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Secret of Shiva linga - 6 - Deception in the smiling lips


Deception in the smiling lips

Generally, there are some unique features for each hill. If they ring a bell or chant the sacred hymns in a temple in the hill and offer worships, positive energy waves will spread all over that hill equally. Where this waves of positive energy are there negative forces cannot act upon there successfully.

In these hills people with negative thoughts will be in a state of confusion and will become totally inactive. That is not all depending on the intentions which arise inside their mind bad or good vibrations will reflect from them. For example, if a person with lustful thoughts stays in the hill, it will attract a lion or tiger towards them. These animals will also get attracted towards these people like an iron piece to a magnet.

How all these happen? Is there any scientific explanation to this? This is still to be explored!

There was a streak of light from Mooku Podi Siddha’s hut. He was sitting outside the hut and was taking snuff. The tribal people prostrated before him and offered things like snuff powder, betel leaf, nut, lime, rock salt, soap for washing clothes etc. in front of him saying that they brought it down the hill for him. He sat silent without any emotions and applied the holy ash on their foreheads and blessed them.

The black dog ‘Bhairav’ went and sat silently beside him. The tribal people introduced Raju to the Siddha and said “He came to worship here at the temple .Please allow him to stay in your hut tonight, he will leave tomorrow morning. He came here unaware of the facilities here …” saying this they left. Raju stood there staring at the Siddha. He also looked at him and smiled. He called him to come closer. He told him to sit there and went inside to bring water in a mud pot.

The taste of the water reminded Raju of the elixir he took earlier at his house.

He took it at one gulp.

The black dog barked at intervals.

He turned towards the dog and asked “Oh …you know him?” Raju was surprised to hear him speak as the tribal people told him that the Siddha will always remain silent.

“Ji… do you speak?” he asked.


“I thought you remain silent always…”

“I am not responsible for your thoughts.…” he said it very casually. Raju was a bit shocked and confused hearing his words.

“Tell me what made you come to this hill at this time of the hour ? What is your problem?”

“There are only problems in my life, Ji… mine is a big problem… let me share it with you and see if my burden reduces…”

Raju started telling him about what happened to Rajitha!

It was almost midnight…

In the same forest, Pavithran was lying down on a rock! His eyes were frequently on the lookout for someone. Now he could see Babu and some other people were approaching him. When they came near he was happy to note that the Siddha was not with them. The path way has become very muddy after the wind and rain.

When they came near the rock where Pavithran was lying down, he called Babu

.Babu turned back and looked at him.

“What sir, you are very late?”

“It is very difficult to walk in this hill at this time of the night and the path is also very… slushy!”

“Where is that Siddha, who was with you?”

“He left us in the place we met him,a very heavy rain and wind started there!”

“Okay… come this way. There is a cave here with a Shiva Lingam inside. Let’s sleep there and leave in the early morning.”

Pavithran started charting out his treacherous plan..

Innocent Babu was not that much smart enough to understand his plan.

“I started from the foot hill with a strong decision in my mind. They said this hill itself is a Shivalinga. God is there in every inch here in this hill. So, I surrendered everything to him and started this journey” saying this, he sat on a nearby rock to relax for a while.

The moon light fell directly on Babu and Bindu and the jewels they were wearing glittered like stars in the dark sky. Bindu was sitting near Babu.

She avoided looking at Pavithran’s face purposely. But this indirectly aroused and increased the lustful feeling inside Pavithran.

“Okay… come… let’s go inside that cave and relax there. The wind is blowing very strong” he said.

“There are no animals here… I suppose! “Babu said.

“What do you say… in that cave only a Siddha attained samadhi and the Shiva lingam is also there.…”

“Is it so! Then I should not miss it!”

“See there… it is there… follow me.”

Pavithran walked in the front showing them the way.

Those who came with Babu continued their journey without stopping there. Bindu followed her dad silently.

The sound of her anklet in the silent night with pricking chillness triggered the fire of lust in Pavithran.

Somehow they reached the cave.

Inside there was a small Shivalinga with a small mud lamp burning before it.The fragrance of pure sambarani was coming from somewhere. There was a small circle of light around the Shiva Linga may be a reflection of light from the walls of the rock.

