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When We Met - EP - 49 (Dangerous Territory)

Emily's POV:

I was cooking breakfast and watching the front door at the same time. It was almost eight in the morning and I was glad Lara hadn't come until now.

I wasn't willing to wake Eric up though he loved to go on morning walks. Edward had an important meeting today and so he was upstairs, getting ready for it.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and I jumped at my place, my heart leaped to my throat, glaring at the door in hope.

Please, let it not be Lara!

Please, let it be anyone but Lara!

While I was busy bribing God with my futile attempts, Miranda opened the door and I saw Lara coming towards me, smiling brightly at me.

"Hey Emily, good morning! How are you?!"

Immediately, I glanced towards Eric's room and for a moment, I was glad he wasn't awake yet.

"I am fine Lisa, Good morning.! But can't you come some other time! Edward has an important meeting today so he won't be able to talk with you right now!"

"That's great then! I'll be short in my sentences then!"

"No. Lisa, come some other time-"

"Please, Emily! Guilt of five years betraying both of you, is now crawling painfully in my heart! I can't wait any longer to end all my unwanted relationship with Edward-"

"I am totally fine, Lisa-"

"No, You're not Emily! Please! Don't be nervous!"

"But Lisa-"

"Don't worry a bit, dear! I won't tell him anything about your undying love for him all these years ! Let him discover it all by himself!"

"Listen Lisa-", Lisa grabbed my hands, and squeezed my knuckles gently, assuring me with her eyes.

"I'll be fine, Emily! Believe me! I couldn't get more at ease after clearing out everything with Edward!"

I could only nod at her words, still not able to tell her that Eric was here. Lara walked towards the stairs, turning her head a little to assure me once again.

Just then, door burst open with a jolt and Eric came out of his room, his eyes half drooping with sleep before he stretched out his arms and yawned widely. He waved at me in a friendly gesture.

"Good morning, Emil-"

All colour drained out of his face as soon as his eyes fell on Lara. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers, opening them again only to stagger back in complete astonishment and shock. "Lisa!?"

Oh damn, volcano is going to blow away my pious house right now!

Where is my wiper now!?

Lara stood erect in her posture, staring at Eric with her open mouth. Her hands gripped her phone and purse rightly, her fingers curling into fists. Her eyes itched with moisture, tears began pooling in them before a lone tear trickled down slowly on her face down her cheeks and she swallowed a lump in her throat, still staring incredulously at Eric.

"Lisa!? Is that you!?"

Lara turned abruptly on her heels, almost running towards the front door while Eric ran frantically after her, calling her name behind.

"Lisa! Wait! Listen to me, will you!?"

"She's not Lisa, Eric. She is Lara....my friend!" I yelled behind Eric while he was running behind Lara.

"Lisa! Lisa!"

Lara wiped her tears from her hands and continued to walk away, not caring to look behind at Eric.

Just then, I saw our bedroom door open and Edward came outside, busy in a call, shouting angrily at someone.

"No, I won't tolerate any amateurs again! Encouraging interprenauring is not my cup of tea! Prepare the seminar room quickly! Yes! Do it all over again and fire everyone who dared to mess up with those assisting schedules- no! Don't do that! I want everyone ready at their tables sharp by nine! I'm coming in an hour there!"

Oh my god! Why of all the time he had to come outside! Why!?

What to do?? He can't go outside and see Eric and Lara together! No! That would hurt him very much!

I searched each corner of the house to find any reason to stop him. My eyes fell on onions and quickly I chopped them into small pieces with my bare hands and rubbed those hands over my eyes.

Tears started to flow from my eyes and I rubbed and sniffed my nose, making it turn red.

After that, I ran towards Edward and stood proudly in front of him, fiddling with my fingers, trying to look as desperate and miserable as possible.

Ending his call, Edward looked at me in mild shock and pure worry while I pretended to wipe fake tears from my eyes.

Should I try to rinse my shirt full of fake tears, in front of him!?

