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When We Met - EP - 62 (You Can't Run Away From Your Past)

Emily's Pov:

I glared at her. "That is not an area of joking, Rose! I want an elaborated explanation of how you accquired-"

"This badge belongs to me."

I gawked at her, curling my fingers tightly around the badge. "Oh my God!"

"Yes. I know. I know." Rose waved her hand at me, nodding her head.

Michael raised his eyebrow at my sudden outburst and tried to look at the object I was holding in my hands. With little struggle in between maintaining his nonchalant taciturnity form and his giant curiosity crawling nervously on his nerves, when he indeed became successful in catching the glimpse of the desired object, he sat still on his place for minutes before he turned around abruptly to look at Rose in an absolute incredulity.

"Is this really true?" I asked Rose and she hummed in response.

"Wow. I never thought I would ever see you in a job like this."

"Everybody's future changes once in a lifetime."

"But yours has turned out quite beautifully, even more astonishingly acceptable to me, I guess."

"I'm glad then-"

"But do they really hire someone as younger as you in such a courageous job?"

"Have you started doubting my bravery and courage now?" Rose asked me, dangerously narrowing her eyebrows at me.

Nervously, I handed the badge to her and sat beside her, on the opposite side of Michael. "No! Why would I ever doubt something in you which has always inspired me to become a strong and independent woman myself? I was just asking if they hire sophomores and all?"

"I'm just practising there for a time being before I get placement as a real officer."

"Aww my Rose. I'm so proud of you! All this time I had doubted your morals but you turned out to be-Wait, what about the two guns do you own then? Do they give guns to new learners like you, as well!?"

Rose grinned at me and then held out her two guns in front of me. Then, she took one gun and looked at me. "This one is legal, given to me for my safety against unseen danger." She held out the other gun and emptied down all the bullets on her hand before placing it on my bed. "This one is mine-"

"It must be illegal then-"

"It's licensed gun, Emily. I'm totally eligible to keep it with me."

Feeling heavily jealous, I crossed my arms around my chest, my cheeks puffed up in trivial rage. "Sure. You're eligible for this distorted piece of a steel-"

"It's not a steel-"

"Fine! It'a not steel, but whatever it is, I'll never be able to get-"

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Rose slid her one gun towards me. When I looked up, she smiled genuinely at me. "You can touch, hold and examine it if you want, but I don't know when you'll get your own-"

"Oh!! Thank you! Thank you! God bless you all sorts of brains!" Gripping the solid metal in my hands, I reveled at the amazing feeling which shot through my body just as the cold metal touched my warm skin. I grinned in satisfaction and played with it for a while, opening it, closing it and pressing it's trigger again and again, not being able to stop myself.

Suddenly feeling too childish with my own actions, I quickly put the gun on Rose's lap and averted my gaze somewhere else, too embarrassed to even look at Rose or Michael who were now staring at me with strange curiousity and amusement of their own minds.

"Sorry, I got carried away."

"I understand. It happened with me too, when I saw the gun for the first time. But I got over my crush for weapons a long time ago, considering I practically had to live with them 24/7."

"Sounds dreamy to me."

"But takes more time, patience, devotion, courage, intelligence and teamwork than any dream I have ever seen, I suppose."

"But you're a Federal Agent, Rose. It's more than anything you can ever ask for, right?"

"I'm just an apprentice for now-"

"But you have the badge-"

"Badges don't bring justice and equality, Emily. People do and those who do, are given badges as a reminder to continue bringing justice and equality to every wronged person around the whole world." I nodded in understanding seeing Rose put her empty glass of shake on the table. "And besides, I was selected on a merit, among many other practitioners of other branches of criminal investigation, as a rare chance to practise under renowned, experienced but reserved FBI agents in the hope that I'll replace them soon, to walk on the same path they would create and devise me to go onto."

I studied Rose with an open interest.
"But still, I think you shouldn't go alone tomorrow night, considering you must have many enemies-"

"Who says I'm going alone?"

