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When We Met - EP - 61 (What's Her Real Identity?)

Emily's Pov:

I sighed and looked at Rose with defeat and resignation. "I shouldn't have said all those things to her, right!? She would have told Jake about her pregnancy if only I didn't stick my gummy ass-"

"She already left everything from the start, so it's not that you triggered her into doing anything wrong." Rose placed her left hand behind my back and caressed my spine upside down, her actions calming my raging nerves a little. I was feeling sad and I wanted nothing more than to to crawl around any corner of my room to cry all night.

Without any interruption.

"But it was her time to get a happy ending! Why does a baby has to come between them!? Why in the name of-Why of all the times, now!?"

"It's not just anyone's baby. After all, it's of Jake's-"

"That bloody son of a raped buffallo! I would peel his hanging dick off his balls and stick its pieces back into his egoistic face with a burning candle!"

"That would indeed be very entertaining to see but you shouldn't be this violent-"

"Says the one who is always read to kill someone-"

"Not someone. Men. Just men." Rose clarified herself, glancing beiefly at Michael who was going to turn into a brown lizard very soon, aiming to climb off my high wall to hide behind the curtains of the ceiling.

"That's very sweet of you, Rose-"

"I don't want your sympathy-"

"I wasn't sympathising with you. I was just trying to sound casual and sarcastic-" I told her.

"That you can never be, so end of every topic here-"

"But what about Mia-"

Rose raised her hand at me to stop my ranting, putting her phone on her ear in an unusual determination. She tapped her shoes impatiently on the floor as the time lapsed inevitably and no response came from the other side, until finally she slumped lazily on my bed and stared at me with an impassive expression. She dialed the number yet again and this time, the annoyance on her features was well labelled and obvious to me.

"Yes! Now you pick up my call!? No! Hell! Why're you giving me your fucking malarial reasons! I don't want to listen to anything. Yes. Yes. Right? I am not in New York right now, so go and send my application of sudden leave to the headquarters and yes, email me all the documents and history of progresses made in that 'Emerald Robbery Case' quickly! Don't you go around slumping like a fucking wine barrel just anywhere 'cause when I return, I'll check your progress and character report in serial order. And tell Adrian to send me those audio calls saved in my computer. My password? Last four letters of my surname and first five letters of my account number! So what!? It's not my fault that you don't know my bank account number, go and find it out-And yes, put me on conference with Alyssa, right now!"

"Rose-" I moved forward to talk to her but she cut me off rudely.

"Can't you see I'm in middle of a very important call right now!?" Rose said to me, trying to pretend to be angry on me before she winked at me, hinting me to play along.

That must be a very professional call to her, then.

I decided to play along.

"Oh so you're gonna eradicate poverty and terrorism around the whole world with that call!?" I pointed my finger at her phone before looking back at her with my questioning glare.

Rose threw me a death glare and I danced my skull like a zombie in front of her.

"Do I look like any ancestor of Nelson Mandela to you!?"

I scowled. "Your mom wasn't an...." I pretended to think throughly. "African so it's a no from me-" I stopped speaking seeing Rose busy in her call again.

"Alyssa! Where the hell were your updates for the last few weeks?! I told you to give me all the latest intel related to that 'Monissa serial murders' right?! And how is that case progressing anyway!? Is there any recent murder related to that particular location? No? Alright then, I want you to arrange all the names of victims and survivors of that case in a decreasing order and send that pdf file to me in few days. Sure, I'll visit your office anytime soon."

Rose smiled briefly at something said to her by Alyssa and she put her phone from her left ear to her right one, which I took it as her rare sign of interest in something.

"I told you many times not to flatter me with your British blarney. That makes my rage go-Who says I am smiling right now!? You!? Who cares what the hell do you even say!? Anyway, I want you to do something for me? Now what? I know. I know.
That's why I had already deposited enough money in your account, if only you would bother your lazy fatass to check your bank account."

Finding some spare time to myself, I busied myself in making my bed and readjusting some books, files, documents and clothes in my closet. I glanced at Rose, who was still busy in her call and decided it was better to leave her alone after all.