"Emi!? What the hell happened to you!?"

"Edward, I....", I broke into fake sobs suddenly, hugging him tightly.

"What happened!? Tell me!?"

Damn, I never thought of a reason though!

"Well, I... I... you know...I"

"Yes!? Tell me!" Edward cupped my chin, making me look up at him.

"I... actually",My eyes fell on a pot, window, shoes, carpet and a mouse painting on the wall, trying to think of a reason.

"Tell me?? What happened!? Are you hurt!? Are you ill!? Do you want me to call a doctor!?" He asked, checking the temperature of my forehead, and checking my limbs upside down.

"I... killed a..ma... mo.... mouse"

Edward let go of me, to stare at me in confusion.

"I killed a bloody mouse, Edward! You know I fell over that poor little brown creature when I was trying to-"

"Oh god, I thought something bad-let's just have your mouse talk when I return later, but not now! I have to get fast there!"


"Later, Emily!"

I glanced towards the window and my eyes narrowed in worry to see Eric talking to Lara about something.

I tried to think of something when suddenly I couldn't believe I could also think something like that.

Finding my purse quickly, I ducked my hand under it and pulled out something precious which distracted Edward earlier.


Applying it carefully on my lips, I adjusted my bun to walk seductively towards him, swaying my hip from side to side.

"Edward" I called his name, as slow and sensually as possible.

He stopped in annoyance, turning around to look at me.

"What now, Emily!? You kn-"

I grabbed his shoulders tightly and pressed him hard against the wall, pressing myself further against him.

"What the-"

I coudn't let him turn around 'cause a slight tilt of head could easily show to even blind of the blind eyes that Eric was talking with Lara and I couldn't let Edward know any of it that all this time, Lara had a daughter with Eric while Edward was madly in love with her.

Edward tried to look behind, too confused to see me staring behind him but I cupped his full cheeks, turning his face around in my direction.

"Look at me! Eddie darling!"

His eyes widened slightly. "Darling!?"

"Hmm" I tried to play with his nectie, adjusting his collar, feeling him staring at me.

"Emi, could you please scoot over a little!? I am getting late!"

He tried to push me away but I pressed myself against him hard, further. Our chests were pressed hard over each other now, and I could feel his heartbeat racing with this physical contact.

"Oh yeah!? I should go away!?"

He nodded fast. "Yes! It's an important meeting!"

I nodded my head and then to his surprise and to my own surprise, I put my hands around his neck and opened my mouth to brush my lips lightly over his, my tongue touching his lips, purely by accident though.

I opened my eyes to see him blinking once at me. His eyes looked at me in confusion, our noses touching each other at tip.

I glanced towards the window and found that Lara wasn't there anymore, and neither was Eric.

Removing my arms around him, I sighed in relief to see it was now a safe zone for him to walk out.

"That'll be enough for now" I whispered to myself and as I was trying to entangle myself from him, Edward wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer and staring straight into my eyes, his eyes now a dark shade of blue.

"Are you kidding me!?" He whispered to me before pressing his open mouth hotly over mine and kissing me fervently. He buried his fingers into my hairs, his lips moving over mine hard before sucking on my lower lip, licking it with his tongue, and biting on it.

He swirled me around fast and now I was pressed against the wall, with Edward pressed hard over me. His hands cupped my chin, grazing the pads of his fingers over my flushed cheeks while his lips covered mine in a frenzy fashion, eating them senuslally and passionately.

I moaned in between his kisses as he snaked his smooth tongue in my mouth, twirling it around every corner of my mouth, pressing me harder against the wall. As his fingers dug deeper into my curls, my bun got loose and my hairs fell in full length across my shoulder.

I raised my hands to wrap around his neck when he caught both of my wrists and pinned them above my head, taking my upper lip in between his teeth and nibbling on it.

He broke the kiss to stare at me, both of us heaving heavily with our intense make out and our lips mere inches apart from each other. My lipstick was smeared roughly on his lips. He continued to stare at me, wild emotions turning into a raging storm in his dark blue eyes.

