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When We Met - EP - 35 (Unexpected Encounters)

Emily's Pov :

Edward took huge steps away from me, first staring at me, then at the door and back again to stare at me.

I laughed nervosuly.

"Well well! I think I may need to squeeze up my bladder again! I must tell you I kinda felt asleep in bathtub today so water seeped into my hard fat skin, and it's tickling my kidney now! Anyway off to washroom!"

I retreated hurriedly, not meeting his eyes which were boring into mine in a cold fashion.

Closing the washroom's door, I rested my head against it to calm my racing heart.

What would Lara say? Would she know I am here?

What would Edward say for not contacting her all this time? Would she be mad?

Would he really go as far as telling her what we did accidently that night, to save his relationship with her!?

I pressed my ears on the door to listen to the conversation which didn't seem much hard as washroom was just steps away from his office. Opening door a little, I saw her beautiful angry face glaring daggers at his own handsome one, both of them standing at one place, none of them daring to move an inch, clouds of tension and pressure surrounding them.

"Why didn't you call me!?"

Putting my hand on doorknob, I opened the door slightly more to listen to her clearly.

Edward didn't respond to her.

"Edward, I fucking asked you the question!?

"What the fuck do you want me to answer Lara!? I had work to do. I'm a busy man and this company needs time, stacks of money is not the only thing holding this huge thing up all this time!"

Lara furrowed her eyebrows and her eyes flared in anger.

"I'm your girlfriend Edward! You ought to have time for me, if not for anyone else!"

"You were the one who fought with me for the stupidiest and ridiculous thing I have ever heard! So what would I have done? I didn't feel like responding to any of your foolish speculations!"

"Foolish speculations?! That's not some guess or my fucking imagination, Edward! I see very well about that girl swooning over you when you clearly are so oblivious to it!"

"Emily is my best friend! You already accepted that five years ago! You didn't seem to have any problem about it that time, then why fucking now!?"

"She clearly is smitten with you! She's in love with you! Open your damn button eyes to see it before she destroys all of you! I can't stand to see my boyfriend getting snatched by some poor country girl who wears shirts and pants and walks on ground as if world bows to her-"


Edward raised his hand to stop her, his eyes turning a shade darker.

"No. Edward! You don't understand! She's a cheapstake who's using you for her materialistic desire-"

"She never asked me for anything, Lara! Not even a penny-"

"Yeah? Because she's playing a role model of Mother Teresa! Always wearing the hat of goody-two shoes and luring people with her disguise of kind-hearted and benevolent shit-"

I covered my mouth to stop myself from gasping loud, tears pooling in my sad eyes. I never knew Lara hated me that much, otherwise I would never have agreed to marry Edward in the first place just seeing how much she is hurt by me.

"Lara!! You're crossing limits here! I can't tolerate a single bad word about her! She's my friend way before you were my girlfriend!"

Lara clapped her hands in a pure sarcasm, taking one step, clapping again only to walk fully towards Edward, this time clapping in pure hatred in front of Edward's face who himself was as angry as her.

"See, dear, you never cared enough to think worthy of me! It was always her! From the start and now, when it seems it's all ending, it's her again!"

"Lara, you've got it all wrong-"

"No! What did I even get wrong Edward!? That you think of her just as a friend? Yeah? Is it the case? Then what explanation would you give-"

"She's my friend-"

"Just let me complete, will you! Now where is your-" she started to search for something around the room, her hands ransacking fast and she bend under the table ,disppearing slightly from my sight only to appear again after a minute, her slim hands holding something familiar.

Edward's phone.

"This" she showed the phone to him.

"It's my phon-"

She started to do something on the device, her eyes growing cold each second of the passing time.

"Now, Mr Jones? What type of explanation would you like to offer me for all of this evidence which your phone spilled so easily!?

She flipped the screen to show him his gallery which consisted of my photos.

Oh no!

"Lara that's-"

"Don't you Lara me, Edward! Tell me why do you keep photos of Emily more than you keep photos of me, us or anything we do together!"


"No! I want the reason why your phone's wallpaper has photo of you two enjoying together in Mauritius when I was also there with you!"

