 Priya lost her mother on a road accident) and pavan parents.
She started her career as an interior designer in the same company a few months earlier than pavan (while he was wasting his time as a vacation after graduation).

On a fine morning, Priya's father asked Priya about her opinion about marrying Pavan.

Priya: Dad I like him but.......

Priya's father: I thought you will react shyly and say "Dad I am just started my career", But I didn't expect this 🤭🤭.

Priya's cheeks turned into the red with awkwardness.

Priya's father: Then what's the problem? If you love anyone doesn't hesitate to tell me. I will always respect your decision.

Priya: I like pavan but......when I asked about his future plan he spoked about marrying a South Korean 😕 .

Priya's father: **laughing** My stupid princess he was just joking and I am sure his father is not expecting a Korean as his daughter-in-law.

Priya silently smiled and nodded her head 😊 (in mind: I am gonna get a slave husband👻)

In the meanwhile

Pavan: I am just 23 and I am not gonna marry her.

Pavan's father: may I know the reason?

Pavan's mother: she is so beautiful & Caring girl and she even knows how to cook, In the present generation, most of the girls don't know even basics. I am sure she will become a great wife.

Pavan: I...I Like Korean girls🥰 marrying a Korean girl is my dream😍🤩.

Pavan's father: shut up and Marry Priya😤. At least you don't have a valid reason to reject her.

Pavan: But why her ? because we know each other from childhood? Or because she spends time with family?

Pavan's father: No because I promised her mother before her death. She believed that you will take care of her daughter and makes the rest of her daughter's life happy. After I gave my word she died with a smile on her face I still remember her face with that smile.

Mother: We gave you everything you asked, we never asked anything in return, now we are asking to give Priya as our daughter-in-law.

Pavan(in a loud voice): " will you please give me some time to think ".

Father: take your time but tell your decision in 10 minutes.

Pavan mother went to the kitchen to prepare tiffin

Pavan: Dad she never listens to me, She used me as her body-guard in college to protect herself from her classmates and treats me as a slave. how can I live happily with a dominating wife?

Pavan's father: I will show you an example come let's the go-to kitchen.
They both went to the kitchen

Father: What are you making today?

Mother: Dosa

Father: yesterday also you made the same tiffin I want chapatis today, will you make it for me?

Mother: No, so you are not gonna eat tiffin today?

Father: who said I don't eat tiffin? I love dosa. let's go, son, I think you got an answer to your question 😂

Pavan: 🙄🙄🙄

father: Dominating wife always works harder to make her family happy. So you got a bonus reason to marry her 😉😉

A few hours later

Pavan's father: what is your decisions son?

Pavan: ok I will marry her but on one condition we will live in a separate house after our marriage.😉
(In mind: He will never agree for this)

father: We even paid for an individual house nearer to our company for you. We don't have any objection to this.😁😁😁

Pavan: Are you kicking me out of my house?

Pavan's father: Giving you a chance to understand an adult life.

Pavan: 😵😵 ok dad I don't have any objection (in mild: Slave life begins )

Pavan's parents and Priya's father discussed the engagement date and fixed it.

**The story begins**