Fresh forest flowers were seen here and there on the floor and on the Shiva Linga. On the rock above the Shivalinga, it was written ‘ayavihS amaN mO’ which in mirror writing can be read as ‘Om Nama Shivaya’.Babu could not understand anything.

“Why this mirror writing for God’s name?” asking so to himself, he sat on a flat rock in the front of the Shiva Linga. The chillness was too much to bear but his body adjusted to it after some time.

Bindu prostrated before the Lingam with folded hands earnestly and prayed.

When she bent forward to prostrate, her saree covering her chest moved a little bit and it ignited the fire of lust in Pavithran. He moisturized his lips.

Babu stretched his legs just to relax. He looked at his daughter and said, “ Bindu… you sleep, I don’t feel like sleeping ….”

“You can also sleep. You will not get such a nice place like this to sleep and relax during this time. Pavithran said.

“It’s okay. I am used to this but my daughter is not like that…”

“Yes, I understand. Still, I feel like laughing thinking of your funny faith …”

“What is there so funny about it?”

“I am asking you … Do you really believe that your daughter will get married if you come here?.”

“Yes,that is what that Nadi astrologer told.”

“Do you watch movies…?”


“Nothing… because in movies only all these will happen. They show that the God will appear all of a sudden from nowhere and bless his devotees. Only if they cook up such stories, the movie will run successfully. But in reality…”

“Some movies also show real life incidents as stories…!.”Babu said.

“I don’t know. I am roaming around this hill for more than thirty years. I have seen many people who cheat others in the name of God and God doesn’t punish them at all. They are all living nice and enjoying their life.”

“I don’t think like that… my daughter wrote ‘Om Saravana Bhava’ for more than one crore times because of that only we came to know about this Nadi astrologer. She went to a nearby Muruga temple and worshipped there fasting for forty eight Tuesdays without break and as a result only now we are here on this hill. Lord Muruga will never deceive us. You said you have not seen any miracle happening in this hill for the past thirty years, you will see that happening in the case of my daughter…”

Babu spoke with confidence. In between the hands of tiredness took over him and he yawned.

“Anyway… let me also lie down and relax for some time…”

“If you want to go out to attend nature’s call, you may go now, come back and take rest peacefully,…”

“That is a good idea…” Babu got up and went out. Pavithran followed him. Bindu looked up and tried to sleep with one of her hands as a support resting her head on that. She covered herself completely with her saree.

Pavithran’s mind started planning the next step he has to take swiftly.

Babu stood in a dark place under a tree and attended the nature’s call.

“Sir… please come this way… there is a small stream here to wash your feet…” he said.

“Is it…” he went behind him in the moonlight. Pavithran stood up on a rock and called Babu there.

“What is this…why you are standing on that rock?”

“Come here… if you stand here and look from here, you can see a very beautiful moonlit night view of the temple…” he called him cunningly.

“Is it…” believing his words Babu climbed the rock with much difficulty. Standing next to Pavithran, he looked at all the four sides of the hill and told him that he could not see anything but only darkness everywhere.

The next moment Pavithran pushed down Babu with all his might …

Down the hill there was a deep valley which no one knows how deep it is. You won’t even find your bones if you fall… Babu fell into it with a loud scream.

Bindu who was inside the cave woke up as if someone called her ….

It is said that even in the smiling lips sometimes you can find the tint of deception.

Pavithran came inside the cave with a smile.

His eyes disclosed his intentions…..

Bindu could understand this to a certain extent, she looked for her dad behind Pavithran. How could this rogue came inside all alone ….?

“da… da… dada…” she called.

Pavithran smiled rudely.

“Your dad has gone to a place where he can never return. I only sent him there. ‘This whole hill is God itself. In every inch, God is there ‘that is what your dad said. Let that God come and save him if he can … you wrote ‘Om Saravana Bhava’ for one crore times is not it?. Now I am going to abduct you from here. Let me see if that God will come and save you…?”

While saying this he tried to embrace her. Bindu was shocked and tried her best to push him away. It was very hard for her with her strength. Anyway, when there is a fight between lust and justice, only the justice will win always. She pushed him hard in such a way that his head hit a nearby rock with force. She ran out from there unaware of where she is going, she ran and she ran … !

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