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The Mysterious Call - 1

Part - 1

Some sources say that man’s own bad brain leads him to death. His own brain becomes his own killer. This is because the human brain sometimes gets caught up in the weak thoughts that lead to depression. In today’s age of smart phones, man has penetrated so deeply that no angel in this world or outside the world has succeeded to bring that person out. I’m not making a bad comment about God, but there are a lot of cases coming out that you all must know.

One such case I am going to talk about today. Maybe this story will inspire you so much that we use some of the precious things we have got only when we need them.

It is about a boy who works in a private company from morning to evening. After the evening, he goes to the pub every day and had a party with his friends. Arriving at the flat late at night, Nikhil, who was drunk, fell on the bed in the same way that the dead body fell on the ground after being shot.

It is now 4:30 in the morning. Nikhil’s phone rings loudly. He wakes up suddenly. He sees. The call is from a private number. He is half asleep so he can’t see the screen of his mobile. He doesn’t pick up the phone because he’s sleepy. The phone stops ringing. After a while the phone rings just as loud again. This time too he does not pay attention to the phone. The phone stops ringing again. The phone rings again after 15 minutes. This time he gets out of bed with a fear. He seems to be sweating in winter. He wipes the sweat from the napkin and goes to the phone. When he pick up the phone, he see again the call from private number.

“Hello.”, Nikhil picks up the phone and talks.

“What’s the matter Nikhil, you woke up very early today! Good good. I liked it.” A stranger said from the phone.

Nikhil was surprised. “Who are you?” He asked to clarify.

“You don’t need to ask who I am, Nikhil. Just understand that I am your conscience.”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about, say clearly.” Nikhil said.

“I want to play a game with you, it’s an easy game. And you have no other option, you have to play this game compulsorily. And if you don’t play, the result will be very bad that you can feel for yourself. “ Said the stranger.

Nikhil gets a little angry, “What’s the joke this morning? Put down the phone whoever you are.”

“No, no, Nikhil, don’t be stupid to put down the phone. It will be too much for you, son.”

“I don’t care. Good bye.” Nikhil angrily puts down the phone.

Nikhil puts his hands on his head and sits for a while. The intoxication of the night has not yet subsided. So he goes to the kitchen and makes coffee. He comes to the sofa with a cup of coffee. He sits comfortably and take a sip of coffee, then his phone rings again. Fear awoke in Nikhil’s mind. Like in your mind right now.


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