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Secret of Shiva linga - 3 - In search of the Siddha


In search of the Siddha

Because of the hidden secrets in the hills, Siddhas preferred to live on hills than in plains. They were able to control and manage their minds in the hills miraculously. And because of the unique radiations prevailing in the hills even medicinal plants grew well there. Pon Uthiyur hill is well known for its balanced climate. There are many hills in every corner of this world which are very greenish but Pon Uthiyur hill is very special because of the power of the gravitational force that prevails there. There are many unique and rare medicinal herbs which grow there which are not available anywhere else. Only a Siddha could recognize it.

The doctor was completely stunned to see Rajitha. She was standing very strong and healthy in front of him. She had combed her hair beautifully and was not even keeping quiet for a second. She was very busy meddling with the books on doctor’s table and was playing with the stethoscope placing it on her dad’s heart.

“Raju… really this is a medical miracle…a wonder… I don’t know what to say…”

“What are you saying doctor… I could not understand .”

“There is no sign of cyanide in your blood reports. No such content is found in your urine and motion too. I cannot simply believe that you have consumed cyanide.”

“No doctor. I am sure that we ate cyanide only. Only my wife and I know the struggle we went through before that…”

“Maybe, it is something else that is similar to cyanide.”

“No doctor… That is why I showed you that cover.” – When Raju reminded this, the doctor went inside and brought a cover which was made of silver-coated aluminum foil paper. The contents showed that it contains two grams of cyanide with all the caution messages and a statutory warning symbol. Inside that cover on a corner, a small piece of cyanide was there. He washed that cover in a glass of water wearing hand gloves. He stared at the cyanide dissolved in water. He brought some sugar, mixed it in that water and he went out of his clinic to pour it in the drainage there. After half an hour, he went back there again just to find to his astonishment that more than ten cockroaches and many flies were found dead there. He came back and looked at Raju who was waiting and said, “Raju… you were the only three people in this whole world who survived after consuming cyanide. I am sure that, some miracle has happened. Not just that… there are many changes in your daughter’s blood too. The difference between the red blood cells and the white blood cells have changed significantly and the count has also increased.”

“How is this possible doctor?”

“I think… If my guess is right, there must be something in that elixir.”

“It was given to us by that Siddha.”

“Who is he?”

“He is a Nomad, a celibate, who roams around. But a very good human being. He does Yoga, meditation and lives like a Siddha.”

“Like a Siddha…?”

“Yes, doctor… he used to visit the Siddhar hills frequently. He gave us this elixir saying that he is bringing it after performing abhisheka for the Shiva Linga there.”

“Wah re wah!... So, the secret lies in that Shiva Linga only. Can I see that Siddha?”

“Why not! I can go and get him immediately.”

“Please go and get him first. I am sure now that we have found the right medicine for your daughter. She can be cured without any doubt.”


“Yes… I feel your daughter has started recovering from her unknown disease. In fact, I believe that even if you and your wife had any health issues earlier that also would have been sorted out by now because of that elixir. What you ate is not poison, it is an elixir that can nullify the effect of a poison. If something can make cyanide lose its power, then how powerful that elixir should be…?”

Raju was immersed in the waves of joy for a moment when the doctor was saying this.

“Doctor……I hope this is not a dream?”

“It is true only. Go and bring that Siddha to me first…”

Raju left the clinic with joy immense.

When Raji heard what the doctor said she stood like a statue.

“What Raji…you are not able to believe this?”

“Yes, Raju, I am also not able to believe this. Just now the house owner came and left. He saw a dream last night. In that, he saw that three of us were dead after consuming poison. The whole street came to know about this and everyone was finding fault with him. He was disturbed so much by that dream. What we did originally last night, he saw it in his dream.

As soon as he woke up, he came rushing to me. Because you went to the doctor I got stuck here. ‘Please don’t take any such wrong decisions. You can give the rent whenever you can’ I could not understand why he said this and left so fast…”

“It is true, Raji… the fortune-teller’s words came true. As he said good times are ahead for us. Okay… where can we find that Siddha now?”

“Normally he used to sit under that neem tree at the end of our street…please go and check he may be still there.”

“I already checked there Raji while coming. He was not there.”

“Then search for him. For us he is the only god whom we can trust now…”

She joined both her palms together and prayed earnestly thinking of the Siddha. Raju went outside in search of the Siddha.

Rajitha was running around busily in the street playing with the neighborhood children in the street at everyone’s surprise!

Raju could not find the Siddha anywhere else despite his efforts to find him in the burning sun.. Whomever he asked they said, ‘I saw him just now near that house…! He was here only…! But no one could tell him exactly where he is!. Only one person said, “He told me that he may go to the Pon Uthiyur hill today. Maybe, he might have gone there!”

“Where is Pon Uthiyur hill? “Raju asked.

“Don’t you know about Pon Uthiyur hills…like lalettan for malayalam movies it is Pon Uthiyur for hills…” when he told that Raju got wild and felt like slapping him at once. He controlled his anger and asked “I asked you where is that hill, please tell that directly. Why are you connecting lalettan and mamookka here unnecessarily…”?

“You can go via Erode and Kangeyam. Thousands of people go there during the full moon and new moon day to worship the Kongana Siddhar there…” he said.

Raju enquired with curiosity , “What this Siddha is doing there?”

“What are you talking? Is he going to a toddy shop or to a prostitute’s house ? There is a sacred cave there and many Siddhas live there. Don’t you know that at this age, anyone will go to such sacred places only.”

“That’s fine. But my doubt is that why he is going to that particular hill?”

“Not like that bro… When there are so many singers in Kerala for that mesmerizing voice we listen to K.J.Yesudas … Similar to that it is. There can be thousands of caves and hills. Pon Uthiyur hill is very unique. It is a herbal forest. When we inhale the air there, half of our diseases will vanish.”

When he said it is a herbal forest, his mind like a magnet attracted only those words ‘herbal forest’ immediately.

‘Herbal forest… herbal forest…’ his mind repeated it like a mantra.

‘Maybe some rare herbs from that forest has gone into Rajitha’s blood through that elixir and has started healing her!’

Raju felt that he has found a solution for all his problems.

When he returned back home, he was shocked to find that Rajitha was again lying on the bed.

“I don’t know what happened. She is back again on the bed. She is having that headache again and also a blackout …” Raji said.

“What are you saying Raji… I thought she is feeling better now…”

“I also thought the same. Okay, Do you know where that Siddha is now…?”

“What to say… he went off to Pon Uthiyur hills.”


“What do you mean by saying again? That is the place where he belongs to!”

“Yes. May be that is why he is always mentioning it as Siddha’s hill.”

“Now, Where will I go and find him?”

“Let us take Rajitha to the doctor first… look… again she has fainted!”

Raju picked his dear daughter and put her on his shoulder.

“You also come with me Raji…” they left in an auto immediately.