"Yes, so I was saying that can you find me any secluded room, no no, it should'nt be that sophisticated, just should be spacious enough to eat, sleep and wake up alive. Yeah, and I had emailed you one number and all the details related to that person are linked in the next document, no, not in that account, your 'PantyPanther' account-oh my bad, yeah yeah, on your 'PinkPanther' account so keep texting me any movements related to that number. Where she lives, where she goes, who she meets with, which food she eats...I want you to inform me of everything going on with her!? Okay? Can you do that for me!?"

Rose smirked produly at her friend's response before looking at me, her eyes twinkling with excitement. "Yes, that's the spirit I want! Keep it up. Yeah. I had something holding me up here for a time being but I'll return there soon, and when I return, I want everything back in the place as usual. You can call me nagging granny after I hang up. Sure. I'll do it."

"Be careful and try to sleep less at night 'cause your life is at risk. No, I won't cry a tear at your death, you know that, and even if I utter a single sob at your funeral, that'll be because I will lose one of my most trusted confidential comrade and it would take me years to meet someone like you again. Anyway, no I wasn't lying actually."

Rose smiled again and hummed in approval. "Yes. I know I'm selfish. You keep reminding me of my good traits everyday. But I'll hang up now. Sure. Will do that. Good night."

Putting her phone in my desk, Rose walked towards me but I ignored her and stirred the strawberry shake in the container deftly, before placing three glasses on the table and poured light pink shake inside them, one by one.

"Emily." Rose called my name.

I looked at Michael and walked towards him with a big smile plastered on my face, brushing past Rose, not forgetting to bump my arm roughly on her shoulder.

Rose stumbled back a little with the effect of push and I pulled Michael with me towards my desk, taking one glass of shake in my hand and extending my arm in front of Michael. "Here. Take it. You must be tired of standing like a young cow by now."

Michael blinked at me and I passed him my best smile ever.

"I really am fine, Emily Mam-"

"You can call me Emily. I already told you this many times already that no formalities are required with me. Come here and sit-"

"But you are the wife of Sir-"

"Emily, I am talking to you!" Rose yelled at me once again but I didn't pay any heed to her words.

"Not anymore. We are divorced now. You can treat me like a bachelor. After all, we both are of same age-"

"What I'm trying to tell you is very important-" Rose intervened again.

"You didn't tell me anything until now!" I yelled at her and stood up from the bed to walk towards her.
"Here. It's your share." I placed cold glass of shake on her hands with some effort, frowning at her attempt to resist my actions.

"I don't drink-"

"Don't lie. I know it's your favorite."

"That was many years ago. I am not a child anymore."

"You were never a child to me, Rose." I put my hand on her shoulder and hugged her briefly. "Don't be too hard on yourself. You need to become benevolent and cheerful, like the one you were, before you went-"

"I'm leaving for New Jersey tomorrow night."

"What!? Why-"

"I need to settle some important pending matters there. And also..." She removed my hand from her shoulder and turned around to stare outside the window, ger gaze fixed on the beautiful moon peeking from behind the night clouds. "My friend needs me."

"You're going to help Mia?" I asked her, standing beside her to admire the beauty of nature myself.

"Yes. She needs someone there to support her, offer her some sympathies. That's why I asked my friend to make some arrangements for me-"

"Is it the same friend you asked to spy on Mia?"

Rose looked at me in disguised incredulity. "Yes. That would be Alyssa to you, my accomplice."

I nodded in approval, crossing my arms across my chest. "That would account for why you gave her your close friend's contact details so easily."

"She is a trusted comrade to me."

"Just so you know, I am also supposed to come under the same category as her." Feeling offended, I fixed my gaze on Rose who was staring back at me with her own questioning stare. "To you."

"But you already have Mia's number-''

"I am talking about you, Rose and you know that."

Rose sighed in disapproval. "I already trust you enough-"

"There is never 'enough' between friends, Rose!" My eyes glistened with moisture and I took a deep breath. "Or maybe you never considered me as one?"

Rose shook her head as she came forward to touch my hand but I took steps away from her, leaving her hand to remain still in the air instead. She looked at me and then at her empty hand which she curled into a fist and kept it by her side. I felt guilty leaving her in such a vulnerable state but my annoyance and hurt kept me from molifying her.