"But you didn't mention anyone else-"

"I'm going with Michael." Rose answered, her gaze fixed on Michael who stood abruptly from his seat to look at Rose.

"What!?" We both shouted in unison.

Rose walked towards Michael, who cringed away from her after her little too big announcement for him to digest in a single day.

"My apologies for not informing you earlier." Rose smiled at him before her eyes turned darker, rare hint of evil dancing behind her dreamy orbs. "But you're coming with me."

"But you didn't even tell-" Michael started to complain.

"Do I need to tell you everything now?" Rose answered him, in her usual arrogant tone.

"He's right, Rose. You should've told him something-" I tried to side with Michael but Rose cut me off, before I could even complete my sentence.

"I need you to bring me a car at 'Sunlight Star Espresso' by 8 in the evening. And when I say 8, it means you should be there, sharp at 8'O clock, by hook or by crook. I won't tolerate any ridiculous excuses-"

"I'll be there in time." Michael answered, his voice coming out a bit frustrated than usual.

"And don't forget to bring essentials with you."

"Essentials?" Michael enquired quickly.

"We would be staying there for more than weeks. So essentials, as in like cloth, food, water, toiletries-"

"But I don't use toiletries-"

"Does the world revolve around you?" Rose asked bitterly and I looked at Michael with pity.

"No but that's the truth. I don't-"

"I'm not going to stop the car even if you ended up blasting your bladders or intestines on the passenger seat and no matter how vulnerable you'll be by then, I would drag you by your ears and make you clean all the mess you'll create in my car with your tongue-"

"So basically you're telling him to bring a toilet seat and take it all the way to New Jersey just so that he could pee there without disturbing your very skilful driving right!?" I asked Rose.

She shrugged. "I don't have any problem. The car is more than big enough for two of us. Back seat will be empty throughout the whole journey-"

"And where would you go if you think you want to slap your bladder so badly!?" I asked Rose, trying to stifle a grin.

"Gas Stations have been maintaining
proper tidy washrooms for years now. I think my bladders can sustain short walks to those washrooms until they get the chance to get slapped-"

"And what if it's too urgent and no gas stations are to be found in a close range-"

"Where am I going!? Wildlife Sanctuary or National Parks where only plants and animals live!?" Rose snapped back at me.

"By the way, sanctuaries and parks are maintained by humans so..."

"So what!? We can't find washrooms in the middle of deep forests no matter how many humans pass by-"

"That's why I'm asking what would you do if it's beyond control-"

"I'd open the car door and make my way through the bushes! Is it too hard to believe now!?"

"Yes. It's indeed very hard to believe but Michael can always bring diapers with him, right!? This way he will stay away from Rose's radar without creating any mess." I advised Michael who literally cringed at my words.

"And don't forget to pack some spare diapers for Rose too. I don't want my
very respectable friend doing her business behind the bushes." I turned towards Rose who was now fuming with anger. "That would be very unhygienic for her."

"What!?" This time Rose and Michael both shouted in unison at my words and I smirked in victory, seeing second hand embarrassment written clearly on Rose's face.

"You sure enjoy saying gibberish, huh?"

"Strangely enough, I have learned this, as well, from you, I guess."

Rose nodded meekly, her body showing tiredness of a day and she passed a weak smile to me. "That's good. I'll be going now. Bye Emily. Take care and be careful. Good night to you." She turned towards the window only to retreat her steps back, stopping in front of Michael, her arms crossed in front of her chest in a menacing glare. "Who're you waiting for? Dancing disney princesses or fire balls from Pokemons!?"

I snorted at her choice of cartoons and quickly put a hand above my mouth to stop laughing out aloud.

"I was waiting for you to climb down first-"

"So I should let you fall down and kill yourself while I stay down to watch such an amusing scene unfolding in front of me, right!?"

Michael looked at Rose with hidden admiration and happiness as a faint smile made its way across his handsome face. "Are you actually worried for me?"

Rose ignored his question and stood beside the window, waiting for him to step on it and climb down first.

When Michael put his step on the window, Rose gripped his arm carefully, though he didn't look like he need any help from the start.

