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Searching for writer..... - 18
by pramila
  • 501

Mistakes and misunderstanding those are common in humans lives.  But realizing our mistakes and make apologize is more important.  Otherwise that relationship ends with tragedy. Finally our heroine realize that.  Charan ...

Love Donor
by Abhijit Chakraborty
  • 513

This is the story of two best friends, Tapas and Ruksana. Tapas loves her but never expresses his affection to her in fear of losing their friendship. Ruksana married ...

Searching for writer..... - 17
by pramila
  • 963

Days are passed....Charan's health get little improved physically but not mentally....His abdomen gets affected because of the knife. So doctor advises Charan to take bed rest and avoid walking. ...

Searching for writer..... - 16
by pramila
  • 1.1k

After 24 hours.... Doctor  : He is now out of danger. But he needs to take a complete rest.  Varun  : thank you soo much Doctor. Doctor  : I do not even ...

I Wish I Could... - 18
by Shada
  • 906

We walked together along the road side. A long walk with him was always a dream for me. As he explained all his problems, I began feeling sorry for ...

Rewind ज़िंदगी - Chapter-1.4:  कीर्ति का परिचय
by Anil Patel_Bunny
  • (17)
  • 1.3k

Chapter-1.4:  कीर्ति का परिचयContinues from the previous chapter…     “हां तो बोलिए आप दोनों को क्या तकलीफ़ है?” रमेश जी ने अपने ऑफिस में दोनों से पूछा।     “मेरी ...

Searching for writer..... - 15
by pramila
  • 972

After a long time spent some happy time with family makes Janani feel better ?.  Now they get back to India. Charan's gifts and surprise become a great memories ...

Do you love me? - Episode 22 Cry baby
by Pavan Naidu
  • (24)
  • 2.3k

At Priya's Home:Priya's father: it's not the right time.Priya: I know but I can do it, I am strong enough to face the consequences of my mistakes.Priya's father: What ...

Rewind ज़िंदगी - Chapter-1.3:  कीर्ति का परिचय
by Anil Patel_Bunny
  • (21)
  • 1.9k

Chapter-1.3:  कीर्ति का परिचयContinues from the previous chapter…     कुछ महीनों की मेहनत और थोड़े दिनों का इंतज़ार रंग लाया, अखबार में विज्ञापन दी गई थी, पार्श्व गायक और ...

Searching for writer..... - 14
by pramila
  • 966

No matter how many people there are in this world, only a few people are our favorites.  Only the greetings and wishes we receive from them will make us ...

I Wish I Could... - 17
by Shada
  • 822

Amaan's POV That was something which I least expected. That too a betrayal from my trusted employee. I thought him to be very naive. But it was all his ...

Rewind ज़िंदगी - Chapter-1.2:  कीर्ति का परिचय
by Anil Patel_Bunny
  • (23)
  • 2.5k

Chapter-1.2:  कीर्ति का परिचयContinues from the previous chapter…     अमिष जी और कुमुद जी को ये बात गले उतर गई, और उन्होंने अपने बेटों और दूसरे लोगों से भी ...

Searching for writer..... - 13
by pramila
  • 921

Charan eagerly waiting for her answer.  But janani was stunned by his surprise proposal.  She never expect this.  

I Wish I Could... - 16
by Shada
  • 927

Amaan's POV She was playing with her brother. She looked too cute but I would never tell how beautiful she is. Rather I used to tease her for being ugly ...

Fragrance of Happiness
  • 981

"I do not think much, I do not think often, but when I think, I think of you!"Shivangi couldn't stop smiling and was still in daze after reading the message ...

Rewind ज़िंदगी - Chapter-1.1:  कीर्ति का परिचय
by Anil Patel_Bunny
  • (27)
  • 2.5k

Chapter-1.1:  कीर्ति का परिचय     दील्ली, यमुना नदी के किनारे स्थित इस नगर का गौरवशाली पौराणिक इतिहास है। यह भारत का अति प्राचीन नगर है। इसके इतिहास का प्रारंभ ...

Searching for writer..... - 12
by pramila
  • 969

J : then Rohan... ?Rani ma  :  Rohan is boon in my life, now he is the one and only reason for my heartbeats ?. J : ???.Rani ma  : ...

Searching for writer..... - 11
by pramila
  • 954

J : okay tell me what is your condition  ? Charan  : actually, our servants are in mood off, because of you.  J : what  ? Charan  : because you do their ...

Do you love me? - Episode 21 imagination
by Pavan Naidu
  • (15)
  • 2.6k

The annual day event was nearly at the climax and Some of the people started leaving.Priya (dialled to Pavan): Where are you?Pavan: I am at the auditorium. Why?Priya:  nothing... ...

Guilty Love - 3
by Henna pathan
  • (12)
  • 876

Guilty Love episode 3 नमस्कार पाठक मित्रो गिल्टी लव स्टोरी के सभी एपीसोड पढ़ने के लिए आभार धन्यवाद आपका यह कहानी है दो प्रेमियों की जिनकी जिंदगी कैसे बदल ...

I Wish I Could... - 15
by Shada
  • (11)
  • 825

Finally , I am going home. It has been 3 months since Didi 's marriage. And I am visiting home after almost 1 and a half months. We had ...

  • 732

"Nilesh!?! The wedding is only two months away, and today you're telling me to break our engagement? Without even giving a reason?"Nilesh stood with his back to Saisha, as ...

Guilty Love - 2
by Henna pathan
  • 834

Guilty love में अब तक मायरा नेल्सन को छोड़ के चली जाती है और नेल्सन भी गुस्से में बस उसकी तस्वीरे ले कर उसे बाते करता है देखना अब ...

Searching for writer..... - 10
by pramila
  • 936

Hello everyone  ?!!!!!I hope you all are well ?.... Janani  : daddy  ?Charan : hey Rohan ?, what's up ? Rohan  : daddy i really miss you? Charan  : i miss you ...

Guilty Love - 1
by Henna pathan
  • 1.4k

ज़िन्दगी ना प्यार और रिश्तों के बिना अधूरी है रिश्ते और प्यार ही ना होते तो ज़िन्दगी कैसी लगती ? जैसे बिना बारिश के मौसम अगर बरसात का मौसम ...

Valentine's Day
  • 666

Valentine's Day is yet far away, howbeit he'll receive it on time only if I send it now. I have already bought the gift, all I need to do ...

Love me like I do
  • 1.3k

Chapter 1"Jay, I have this deep desire to live a complete luxurious life. You know what I mean? A fully equipped and well furnished bungalow, garden, two to three ...

Rewind ज़िंदगी - प्रस्तावना
by Anil Patel_Bunny
  • (28)
  • 4k

नवलकथा के बारे में: दुनिया का सबसे अटल सत्य ये है कि, होनी को कोई नहीं टाल सकता। कभी कभी हम सभी को लगता है कि, काश हम अपना ...

Searching for writer..... - 9
by pramila
  • 951

Charan  : guy's this is a time to leave.  But i badly miss you all. Really love you ? guys.  You all are  the best ?. Kaviya  : bro , ...

I Wish I Could... - 14
by Shada
  • (12)
  • 942

Three weeks passed by in a blur. It felt like I came back yesterday. I don't want to miss my home again.......Didi visited us after that and I was ...