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When We Met - EP - 58 (His Drunken Mishaps)

Emily's POV:

It had been almost four weeks since my inevitable fight with Edward. We didn't talk to each other or to be precise, I didn't talk to him. He frequently called me and send me texts to check on me and I knew it was really a long time we gone without talking or seeing each other in our long history of friendship, so it must be hard for him to ignore me or my presence after I had behaved so rudely with him.

Supporting a marriage, and the wrong one at that, was really troublesome and painful experience for me but I learnt a lot in the way.

I put my every efforts to support my first marriage which ended so horribly and in the meanest way as possible.

I still had to sign the divorce papers and in these few weeks, my mom had already pestered me enough to sign them already but I always came up with convincing excuses to run away from it.

It wasn't that I didn't want to sign them.

I was just feeling guilty for what I had said to Edward that day and it didn't help me a bit when everytime I would pick up a pen to sign the papers, I was reminded of that fact that this marriage was as much as my fault as it was Edward's.

We both were equally responsible for it, 'cause marriage occurs between two persons so how it was only Edward's fault!?"

I admit it was wrong on his part to propose me for his reasons but still, I shouldn't have said yes to him if I didn't want to be the part of his proposal.

I heard a distinct knock coming from
the side of my window.

Who could be at this hour!?

"Who is it!?" I asked, walking closer to the window.

No reply.

Instead came that loud knock again. Slowly tiptoeing on the floor, I opened my closet carefully and pulled out the shoe box from the drawl.

Taking high pencil blue heels in my hand, I adjusted it in my hands and took one step towards the noise.

"Who is it!?"

Getting no reply from the intruder, I readjusted the heels in my fingers, gripping it tightly and opened the window, sliding it slowly with my one finger.

Closing my eyes shut tight, I raised my hands and was about to hit the intruder when he clutched my hands and twisted it around.

Gently though.

I felt soft hands encircling my arms.

He was a she!

Opening my eyes, I realised it was Rose sitting on my railing, her eyebrows knit in annoyance as she snatched the heel from my hands and threw it lazily on the floor.

"You were about to hit me-"

I grinned nervously. "My sincere apologies, Rose but I really didn't-"

"With those heels!?" Rose pointed her index finger at my discarded heels, clutching the railings with her other hand. "I really thought you could've done better than that, Emily. Like these shining shoes won't protect you from anyone. They'll only injure the intruder which can end up annoying them more. Next time hit them with something which'll knock them down." She climbed off the railing smoothly, landing onto my room and searched her eyes around. She turned around to look at me and then walked towards my desk, snaking her hand inside my study drawl and pulled out an electric taser. "You should've tried this taser which I gave you on your fifteenth birthday. This works faster than these weak footwears."

"So basically you're asking me to torture you with taser next time you come in my house!?"

"I honestly don't mind. It's all for your practice anyway!"

"Why don't you ever use the door, Rose!? You scared the bloddy shit out of me!?"

"Who uses the door these days!?" Rose shrugged, sitting on my bed, crossing her legs.

"Normal humans who have some sanity left in them!?"

"I lost my sanity the day I landed as a girl on this planet."

"So you're calling girls insane then!?"

"No, actually I was intending to call myself intelligent 'cause insanity is the road to happiness." She looked at me. "But since you pointed it out so cleverly, I must say you can take my words your way as well! I don't mind!"

"Why're you here so sudden anyway!?"

She waved her hand at me. "I came to give you something. Let's wait for that thing to come!"

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. "Is it some animal who's gonna climb three floors of my house and reach here!?"

"No, actually it's a human so-"

Just then, I heard someone climbing the roof of my house, gripping the railings tightly, his fingers curled around the rods firmly. He raised his one hand in air, trying to catch the upper railing reaching my room.

"Give me a hand!" He spoke, in a low tone, his voice coming out in a forced manner.

Rose ran towards the window, sliding it open and I walked behind her, standing beside her to see Michael struggling to reach my room.

"Who told you to climb the walls when you can't do it properly!?" Rose hissed, and I looked down to see Michael who frowned at her rude words.

"I just wanted to try it once since you do it so easily!"

"You were supposed to use the door!"

"Can we talk after I come above alive!?"

"Go down and use the door to enter my friend's house like a normal person!"

"I can't do it! I am two floors high and I'm carrying too much to go down and knock a door like some gentleman, if I ever happen to survive this much height though!" Michael yelled, adjusting some bags around his waist before holding the nearby tree branch tight.