"I am sorry." Rose whispered, looking down and I smiled a little and put my right arm around her neck, pulling her closer to me.

She looked at me incredulously as I put my head on her shoulder. "We sure have grown up a lot, don't you think?"

"Except you, I suppose everyone have."Rose answered and I smacked her arm playfully. She put her arms around my back, her lips curled up in a rare beautiful smile. "But why do you ask this?"

Pretending to think, I pouted my lips. "That's because now we're hiding things with each other when we used to share every thing, back then when we were young."

"You always believe what you want to, you know that?"

I removed my head from her shoulder and looked at her with an utmost incredulity adorning my features. "That means you lied to me about your life, all this time, right?!"

"You can still believe what you want to."

"Then I believe you must have a very big reason for hiding those things from me."

"Indeed I have, but I ought to have even bigger reason to tell you everything now."

"And what that reason might be?"

"Can you guess?"

"'Cause you're feeling guilty now that I've mentioned how horribly you have treated me all this time?"

"Shouldn't you say this this to Edward instead?"

Sighing in defeat, I looked at her. "I wish I could, but you know the reason."

"That you love him very much?"

I chuckled. "Not anymore. I'm trying to get over him now."

"If only falling out of love was that easy." Rose said to me, sarcasm dripping from her words.

I chuckled heartily. "You'll have a taste of it for sure, I'm telling you. I curse you to writhe and suffer the same as me, and Mia with the power bistwoed to me by all those years of unrequited love I had survived with bravery and passion until now!" I pointed my index finger at her dramatically and Rose smiled evily at my immaturity.

"Sure. Sure. Whatever makes you happy."

"I'll only be happy if you promise me never to hide anything from me." I extended my hand towards her, asking her for her dedication to our friendship. "Ever again."

Rose stared at my hand, lost in her own thoughts.

"Promise?" I asked her yet again, waving my hand in front of her obstinate form.

Hesitantly, she lifted her right hand and brought it closer to my hand but stopped in between, leaving a space of just an inch between our hands. I looked at her but she avoided my gaze and just as I was about to ask her why she stopped in mid, she put her hand on mine, and squeezed it gently. "I promise." She smiled weakly at me and I covered my hand with hers, my heart feeling giddy at this older yet strangely new bond formed between us.

"So can I ask you anything now?"

Rose hesitated and looked down but then she lifted her face, strange determination lining her strict features. "Sure. Go ahead. Ask me anything."

I took a deep breath, preparing myself to ask her all sorts of questions which had been itching my intestines for answers since the day Rose came back. "What type of job do you do?"

Rose tilted her head, raising her eyebrow. "That's it? You wanted to know about my professional life all this time?"

"I want to know everything about you, what you did when you went to New York to why you came back home so suddenly. I want to know everything there is for me to know."

Rose nodded in understanding, her lips pressed in a thin line. "I'm a reporter."

I scowled at her."That's for others to know. I want to know about your real job, Rose"

"You never miss a thing, do you?" Rose scrutinized me carefully, her words more deeper than before.

"Learned from you, I guess." I grinned nervously.

"You're a fast learner, Emily. Like always. That's a very good thing in you."

"And you're pro at changing the topics."

"I am good at many other things actually."

"Like what? Killing people and burying their corpses in the most unapproachable places?"

She laughed at my words and turned around to see Michael, before walking towards him and taking a seat beside him.

"There is nothing unapproachable for the law and the police. Evidences will always be found here and there to incriminate you, no matter how better you are at slicing someone's throat and burying the suspected weapon deep down the earth's core."

"And suddenly you're taking the side of the police-"

Rose threw something on my side and I caught it almost as it was about to hit the floor. I raised it to my eye level only to have my eyes pop out of my sockets to see what it was.

"How do you come across this, Rose?" I held the golden-blue badge in my hands, pressing my question.

"I killed a person and stole it very elegantly and stealthily from him. That was a very smoothest I had ever killed any person in my life and that murder had been very lucrative and remunerative to me, don't you think?"

"Are you frickking kidding me!?"

"As a matter of fact, yes. I am."


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