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Stay With Me - 1 - Synopsis

He sharply observes me with stern face...
"Just wait and see how will I make your life a hell, you don't know, but you have messed with the wrong person.. dear...." he slowly steps towards me, twitching his lips dangerously and eyeing me with anger. I step backwards until my back hits the wall, gulp my saliva down, my breathing is enormously heavy, I am really confused that it is my sweat or tears as they are dripping down from the face to my lips giving my mouth a salty taste..... he approaches me in a moment, comes that much close that smell of his cologne hits my nose and I can feel his rhythmic warm breathing on my face, he cages me between his arm against the wall.. my hands are clenched in a fists thinking what would his next step be?

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This is a story of a 20 years old girl, though being a daughter of millionaire, she has been grown up in the village, between limited resources, far far away from dazzling city life.

One day she has to move to the metro city for the treatment of her care taker, but she is unaware of the fact that this is the city where her past is buried, That's the reason she is unaware of the danger looming on her.

Demise of her only relative gives her life a big turn, one by one truth starts uncovering in front of her eyes and as if it is not enough, she encounters with a boy, who is son of billionaire and top businessman but spoiled jerk.. their fate is entwined in such a way that circumstances bring them together for marriage..

Now they both are bound to each other against their own will.. so will they carry on their journey as a husband - wife... will they both be able to accept each other beyond their own egos or will they turn into the enemies and call off their wedding...? ? ? What is the danger that obliges her to conceal her identity? ? ?

Read this novel to get all the answers. . . . . . . . .

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Hey guys!! So... how have you been all? .. I know I've taken much time but I have a full time job so it's being tough for me...

So this is my second novel, still I would like to say that I am not professional so please please ignore my mistakes...

Of course This story gonna be a love story but this would be different than the first one.. in this story I've tried to mix little suspense and thrill too.. well I really really hope that you will like it.. so please please read it..!!

This is just a synopsis.. I will try to publish the prologue as soon as possible..

Happy reading...