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The Heart thats Meant to Love you - 5
by Anaisha

                     Chapter - 7 " Yes mummy, I have eaten some fruits before leaving for the college ", I replied my ...

Do you love me? - episode -3 Morning jog
by Pavan
  • 144

Unknown (male voice): I am her classmate, she is doing a terrible mistake by leaving this opportunity?Pavan: first of all what's your name? What are you talking about? And what is ...

by Ankit Chaudhary અંત
  • 227

Chahat’s dupatta flys over Neil, he covers the diya with it then prays to god to give the entire happiness of the world to the person whose Dupatta it ...

It is 10 O'clock - 12
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 151

Krishna went back home after dropping Priyanka home. The entire way back home the only thought in his mind was about Abha. A four years old girl digested the ...

Falling in love - - 10 - What to do....?
  • (31)
  • 1.4k

Story so far..Raavi accidentally meets Aarav on stormy night.She unwillingly joins Aarav to his hotel, where she realises that Aarav respects women.During dinner they both try to clear their ...

by Ankit Chaudhary અંત
  • 294

Mr Baig is about to kiss Chahat’s forehead, he is stopped by Ghazala who points towards the Sindoor on Chahat’s forehead, Mr Baig is stunned, Chahat explains that it ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 3 And 4
by Mugdha
  • 424

“Tring Tring… Tring Tring…”   “Hi Samyak, How are you, man? Long Time…” Aditya answered the call.   “I am good, bhaiya. How are you? Yes, it's been quite ...

Do you love me? - Episode: 2 - Unexpected Date
by Pavan
  • 877

The engagement date was fixed and it's just in a week, both pavan's and Priya's fathers started to invite their friends, relatives, company employees, and their neighbors. Everyone was ...

Nadaan - 2
by Amar Kamble
  • 480

                     Time of about 7:30 pm. The car stopped in front of a small house. Johnny, the servent cum friend ...

The Heart thats Meant to Love you - 4
by Anaisha
  • 726

                       Chapter-4  "Did you called the clients for the meeting ?" " Yes sir" " Did you send the ...

by Ankit Chaudhary અંત
  • 442

The goons points to a girl who is wearing yellow dress, when they are about to harm her Neil stands in front of her asking for the problem, the ...

Let me bless 'o' hermit - The Inseparable and Indigenous love
by Subrat Kumar Tripathy
  • 681

Once upon a time there lived an old man with majestic power in his eyes. He could see future of the individuals. He helped a lot. His wife was ...

by Ankit Chaudhary અંત
  • 1.2k

The Novel starts with a blind man enjoying the view of beautiful mountains and river. He explains to a strange tourist the path of the river that later turns ...

Falling in love - 9 - what are you doing here?
  • (43)
  • 2k

Story so far..At the college, Raavi's class mates know about Aarav,as he is taking their class excluding Raavi.Raavi finds out that Aarav's father is a director in her ...

The Heart that's Meant to Love you - 3
by Anaisha
  • 1.6k

I remembered the first day I met him, the day which I would never forget in my life, the day things started to change in my life. It was ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 2
by Mugdha
  • 504

3 years have passed since Samyak started his career. He got promotions and salary hikes. He is performing very well and efficiently in his office. All his colleagues and ...

Do you love me? -  Episode: 1  The promise
by Pavan
  • 1.8k

  Pavan & Priya's parents are family-friends. So Pavan and Priya became childhood friends who studied in the same school, college, and university. Pavan was a handsome & smart student but spends most ...

Falling in love - 8 - who are you....?
  • (41)
  • 2.7k

Story so far..Raavi comes to know that Aarav came back to return her mobile.After whole busy week,Raavi decides not to go to meet her friends.In the end she comes ...

Falling in love - 7 - Are you hosting......?
  • (36)
  • 3.4k

After returning from the hotel,Aarav follows Raavi to her home and ask her about her relationship with Anurag.When Raavi doesn't respond positively,Aarav tries to call Kia to inform her ...

Eligible Bachelor - Episode 1
by Mugdha
  • 1.7k

Journey of a young boy Samyak, an Eligible Bachelor. His life, love and heart break will keep you engaged throughout the story.

The Heart that's Meant to Love You - 2
by Anaisha
  • 2k

Oh, What a pleasant surprise, it's nice to meet you after so long ....Wifey!", He said in an icy cold voice flashing me a huge grin, the smile not ...

Nadaan - 1
by Amar Kamble
  • 1.2k

                         “He is exactly the same today as before. Not even changed a bit. But I’ve changed a ...

It is 10 O'clock - 11
by Sunil Kapadia
  • 495

Krishna’s eyes tried a lot to stop the tears coming out of them but eventually one or two drops came out victoriously but, they were wetter than usual as ...

Falling in love - 6 - Are you dating him?
  • (40)
  • 2.8k

Story so far..Raavi comes to know that Aarav was calling her cause with kia they met with an accident. Shocked Raavi visits Kia and meets Anurag at the hospital.She ...

by Ayushi Shukla
  • 950

It's was a shinning night, quiet atmosphere, strange deserted alleyways, not a single person, except, a skinny girl, with a radiant gorgeous black hair,  beautiful dimple face, in a ...

The Heart thats Meant to Love you
by Anaisha
  • 2.2k

As I walked inside the Grandeur Hotel, my eyes widened in surprise. Everything seemed so surreal, so dreamlike that I literally felt that I am in a whole new ...

एक अजनबी हसीना से, यु मुलाकात हो गई - 1
by Tapan Kanabar
  • 782

"30 लाख, ना एक रुपया ज़्यादा ना एक कम. मंज़ूर है तो हा बोलो वरना रहने दो हम किसी और को ढूंढ लेंगे " "माफ़ करना पर ये hotel ...

અનસીન રિલેશનશિપ
by sachin patel
  • (15)
  • 646

અનસીન રિલેશનશિપ એટલે સોશ્યિલ મીડિયા અને વર્ચ્યુઅલ વર્લ્ડનું રિલેશનશિપ. જેના કેન્દ્રમાં તો સોશ્યિલ મીડિયા જ છે, પણ આ રિલેશનશિપ કંઈક અલગ છે. ઇન્સ્ટાગ્રામનું "અનસીન" નામનું એકાઉન્ટ જેમાં શૂન્ય પોસ્ટ ...

Falling in love - 5 - Are you insane?
  • (28)
  • 2.9k

Story so far..When Raavi's mom ask her about her meeting,she says everything and declares that she,her self choose her life partner.Kiara arranges a meeting for her friends at cafe ...

by Anaisha
  • (19)
  • 1.2k

" But I don't know how to cook properly ", Tiya reasoned with a small pout. " Haha you're really a crazy girl Tiya , here I am sitting ...