I felt his hands loosening on my wrists and collecting my courage, I raised my hand to cup his side cheek slowly going down his neck but he caught my hand in between, encircling it with his own hand before crashing his lips once again over mine.

His kisses grew hot and demnading just as he interwined his fingers slowly around mine, his mouth opening against mine and tasting each and every corner of my mouth.

His tongue licked the corner of my mouth, my jaw and my lips before going deep under my mouth and I was glad I was pressed against the wall otherwise I would've fallen straight on my butt considering how much my knees were weak like jelly now.

I could feel my nipples hardening in pleasure as he broke the kiss to trail feather light kisses down my jaw, my neck, my collar bone and started to suck hard on my pulse before digging his sharp teeth into my skin.

I moaned out loudly as he popped open two front buttons of my shirt and pulled my collar aside a little to press his lips firmly on the side of my neck.

Opening his mouth, he sucked on my sensitive spot and I closed my eyes, inhaling a deep breath. His deft fingers opened one more button of my shirt, causing one more to pop open by itself, my ample cleavage now in his view.

He kissed my shoulder, his fingers roaming boldly over the strap of my bra and he raised it a little to press open mouthed kisses down my whole shoulder, before moving up to nibble and bite on my neck, joining his tongue in between. I closed my eyes and bit my lips to refrain myself from moaning out loud while he moved up to suck on my pulse.

He pressed himself harder over my curves, low moan escaping from his mouth just as his full erection pressed againt my wet core and he bit my neck harder in frustration.

Removing my entangled fingers from his, my arms wrapped around his neck to pull him closer and hugging him tightly to feel more of him on my skin while he continued to give me painful but pleasurable bites on exposed skin of my throat.

God, I wanted him so much now and I didn't care about any stupid rejection or my own bottled up feelings anymore!

He moved his teasing hot lips upwards to kiss me hard on my lips, nudging them apart by force to plunge his wet tongue into my mouth and both of our tongues entangled in a crazy dilemma, just as his hands trailed down further to pop open the last two buttons of my shirt.

I heard someone cough loudly. Breaking the kiss quickly much to Edward's disapproval and disgrunt, I turned a little to see Eric standing in front of us, looking down at the floor and my cheeks flushed yet more to see that he must have seen more than enough of what I never wanted him to see.


"I know" Edward answered me cooly, without even turning around to see who who it was and started to button up my open shirt one by one up-to the front.

He dusted invisible dust on my collar, running his fingers slowly over his fresh bites on my neck, throat and then over my swollen lips smugly, as if admiring his own work.

I didn't dare to look at either of the two men, and just stood against the wall in shock and embarrasment while Edward wiped my lipstick nonchalantly from his lips before leaning down to press a soft kiss on my lips.

"Don't do anything like that again! I am telling you, it's a dangerous territory for you!", he whispered slowly to me, nibbling on my earlobe.

Abruptly, he left me, and waved at me.
"I'll be late today, Lily! Don't wait for me and go to sleep early! Miss you, darling!"

When he left, I slowly slid down the wall, shaking my head in disbelief and shock and putting my hands on my head to think hard.

What the hell just happened!?

Did I do all that??

Did I start what turned casually into a heated battle of kisses and moans.!

God, when the hell did I become so horny!? I am crazy! Totally!

I was about to slap myself with my own hands when Eric stood in front of me, extending his hand at me.

I looked at his hand, and then at him.

"Get up"

"I.. "

"I know. I know. Get up now, will you??"

I nodded and took his hand and he pulled me up.

I was still in a daze, ready to murder myself anytime.

"By the way, since now you are completely presentable, how about you go and meet your friend!?"

I looked at him, confused.

"My friend!?"

"Yes! Your friend, Jake is waiting for you outside! He wants to talk about something important, he told me that to tell it to you!"

Oh! Jake?!

What did he want to talk about!?

Is it about Mia!?


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