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The Secret of the Naga Forest - Episode 2 - On MB TV’s secret assignment

On MB TV’s secret assignment

Naga forest is a mystic forest, where very rare species of snakes are found in abundance due to the cool climate and the nature of the soil. It is believed that even the anacondas, which are found only in the amazon rainforest of the United States are seen here in Naga forest. Most of the researchers who involved in the research of snakes in the Naga forests died due to unknown reasons.

Some researchers were swallowed by mountain snakes and many lost their eyesight due to poisonous snakes spitting poison targeting their eyes. Generally researchers were very reluctant to come to Naga forest for doing research on snakes.

There are very rare herbs in this forest. The most important of them is the herb 'Netra Suri' which is a herb used for restoration of eye sight for those who were born blind.

In a maximum of sixteen days, it’s juice improves vision in the visually impaired.

Like that herb, there is a spinach called ‘Netra Sanjeevi’ in this forest which improves the vision!

Fort Cochin Beach !

The beach looked almost deserted as literally there were no one there at that time of the hour. Beaches once the favourite meeting place for lovers has become a quite neglected place by all now.

In the past, there were a lot of rafts and boats on the shore which helped the lovers to hide beside them and to forget the entire world. By the passage of time this also has changed.

Malls, mall movies and mobiles has started playing a vital role in love now.

The case is also same with parks!

In government parks dry grasses, plants and a clock tower which will never show the correct time has become the only attraction..

With all these thoughts Mohan was sitting alone in the fort cochin beach.

In his dream world he was riding in a white horse around a lake singing a love song with Mohini.

He was waiting for Mohini!

When he asked her to come to the beach over mobile she replied “Beach, no chance if someone see us then that it will be the end of our dream...”

Mohan went to a nearby shop and purchased some dark black chocolates for Mohini, while he was returning Mohini came in an auto.

She appeared very simple in a cotton Saree, with a brown leather bag across her chest. Perfect physique with good height. Slightly plump breasts. A nice light brown skin tone. Seeing her his eyes focused in her mid waist which is open, he felt like ants crawling inside his body.

It looked like she wore the saree a little down the waist purposely.

If asked, "Can’t you wear this saree a little up the waist?" She would have replied, “Why your eyes are always focusing there?”

“My eyes are so young and they could focus there only! " - He would answer.

“You little rascal, why can’t you control your mind?”

“Dear, It’s under control only but at times it goes mad seeing your beauty!”

He will reply.

Love squabbles…

Mohan’s mind was fully occupied with thoughts about the mysterious Naga forest. Mohini came and sat near him.

“Hey,Mohan,What is the matter - why did you asked me to take permission from the office and come here? "

“Will tell you, dear first take your favourite dark chocolate! "

“No, first I want to know why you asked me to come here…”

“Be patient dear, give me some time to explain everything!”

“Mohan, please understand my position, my dad is admitted in the hospital and I went to the office to apply for leave for some days, now I have to go back to the hospital immediately.”

“What happened to your dad, Mohu?”

"Dear, he fell unconscious in the bathroom, having a sort of dizziness often, Doctors say it is Cervical Vertigo.”

“Mohu, you didn’t tell me this when I called you... "

“Let it be, now tell me why you asked me to come? "

“Don't be shocked to hear this dear .. "Mohan hyped it up. He could see very clearly that exclamation mark on Mohini's face.

“Our director has given me a very special assignment. "

“What’s there in it for me to get shocked?”

"You will surely get shocked on hearing this assignment?"

“Enough hype, Mohan. come to the subject”

"Dear, I do not know why you look so tensed, hope we are still in a relationship.”

“Oh, God... Won’t you come to the subject direct?”

“Wait... you know super star Manolal, right?”

“Mohan, even a small kid knows him, what a silly question?”

“Right .. Do you know where he is now?”

“Why should I know?, Mohan... do you think that I’m a fan of him, who doesn’t have any other job?”

"You are acting very strange today ... I will come to the matter directly. Everyone believes that the super star Manolal is on a tour abroad, but he is here only and has been hiding himself somewhere and there is a mystery lurking behind his absconding and I am going to investigate on it." With twisted lips Mohini was listening to him staring at him quite differently.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

"Well ... an actor going abroad or being in the country, is it a mystery... and is it deserve an investigation by a popular channel like yours? "

“Mohu... you think a little ahead of others. You don’t think like others. Do you know that crores of rupees of the film industry remains frozen because of him. He can go anywhere and come and it is purely personal but my opinion is that there is no need for him to hide himself somewhere. Even if a normal X or Y is missing it is a news for us right?”

“Ok,if it’s like that, then there are more than thousand missing cases that are registered in the police station are you going to investigate all this?”

