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When We Met - (EP - 9) Pretending To Love Him Was Never Hard

Emily's POV:

Man, we were about to get a huge fight today. Who should I cheer?

"For what did you want to apologize? Because I assure you I have a long list of scars still deprived of your apologies," Mia said, walking like a tiger on his hunt: slow and impatient. For a moment, I thought that she would spill her feelings right then and there.

"Mia, listen, I know I was a jerk-" Jake started.

"Oh. So now Mr Playboy realises it. That's good. Now I can die in peace," Mia said sarcastically, tears still evident in her eyes.

"Yes. I am a jerk and I will always be. I don't know why. You of all people know me best," Jake looked at her, guilt present in his eyes. He looked down at his shoes. "You are the only one who has known me for more than ten years, so you should understand-"

"Why should I be the only one understanding?" Mia cut him off. "Don't you have brains not to do that same thing again?" she asked, trying hard not to spill the tears threatening to escape her.

Man, isn't it getting dramatic?

Realising I had to intervene to avoid World War III, I started speaking, "Mia, just listen what Jake wants to-"

Jake cut off my words. "I know. I know everything bad about me and sometimes I kind feel-"

"So you feel also?" Mia said, her eyes boring holes into Jake's.

"Guys-" I started again.

"Oh for god's sake, let me complete one sentence properly. If you cut me off like that -" Jake yelled, clearly annoyed with the interruption.

Oh. Good. Now they are ignoring me.

"Why should I give you the chance to speak now when-"

"Okay...Don't give me the chance but still listen to what-" he yelled, taking one step towards Mia.

"Why should I listen? Who am I to listen to your shit? Go and tell it to Victoria!" Mia yelled, now poking his chest.

Oops, she shouldn't have said that.

Jake looked at her. "If I didn't know any better, I would think you were jealous or something," he said, smirking at her face, taking one more step towards her.

"Oh, you really are delusional. I thought they were just rumours of you being a maniac," Mia said with an evil gleam in her eyes.

"I am not some-"

"Oh yes you are, you pathetic excuse for a friend!" Mia said, taking one dangerous step, their foreheads now practically touching.

Ouch. That was low. And one bold move to get closer to your crush. Physically.

Jake was mad now. Oh boy. "How dare you-"

"Oh, I can do much more than that, mister," Mia said, her eyes shining with.

Oh, dear Merlin, that was so hot, only if they weren't fighting.

"Listen," I took another shot at it, "my dear friends if you could back up a little we can sort this out -"

"Shut up!" they shouted in unison. I raised my hands in defence. But then again.. What did I do wrong? I was mad now too. Walking up to them, I grabbed the collars of their shirts and banged their foreheads.


I smirked to myself. "That's what you get for shouting at me," I said, dragging Mia by her collar.

"Oh wait, my clip is stuck in Jake's hair!" she said, trying to pry it off from his hair. I turned around to see them trying to help each other, Jake helping her pull the clip out of her hair and Mia, gripping his shirt trying to reach up to his level.

So cute! Can't they stay like this forever?

After a minute or two, we were in Mia's room, her anger still radiating. I tried to calm her down but she was fumed about the fact that I even dared 'To Help That Weed'. Then we heard the ringtone of a call. It was Mia's phone.

She mouthed 'It's Edward' to me. I told her not to pick up because I was going home anyway.

Home. I sighed. Only If one-fourth of that was ever true.

I drove my car speedily. It was past 8, much late for Edward's breakfast. He must have gone to his office by now.

I reached home and Miranda opened the door, her eyes filled with concern. I assured her that I was at a friend's.

As soon as I entered, someone engulfed me in a warm tight hug. I looked upwards to see Edward hugging me as his dear life depended on me. I looked into his eyes, searching for any anger but found no traces of it.

"Gosh. Lily, I was so scared. I thought something had happened to you. I am so sorry for not taking care of you. I'm so sorry," he hugged me tighter, his arms caressing my shoulders, sucking the air out of my lungs and making my eyes go closed on their own accord. I hugged him back, placing my head on his shoulder, sniffing to stop tears until we eventually had to break apart due to the unwanted audience.