Edward didn't say anything.

"I'm supposed to be your girlfriend, Edward! And you're supposed to be keeping my photos, our photos, in your phone, laptop or whatever! You cut me out of your life so easily forgetting each and every moment we shared in those five years! It's horrible!"

Tears flew down her pretty face, her black mascara flodding her features.

"Lara listen, I didn't cut you out! It's just that I want to give Emily same time and respect as I give to you-"

"Respect!? Edward? Really? You want to give me respect while keeping a separate folder of pictures for your LILY and keeping this office lodged with photos of her, you, and your little cute childhood wity her when I am officially your girlfriend!"

"I can't believe you're fighting with me just because I don't keep enough graphics of you, or us?! I didn't know you were so petty, Lara! "

"Petty!? Do you even know what a girlfriend is!? Do you even know how to treat your girlfriend? No, you don't?!? Cause you're always lilying around, aren't you!? Girlfriends aren't just for satisfying your desires,Edward!? Girlfriends aren't just for banging your d*** into their fucking wet holes!"

I covered my mouth yet again to stop a loud gasp.

"Did you even love me! Do you even love me!?

Edward looked at Lara with softness in his eyes, his hands grabbing hers almost immediately to cover them with his completely.

"Do you!?" Her eyes were pleading him to answer, some tears flowing from the corner.

"I do. Lara. I do. A lot but-"

"Then why is there a huge "but" everytime? Why don't you ever say "I love you" to me? You proposed me saying you liked me but you never said you loved me! Never! I'm still waiting for the day when you would say me those three words I want to hear so badly!"

What! Edward didn't say he loved Lara! Woah! Really! Why!

But he always said to me that he loved Lara? Isn't she the reason we're keeping this fake marriage? What the hell is going on!?

"No. Its not that-"

"I know what that is-"

"Lara, you're thinking wrong again. We're just friends-"

"No! It's always been her, it was never me to begin with!"


"It's always been that fucking bitch! That fucking whore who would take you-"

"Lara!!! Mind your fucking language!"

Edward slammed his balled fists loudly on the glass table, a faint sound of crack reverberating in the room and I wiped my face frantically with my shirt to stop stupid tears falling so miserably from my eyes.

I trusted her so much! I liked her for God's sake!

It hurts so much to see everyone hating you around in the universe!

"Why should I-"

"Get out!" Edward yelled in frustration.

"Edward, you're asking me-"

"Yes, I'm asking you to get out! Now get out!"

"But you-"

"Are you getting out on your own or should I dare to call the security!?!"

"You aren't doing any good-"

"Get out and never show your face to me again!"

Lara glared at him, her eyes red and glistening with unshed tears.

"Fine! I'm going for now but you better-"

"Get Out forever!!

They glared at each other for a long time, both heaving and tired from shouting and yelling all this time.

She gritted her teeth, before collecting her purse and phone and stomped angrily on the floor to outside, not forgetting to shut the door rather strongly and loudly which resonated the window shutters.

As soon as she left, Edward closed his eyes, shook his head to take a deep breath, his face showing that of a desperation and misery.

He was regretting his conversation with Lara!

He really loves her! Then why is he doing all that!? Why?

I saw him coming towards my door and I locked it silently, snaked my fingers into my pockets to pull out earphones and plugged them in my ears fastly and fumbled with the magazines in washroom to read one.

I heard a loud knock and opened the door, inserting pin of earphones to my phone and searching for any song in haste but I missed pressing click over it.

"Yes?" I said, pretending to dance lightly on the silent mute earphones.

"What are you still doing there!? Constipation!?"

"No no. I was just getting out when I heard this new song came out recently and so I listened to it and.... and... now... I can't stop listening to it?"

"Oh! Then come out when you're-"

"On the contrary, Miranda called five minutes ago to inform me I had to attend a meeting from my hospital which I am joining in and it's important, really important so I must be going now! Bye!" I ran towards the library.

"Lily wait-"

Dragging the huge pile consisting of series of "Mary killed Who!?" and "Lucifer, A serial killer!" books, I yelled to him, grabbing doorknob.