"I can handle now." Michael whispered to Rose, hinting her that she could leave his arm and let him climb on his own now. Rose didn't pay any heed to his words and instead, focused on making him land safely on his feet.

After Michael was down on the railing, Rose left his arm and clutched his hand tighly while he slide his fingers along hers, holding her hand firmly. "Step on that right rod, no! Not that right. Middle right of that metal bundle, you idiot! That dangling loose rod seems slippery to me! Step on the second last rod on your left instead!"

After helping Michael down on the road properly, Rose looked at me and smiled a little. "Take care Emily. And don't stress yourself for those stupid pages which can't decide anything that you've gone through all fifteen years of your life." She pointed her finger at the divorce papers sprawled on my study table and I smiled at her, my eyes pooling with moisture at her genuine concern.

"I will take care of myself. But I wonder one thing though?"

"And what that might be, I wonder myself..." Rose answered in a playful tone.

"What were you searching for here, for which you...stayed outside whole night for days..and almost weeks?" I completed my sentence, struggling to find the right words before looking at Rose who was standing still, her sudden silent and erect posture making me even more suspicious.

"I don't think it's really important to share 'cause it's just a trivial matter, you know all these murder mysteries-"

"I love mysteries, you know that right? My bookshelf and closet are filled with books based on criminology and stuffs based on them though I'm a doctor by profession so you must know of my addiction for murder mysteries by now?"

"I do but still-"

"What're you hiding from me, Rose?"

"Its nothing-"

"And you promised me something just some minutes ago?"

Rose raked her hand through her scarlett hairs, taking a deep long breath. "Look, I do want to tell you-"

"Then why don't you, ever?"

"There is a big reason-"

"Fine, don't tell me then!" I turned away from her, anger radiatiating from my sides. "And don't you ever dare to talk to me again 'cause I hate cheaters. You went back on your promise you made to me in so much honesty, I can't believe it! Why do I always end up trusting the wrong people-"

"Its not about trust, Emily. I trust you. You're my best friend, you know that."

"But you don't know it, right!?"

"I don't want to put you in any danger, there are men who're searching for me like hawks, they trace my each and every action. I don't have a privacy, Emily 'cause wherever I go, I find even my soul stalked by those monsters. Nothing is hidden from them. You'll all be in danger because of me-"

"Who're these men, Rose?! Did they hurt you?! Are you okay!? Tell me-" I gripped her arms with force, shaking her in urgency and concern but Rose looked lost in her own thoughts. She was in a trance.

"Whoever loves me will always die." She cupped my cheeks with her both hands and I saw her eyes raging in a dark storm as a lone tear trickled down her face. "And I don't want anything to happen to you. Or to any of my friends. I've worked too hard to keep those men finding anything about my past life, Emily. Please don't ask me anything anymore."

"Pl..ease.." She whispered to me, her voice trembling with emotions and my heart ached with an unbearable pain, seeing her in this state.

"Shhhh. I won't ask anything, I promise. But just tell me what're you here for and whose men I should stay away from?"

She lifted her gaze to look at me, her eyes swollen red with unshed tears.

"Those men are dangrous, Emily. Never go near around them. That's why I'm more worried. You'll have been more protected and safe with Edward. They don't go after powerful and armed people. But I know I can't ask you to go back now 'cause that would be very selfish of me."

"But still, why did you come back suddenly!? What is that thing you're after, Rose? You have to tell me now. I can't see you in such a vulnerbale-"

"You want to know that?"

"Yes I do. Please tell me. I swear I won't tell a soul-"

"I'm searching for my mom's grave, Emily."

"What!" I snapped my neck to look at her, my eyes bulging out of my sockets but I didn't find Rose anywhere. She was out of my sight before I could even comprehend her revelation.

Hurriedly, I made my way towards my window and peeked from above to see her climbing down the pipes, her sombreness returning back as usual as I wondered how there could be her mom's grave, anywhere around the city...

Or around anywhere.

When she was very much alive at present.


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