Yes. Lara was there. Man, I was just hugging him, not strangling him!

She didn't say anything but clearly, she was jealous. Ha! Jealous because of one, innocent hug? I had clearly misjudged her!

"Good morning Lara. Did you sleep well? I am sorry to make you two worried but I had this urgent call last night from Mia asking me to visit her. She fractured her arm while driving a bicycle and so I went to nurse her. Now she is okay, you don't have to worry." I waved it away and smiled.

"Wait. I will make you two something to eat," I told them, opening the kitchen racks to collect ingredients.

"We are fine. Miranda made us sandwiches," Lara said, placing a wet kiss on Edward's lips and murmured goodbye.Gross. She is still horny after last night?!

Edward went upstairs to change as he already was late to his office. His driver was waiting in the driveway. I rushed upstairs to collect his bag and electronic accessories and gave it to his driver.

"Here. Let me," I said, placing his grey necktie around his neck and fastening it quickly when he was buttoning up his shirt. No. I am not a pervert. I was looking up.

"Okay. All done. Wait." I ruffled his hair to the side, took some gel and rubbed it into a contour shape. He looked stunning. I want to laminate him and put him on my wall. I shook my head for my thoughts.

"Thanks, Emi. I am off now. And don't you dare to go around without actually calling me or texting me, otherwise, I swear I will never talk to you again," Edward said, his lips turning into a pout.

Holy shit...I want to kiss him so badly.

No, you can't, a voice in my head said. In a haste, I put my hands over his mouth and pulled him out until we were standing outside the house, his VEYRON parked next to us. I retracted my hand, literally dumping him in his car.

"What, Lily?"I heard his muffled sound before I closed the car door shutting it in his face.

I ran to my room, closing the door quickly, and leaning my head on the doorframe, my eyes welled up with unshed tears. I finally released the breath I was holding. God, I really would have done it if I didn't hide his mouth. I mentally killed myself a thousand times before I was once again in the kitchen, preparing lunch for myself.

After lunch, I started reading a book and didn't realise when I drifted away into sleep.

It was already 6 pm when I woke up from my nap. Lara was already gone; I had read her text. I washed my face, picked some bubblegum, popped it in my mouth and started to practise my martial moves. There was a knock at the door. Who would it be?

I opened the door. It was Edward's parents. I greeted them.

"How is my dear? Did you sleep well?" Mr Jones said, hugging me.

"Oh... See that blush David, it only comes when you have lots of sleepless nights..."Mrs Jones trailed off, a mischievous glint in her eyes...

Light blush tainted my cheeks, my ears red as a tomato.

How many times I had to tell them he doesn't love me. I am his fake wife for god's sake! Oh, wait. I hadn't told them even once. If only I could share it all...

I prepared some snacks for them. We chatted for a while and I excused myself to prepare dinner for them. I hurried to buy some groceries and other stuff. In spite of my speed, it took me almost one hour to prepare dinner. I placed it on the table, inverting the plates and forks, wine on the table and some juice for Miranda as she couldn't drink wine.

I heard the doorbell ring. As soon as I opened it, my eyes widened. Edward was stuck like glue with Lara, who was kissing him open-mouthed. I quickly looked behind to check if anyone had seen them, looking back, I grabbed Edward by the collar and pulled him inside. Lara faltered due to sudden imbalance and I put finger on my lips, signalling her to remain silent.

"What-" Edward started, his mouth covered with my hands. I felt the moisture on my hands. He spits when he talks!

"Shut up! Your parents are here! Make one noise and I will pluck out your lungs," I whispered in his ears. He glared at me and I turned around, mouthing "goodbye" to Lara before I shut the door at her face.

That felt good!

"Edward, why are you late? You shouldn't leave your wife unattended when you are newly wedded. You are lucky you got your best friend as your wife. She is much understanding. Your mother here would have killed me a long time ago if I were you," his father said, winking at me.

Were they always this dirty-minded? Why didn't I notice it before?

My thoughts were cut short when I felt an arm snake around my waist. I looked up to see Edward smiling face. Oh, I knew that face. I had to play along.

I sighed.

Things were never going to get better. I should stop being optimistic.


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