"I hope you don't mind me taking all this and", I picked up some flowers from his desk " these too and", fastly, I grabbed some more books "and these too"

I mouthed "Bye" once again to him before opening the door hurriedly and running outside only to come back again.

"Hey!! And I would like it very much if you could set Miss Vermicelli free! I tied her mouth and legs.. accidently! Hope you don't mind! And call someone to clean the food mess on your table!"

Throwing books and flowers in my car, I grabbed the car door and pushed it open. Hopping inside, I put my head on steering wheel to catch in the breath I was holding all this time.

My phone rang and it was Edward.

"Hey, Lily! You forgot your purse! There is your hospital card in here! Should-"

"No! I don't need it. They just... ..want me to visit the patients and staff before I join! Nothing special!"

"Nothing special!" I repeated again to assure him. "Come Home early okay! I'll be waiting! I'm driving. So Bye!"

I started the car, pulled the gear and went straight to home.

Without causing an accident.


It was already past eight and Edward hadn't come home yet. Though he called me five times to assure me he was busy in a meeting but I couldn't help but get anxious if he might have changed his mind to come home and live with me after we did all that!

I saw too clearly everything they talked and most of all, I saw a crystal clear affection and love in the eyes of Lara for Edward. Her tears and words were pure and they depicted the bitter truth.

I knew she's just jealous but aren't we all jealous for something which is our mine and someone else is trying to take it away from us!? Doesn't it mean she loves him so much?

My phone beeped an alert and I realized too late that I had dialed Lara's number unconsciously.

"Hello? Hello? Emily? Is that you!?

Atleast she had my number saved! Thank god!

Clearing my throat faintly, I picked up the phone.

"Hello. Lara! How are you!?"

"Why did you call!?" She almost yelled.

Woahhh! She is angry, all credit goes to me!

"Well, can we meet somewhere?" Words rolled out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

"Why do you want to meet me after all-"

"I want to tell you something. So, can we!?"

"I don't wa-"

"It's related to you! So?!" I tried again.

I heard her sigh loudly. "Fine. We ca-"

"That's perfect. Meet you tomorrow at 5 pm!"

"Hey-" I hung up fast, throwing my phone on the carpet and cursed myself for my own stupidity.

Nevertheless, no matter how I think about it, it sounds pretty good idea to me to meet her face to face!

It would be better to molify and sort out her misunderstanding together!

Though it wasn't actually a misunderstanding! It was a better understanding on her part, I suppose!

As I bend to pick my phone from the carpet, I heard shutter of windows and a very faint slide of the glass. Immediately I gripped the nearby glass vase in my fingers firmly, holding it with my both hands and advanced slowly and silently towards the bedroom window.

I saw a black figure lurking in the dark, black hoodie hiding it's face. I attempted to switch on the lights of the room when someone grabbed my arm and I kicked them on the legs in reflex. I heard a loud groan and
a soft wince. I threw the vase on its direction which collided respectfully with the wall and broke into pieces.
My hands balled in fists, punching it's face and the figure swinged it's legs to kick in my stomach.

We both rolled on the floor in opposite sides. Abruptly I stood up to see the figure kneeling on the floor, with its back at me. I ran forward to kick it again when it turned to my side and my eyes widened to see it was a girl.

A girl with a long scarlett hair.

She stood up, cracking her neck to the side, and flexed her fingers before stretching her spine. Her face was still covered with her hair and a black hoodie and I moved to turn on the lights.

Brightness clouded the room and my eyes widened like saucers used to feed elephant, to see who it was.

"Your kick still hurts too much, Emily!?",she said, wiping the little blood from the corner of her lips before tugging at her hoodie which fell on her shoulders to reveal her scarlett curls and she shook her head a little to ruffle her hair that fell across her face with some admirable prettiness.

Winking smartly at me, she extending a hand towards me for a handshake, her mouth chewing and popping bubblegum.


So any idea who it is!? I guess not!

Wait, prove me wrong! And answer me! Who Is it? Let's see how precisely and thoroughly you have read each and every line of my book!

Have a nice day! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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