"I told you I could've managed alone, then why did you stuff your lazy brains in my business!? You have
a great interest in becoming a socialist right!? Now keep hanging like a tortured frog there!" Rose crossed her arms around her chest, huffing in annoyance and looked away from him.

"Give me a hand first!"

After seeing no response from Rose's side, I extended my hand towards Michael. "Here! Take mine and grab it tightly! I'm gonna pull you up!"

Rose pulled my hand before he could take it and glared at me. "Are you crazy, Emily!? You both will fall down dead this way!"

"But you aren't helping him and it's dangrous down there!"

Rose ignored my words and extended her right hand towards Michael. He stared at her hand, blinking twice.

"What the hell are you doing!? Give it to me fast!" Rose yelled at him, shaking her helping hand on his face.

Hesitantly, Michael raised his hand and put it over hers.

"Not your hand, you fool! I'm talking about those bags around you! Or else,
we both will fall straight into the mud if we didn't reduce the weights on you!"

Michael glared at her before dipping his hand down to his waist and unhooked those bags around him with little difficulty. He handed them to Rose who threw them on my bed, one by one.

After that, she extended her hand once more towards Michael who now glared at her hand, as if it was some dragon which would start blowing fire at him anytime soon.

"What're you glaring at!? It's my hand!"

"I was just wondering, though I am not supposed to, while hanging like a famous painting, in this condition, but do you really have something they claim as necessary for human body!?"

"What!?" Rose blurted out.

"Your eyes."

"Do you really wish to die twice, and maybe thrice, if my evening happnes to get better, in this condition!?" Rose pointed her finger at Michael's struggling condition, smirking smugly.

Michael made a face at her words. "I don't have any other bags left to give them to you!" He pointed at her hand, with his eyes, asking her to tell him why the hell she was still holding out her hand to him when he didn't have anyother bags left.

Rose closed her eyes, muttering
something unladylike to herself.

"It's not for bags, you-" Rose fisted her hand angrily before holding it out for him again. "It's for you! Now take it fast before I change my mind and push you off the railing!"

Michael nodded silently before taking her hand, and wrapped his fingers tightly around hers.

With a little pull, he came upward, putting his legs firmly over the tree to support himself. He climbed down the railing and came inside the room, still holding Rose's hand.

When he saw me looking at him and then at his hand wrapped around Rose's, he quickly let go and stood beside the curtains, in his position as a bodyguard.

"This is what I was meaning to give you." Rose put a piece of paper on my hand and I stared at it. After some contemplation, I hesitantly opened the paper and read it's contents loudly "Flat No. 34, Green House Buildings, Near Little Ivory Park, New Jersey."

I flipped the paper left and right to check if anything else was written inside. Finding nothing, I looked at Rose in confusion.

"What's this, Rose!?"

"Mia's location."

I gaped at her like a fish. "How did you know Mia was missing?!"

Rose shrugged. "I just know it."

I stared at the paper again. "But how did you end up finding her location when even cyber department is unable to find anything about it?!"

"I was bored so I thought I should go and find someone who's missing!"

"So that's why you were-"

"Don't waste time and call Jake fast!"

I sighed in defeat, knowing too well that Rose wasn't going to answer any of my questions anytime soon. Pulling out the phone from my jeans, I dialed Jake's number.

"Hello?" Jake said, his voice sounding hoarse.

"Jake! I found where Mia is! I'll message you her location now-"

"Don't bother. I know where she is."

"But you must not be knowing the name of the place clearly so-"

"I am on my way to New Jersey, Emily! To meet Mia."

"How did you know where she was!?"

"I have my own ways. Anyway, will call you once I find Mia."

Jake hung up the phone and I blinked at Rose in confusion.

Was I the only one who didn't know where Mia was!?

But why didn't Jake tell me about Mia if he was able to found out about her!?

Did he want to go there alone to confess to her!?

I grinned deviously to myself, imagining every romantic scenario where Jake would confess his undying love to Mia and she would stand shocked, staring at him. Eventually she would end up saying yes to him, making Jake kiss her senseless until they run out of oxygen, both laughing together in happiness.

Then I could finally go to Mount Fuji and shout about their relationship from the highest peak for the whole world to hear.

I jumped out of my thoughts when I felt something soft hit my head. I picked the object and a weak smile spread across my face when I saw what it was.

Bif fluffy teddy bear.

"Why would you give me this, Rose!?"

Rose avoided my eyes and stared at my desk. "It's to ease up your mind."