“We can't investigate all those cases. That's why we are a little choosy and go behind popular figures like Manolal!”

“Is it a good practice, dear?”

“See.... this is my official work, so I have to do... I told you that Manolal is hiding somewhere but never told you where he was hiding, right?"

“Ok, where he is now?"

“Good, at least you asked me one direct question..”

“Teasing me…?”

“Ha,Ha not like that Mohu. It seems like that he is hiding in the Naga forest…” The very next minute when Mohan said ‘Naga forest’, a slight shock flashed in Mohini's face.

“What happened, Mohu?”

“Did you said Naga forest?”

“Yes... Do you know that forest... have you heard about it earlier?”

“No, just today!”

“Who told you?”

“Today I went to the hospital to see my dad. Because of this test and that test, I blew about 10,000 rupees”

“Ok,dear, what it has to do with the Naga forest?”

"Mohan, please listen to me patiently for a minute. The doctor didn’t even looked at the scan in detail. He just spent only a minute to examine the scan reports! Just a glance at the scan and he put it back in the cover and said that the knee joints of my dad are weak. In particular, backbone discs are dislocated. He has to wear a neck belt and should be under the care of a physiotherapist and he prescribed some calcium tablets.”

Mohini continued…

“Doctor, you didn’t even examine the scan in detail and you are prescribing just some vitamin tablets why?”, I asked him. He got wild and said that he knows what he do and I need not advise him. He says that he recommended for the scan just to confirm his diagnosis. For him if the patient is having a pain then there is some problem with his health. I asked why I should pay 10,000 rupees just for this confirmation!”

“Mohu, I can understand your feelings but what it has to do with my investigation?"

“There is a connection, Mohan... understand first that I’m not such a girl to forget the topic and divert the discussion according to my whims and fancies.”

“Well, come on dear, then what happened…?”

“After that I had very heated arguments with that doctor. He got very much irritated and looked at me furiously.”

“What did you say?"

“I asked him why you are collecting this much of money for scan and test reports if you cannot do your job properly. He told me that he is discharging my dad from the ward and that I can take him anywhere I wish. That is why I told you that I have to return back immediately to hospital for the discharge of my dad from that hospital without any ethics. But one thing I decided in my mind I will find a way out for my dad’s disease. I searched and searched then I found about one Ramankutty a Siddha doctor but unfortunately he is also not available now "Mohini's lengthy sermon made Mohan sigh.

“Mohu...please come to the point, I do not have much time to spend with you!”

“Understood... I will come to the point. I believe that doctor has gone to Naga forest for collecting some herbs. My intuition says that the cure for my dad will be there in that forest ... "

“Ha,Ha ... finally, you came to the Naga forest topic. ”

“Naga forest is not a normal forest. I heard that it is a very dangerous forest.”

“Isn’t it normal for a forest to be like that? Danger can be there anywhere, what about it?”

“Please first listen to me...”

"Tell me, my angel ..."

“Do not make fun of me.I believe the name ‘Naga forest’ came because of the presence of snakes in that area. There can be a lot of anaconda like snakes roaming out there. The human body, in particular, should not get sweat. The snakes will come wherever you are in search of that smell of the sweat. “

“Darling... does the snake do have a nose and an ear? It has only eyes and mouth. Then the sense of smell, it’s the greatest strength for it”

“Look dear... I have read all this too. I do also watch the geography channel. I just wanted to tell you the things I know. I want you to be careful that’s why I tell you all these.”

“Dear, there is no chance for the existence of the Anaconda type snakes in the Indian forests . Climate, sufficient water resources and many other factors are a must for their survival. There may be some large mountain snakes here and there in that forest. "

“Anyway as you are going there, I hope you can get some medicinal herb to cure the disease of my dad…”

“My dear Mohu... I will return only with that medicinal herb. That is the only way by which I can get your dad’s consent for our marriage!”

“Don't blabber...we didn’t love after taking permission from our parents.”

“Hmm…I am a little afraid about our life after marriage, it seems like that you are a fighter for social justice and equality.”

"Why should I fight after marriage, I know well how much you love me."

“Mohu... I love you but that does not mean that I have to remain as a slave for you ever, I have got my own individuality.”

"Enough... won’t you look after me if I fall ill, suppose if I am paralyzed won’t you wash my dirt and keep me clean.”

“Stop, Mohu...I can't stand this anymore.”

“Okay, dear…take care. Let’s wait and see what change is going to happen in this mad world because of your investigation. "

Mohini saw him go without any emotions. Their meeting was more like two fighting cocks fight with each other than a lovers meet. Yet there was a particular joy in Mohini's face. As the beach plunged into darkness the curtain for shadow dramas of romance of couples on the sea shore slowly raised with the background music of the waves!