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Falling in love - 21 - Is It the.. END???
  • (49)
  • 1.6k

Story so far.. Raavi is shocked by Ivaan's decision. Some how Raavi feels that it is not easy for Ivaan too but he is doing this for her happiness, ...

You Are not Mine - 10
by Falguni Maurya Desai _જીંદગી_
  • 357

viraag is in the thoughts of revenge with aarvi.. he got ready and reached college with raghav.he entered classroom, injury mark of yesterday is still on his face and ...

For the first time in life - 6
by Nidhi Parmar
  • (34)
  • 546

 શું મને પ્રેમ થઈ ગયો હતો.....???અભિનવ દૂર હતો પણ દિલ ના નજીક હતો. અભિનવ દૂર હતો એના માટે કે એ આ પ્રેમ ના સફર માં સવાર ન હતો. આ ...

I Wish I Could... - 3
by Shada
  • 522

This is my third part and I have made some mistakes. I didn't get time to correct them as I was busy this week. I promise not to make ...

નાનીં જીદગીં ની કહાની - 6
by Bhavesh Jadav
  • 504

તેને મારા પાસે આવીને જોરમાં મારો હાથ પકડીયો અને મને કહ્યું ચાલો ઉભા થાવ બેસીને જોયા નહીં કરવાનુ રમવાનુ પણ છે, ચાલો જલદી મેં કહ્યું  હા હા આવુ છું પણ ...

Falling in love - 20 - What's your fault???
  • (42)
  • 2.9k

Story so far..Raavi is tensed what to do? When she gets back home, her parents are asleep,but next day,when they observe Raavi, they start asking questions.Annoyed Raavi avoid them ...

Self Happiness VS Family Happiness
by Minal Vegad
  • (15)
  • 720

           "Krisha, what happened? We are watching comedy movie and you looks serious. What's wrong with you? " Diya saws that krisha look serious so ...

Do you love me? - Episode-8 living together???
by Pavan Naidu
  • 930

Finally, Pavan reached the airport at 8:37, he is filled with sweat and rainwater. He is wiping the sweat entering into eyes and breathing heavily.Ram: you came too late, ...

Eligible Bachelor - 29 - Last Part
by Mugdha
  • 447

Last Part  A week has passed in whirl and turmoil. Many times thought of calling Aastha came to Samyak’s mind. Suddenly an urge of meeting her, seeing her coming ...

For the first time in life - 5
by Nidhi Parmar
  • (54)
  • 984

તો શું લાગે છે અભિનવ એ હા કરશે કે ના.હું પણ એ જ વિચારી રહી હતી એટલા માં જ મારા Phone પર Notification આવી. અને હું મનોમન વિચારવા માંડી ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 27 And 28
by Mugdha
  • 492

Chapter 27   Aastha looked at her watch.   “It is quite late now. I think we should leave now.” She said to Samyak after a long silent pause. ...

I Wish I Could - 2
by Shada
  • 528

She was angry in fact very furious about the mentioning of his name and also about his indivisible friends.  Oh who does he think he is!The sudden change of ...

The collection
by Dhruv Patel
  • 294

2)One day..We loves each other that's why.. One day we will together..We can take care of each other that's why One day we will together We can cry with each other that's ...

નાનીં જીદગી ની કહાની - 5
by Bhavesh Jadav
  • 1.6k

હું બહાર જેવો નિકળીયો એવો જ મારો હાથ પકડીને એક દિવ્યાંગ બાળક બોલીયો કે ભાવેશભાઈ તમે પાછા હવે ક્યારે આવશો અમારી સાથે મજા મસ્તી કરવા મે તેનો હાથ પકડીને ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 25 And 26
by Mugdha
  • 618

Chapter 25   Aastha was sitting and her laptop was opened in front of her. She was typing something. She typed a few lines and then erased it. Her ...

You Are not Mine - 9
by Falguni Maurya Desai _જીંદગી_
  • 648

viraag was telling karan about how he met aarvi for the first time in was aarvi's first day of college.. due to some admission processes she was few ...

Falling in love - 19 - What's wrong with you???
  • (53)
  • 3.5k

Story so far..Raavi is shocked and confused as she cares for Ivaan too and can't hurt him, but her heart beats for only Aarav.Kia and Aarav get relieved that ...

For the first time in life - 4
by Nidhi Parmar
  • (98)
  • 1.7k

નવો દિવસ નવી સવાર બધું નવું હતું. પણ એક હું અને મારી ચા એક ને એક જે પહેલા જેવા જ. પેલું કહેવાય ને दो जिस्म एक जान એવું જ કાંઈક સબંધ ...

I Wish I Could.... - 1
by Shada
  • 1.1k

Rehan and Kabir along with their wives were having their tea party. They could hear the trio's laughter from a distance. Faizan was assisting his amber-eyed younger sister who ...

It is 10 O'clock - 14
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 360

To bare the rejection and come out of this rejection without being ended in the vicious cycle of depression is extremely important. But very few can do it successfully ...

You Are not Mine - 8
by Falguni Maurya Desai _જીંદગી_
  • 759

place : glorious hospital doctor came..  final report of Mr.shah is normal and he advised viraag that hey can take Mr.shah to home but they have to take care of ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 21 And 22
by Mugdha
  • 771

Chapter 21 Aastha was pacing around in her room, as she was not able to sleep. Every word Samyak spoke on in the cruise has touched her heart. Now ...

The Heart thats Meant to Love you - 10
by Anaisha
  • (16)
  • 2.2k

 (ALMOST  FIVE  YEARS  BACK.... ) The lectures were over for the day and it was time for all the students to return to their respective hostels, PG's or homes. ...

Do you love me? - Episode -7 Alcoholic heart
by Pavan Naidu
  • (13)
  • 1.5k

On the next day, Pavan woke up at 8:11 Am and opened his phone. he saw 33   missed calls for Priya and realized that Priya"s flight is at ...

નાનાીં જીંદગીની કહાની - 4
by Bhavesh Jadav
  • 1.1k

આવો મિત્રો Part-4 મા હું તમને સાચો પ્રેમ કોને કહેવાય એ જણાવું...    આગળના ભાગમા તમે જોયું હશે કે અમારા સંબધ નો 1 વર્ષ પૂર્ણ થયો તો હું તમને જણાવું ...

Falling in love - 18 - What happened to him???
  • (70)
  • 6.2k

Sroty so far.. At the farmhouse Ivaan proposes to Raavi.Raavi doesn't come out of the shock that Ivaan reveals big secret of his that he was suffering from psychological ...

Nadaan - 3
by Amar Kamble
  • 735

                  Sitting on a chair, Palak was checking some files. In a second, they all screamed happily, “Congrats!” Palak looked forward ...

You Are not Mine - 7
by Falguni Maurya Desai _જીંદગી_
  • 711

Nishant reached to the hostel.. its only 2-3 days he was away from aarvi still he felt he want to see aarvi as soon as possible.. he missed her smile.. her ...

The Heart thats Meant to Love you - 9
by Anaisha
  • (14)
  • 2.2k

Kavya roughly parked her car in the parking lot of her apartment.  Snatching the keys out of the lock, she quickly got out of her car, closing its door ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 19 And 20
by Mugdha
  • (11)
  • 870

Chapter 19   The next morning Samyak reached the office at the regular time. He kept his backpack on the desk and went to see Aastha. Aastha has also ...