"I am happy. Really, you didn't have to bring me this." I played with the teddy bear, pulling out it's fluffy ears.

"No you're not. You're just convincing yourself that you are and belive me, it isn't working for me."

"But still, it's the only choice I have."

"No it isn't the only one! You can still go and tell Edward about your feelings-"

"You knew about my marriage!?"

Rose looked at me, her eyes filled with mild sympathy. "It wasn't too hard to guess, when only you were the one to give while he accepted it all without even caring to see if you're fine with or not. "

"But you didn't say anything about it to me all this time, even when you knew the truth?"

"To be honest, I was quite surprised to see the divorce papers on your closet the first time I visited you-"

"You learned about it so soon!? On your first day there!?"

"Yeah. I had this habit of checking people's stuff whom I live with. " I glared at her, making a face and Rose chuckled heartily. "It's not that I don't trust you, it's just a weired habit developed unexpectedly after living in New York for two years."

"Are you also mad at Edward then!?"

"No. Why would I be!?" She walked towards my desk and took a papervet in her hands, staring at it intently. "It's not his fault that he doesn't love you."

I looked down and whispered to myself. "Yes. That's what I wanted to tell my parents."

"But, Emily" Rose narrowed her eyes at me, crossing her legs. " Do you really think Edward doesn't love you!?"

"Yes, Rose. I can feel it that he doesn't feel anything for me."

"Then why do I think that he reciprocates your feelings? Why do I see every signs of love in him whenever he's with you!? Why do I think that he wants you as much as you want him?"

I smiled at her. "It isn't possible in a million years, Rose. I've been with him for twenty years now and its not tough for me to see what he feels."

"That's the problem, Emily. You see in him what you've been seeing for years. Pain and Rejection. And you've accepted it as your fate. But his feelings are changed now and he himself doesn't know it 'cause he isn't habitual to all these feelings. It's all new for him. To feel something more for his best friend, the reason he prefers to ignore them, hoping they would go away soon. But he isn't able to control them when you're around him, no matter how much he tries to act cool and calm." Rose put her hand on my shoulder. "It's not that he doesn't love you, Emily. It's just that he doesn't want to acknowledge his feelings for you."

"But he breaks my heart everytime I hope something from his side." I blinked back the tears, pressing my hand on the teddy bear in sadness.

"Believe me, Emily, he has always thought of you, more than a friend."

"He always prove to me otherwise, though."

"I don't think he's at fault for being a
greatest dumbass out there. If someone is an idiot, it's only natural when they behave like it."

"But you know it when someone likes you. Like don't you know it that Micheal.." I pointed my finger at Michael who was trying to stay nonchalant but his long ears were itching to hear what we were talking about."likes you very much!?"

Rose stiffened at my words, briefly glancing at him before looking at me. "I know it. That's why I don't want it to grow into something more. I am not into love and family. Got much more important matters in my hands."

"But he seems like a nice guy to me-"

"All men are same for me."

"Micheal comes from a nice family, he's educated and mannerable. He isn't like those men who you're talking about."

"I don't care who he is. He is a man, the very reason I must stay away from him all my life."

"But someday, you need to settle down for the sake of your future and happiness."

"I assure you that I have many plans for my future but none of them actually involves getting happy with a certain male, or worse, getting married to him."

"And why is that!?"

"I don't know. I just don't....like attention. I like to be hidden-" My phone virated in the desk, making both of us look at it. Rose peeked at the caller ID, and immediately looked at me, raising her eyebrow.

"Who is it!?"


Quickly accepting the call, I put it on my ear.

"Hello Mia!? Is that you!?"

"Emily" came the low tired voice of Mia.

"Mia! Where were you for like...almost two months! Are you crazy leaving me without any information! You didn't even contact me and god knows where are you right now!? I seriously am gonna peel you alive once you get here-"

"I need your help, Emily."

I adjusted the phone in my hands, and Rose leaned closer to my ears, trying to listen. "Did something happen, Mia! Why're you sounding so tired, like you've been crying all day! Are you okay? Where're you, Mia goddammit!"

Mia started to weep, her sobs reaching my ears and making me worried. "Mia, tell me everything properly and I assure you that we'll sort all this out-"

"Emily, I..." She stifled a sob, trying to sound coherent before opening her mouth to say again. "I did the most horrible thing in the world!"

"What did you do!? Be calm and explain it to me in detail so-"

"I slept with Jake."

"What!?" I blurted out. "Oh fuck!" Rose cursed, sticking her ears closer to my phone now.

"And now I'm pregnant."


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