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I Wish I Could.... - 1

Rehan and Kabir along with their wives were having their tea party. They could hear the trio's laughter from a distance. Faizan was assisting his amber-eyed younger sister who was dressed as a bride and as always beautiful. The cutie boy beside her was her groom who was 4 years elder than her, he had the same hazel eyes as his father, Rehan.

"What is this bhaiyya?" she asked her brother with pleading eyes. "You're gonna marry him my dear", he said chuckling. "But I don't like this grumpy head!!" came her sudden reply. Shahid at once broke his silence "So what are you , Oh Monster"

Faizan knew where this could end so before allowing Zarah to open her mouth he declared "No more fights, you're gonna marry him!!"

She woke up laughing at herself ,yes it was a dream but it had happened 16 years ago when she was only 4 year old back then. She smiled at their stupidity. Her amber eyes were looking forward to this day. Finally she is back home for a long leave, not much longer but she just wanna spend with her family.
A lot had changed now, her protective brother Faizan has been working under his father for 4 years. Mr.Kabir is the founder and CEO of Astons Enterprises. He had worked very hard in gaining the present position for his company. She is very proud her father and infact her bhaiyya too. She would always say that she was blessed with the most amazing brother. And that reminded her of something else.

("You know what guys, you are making me feel jealous. I wish I had a sister like her and I was a brother like you mann.")
She blushed thinking about this and who had said this. Suddenly she started feeling upset, and anger, for not being able to forget him. She walked out of her room to retrieve her thoughts about him

She entered the kitchen to find her mother cooking. She greeted her, who replied "So my sleepyhead is up ,I didn't woke up cause you were exhausted. This is enough why don't you stay here with us , always travelling."
She couldn't help but smile "Mumma, Punjab is'nt way too far and this time am gonna stay longer don't you know. So let me help you now."

Faizan and Kabir later joined the breakfast table. Finally the family is back together. It was then Kabir announced that his buddy along his familyare gonna visit them this weekend. All of them were happy . Suddenly Faizan spoke,"Dad, I think Amaan wil not be coming alone as he said that he is enjoying his trip with his friends." "Oh is that so,these boys nowadays are crazy.", his parents commented.
The sudden mention of his name made someone upset. The amber-eyed was drawing in her eyebrows. Her lips suddenly become narrowed and thin.

What could be the reason behind her sudden reaction ??
And here is a guess test for you guys - Who could be Amaan?? Apologise me for the grammatical mistakes if any. ..😊