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The Secret of the Naga Forest - Episode 1 - Breaking News


Breaking news

Forests are the life breath of this world without forests the existence of the human kind or any form of life will come to a standstill. Forests are the sweet home for many varieties of rare trees, animals and birds. Among these forests about eighteen are very significant. In this eighteen, five are 'Kolli Hill, Chathuragiri, Pothigai hill, Nandan forest and Naga forest'. The Kolli forest is famous for the miraculous powers of the virgin deity Kolli pavai. The Chathuragiri hills which consist of four hills is believed to represent the four vedas. The main deity here is Lord Shiva. Pothigai forest is also known as Agastya forest was believed to be the abode of the Agastya a vedic sage. Nandan forest was the abode of Lord Sree Krishna. It is where the Pandavas came and stayed for a while. Next comes the Naga forest…

MatruBharti Network Limited(MB TV)Office!

Reporter Mohan was busy in preparing his latest report for ‘Sunday Film Bites’ on his seat. His intercom rang MB TV News Channel Director K.V.Menon was on the other end…

"Mohan, is that report ready?"

"It’s almost ready sir ..."

"By the by, there is a breaking news ..."

"What sir?"

"It seems like that Super Star Mano didn’t go abroad. He is somewhere here only."

“I suspected that. Do you know where he is, sir?”

“Do you know that he is having an estate in Naga forest?”

“Yes sir"

"There is a possibility that he may be there .."

"Then why he has lied that he is going abroad, sir?"

"There's a big mystery behind it that is what I feel, Mohan, why don't you investigate on it? We will get a sensational news.”

“Sure sir, I will go to Naga forest immediately. "

"By the by, another important thing ....”

"What sir?”

'There seems to be a high-level security around that estate bungalow. So you cannot go in there as a news reporter "

"I'm sorry… sir, but I will find some way to there.”

"That's good and do not forget to contact me immediately in case of any emergency.”

"Of course sir ..."

"Manolal is a superstar and you know that many producers are waiting in the que to get his call sheet. Because of his absence crores invested by the film industry on him has become stagnant. The ruling party is also worried about his recent interview with a leading newspaper regarding his political entrance. In this situation, if he is maintaining a low profile and hiding in his estate bungalow making the world believe that he is on a tour and abroad, then shouldn’t there be a mystery behind it? "when Menon briefed Mohan about what is going on and how important this news is for the film industry, Mohan’s mind was travelling in an imaginary world where he has already started the investigation about the Mano lal case.


"What Mohan?"

"Who gave you this information that he is there?"

"First you come to my cabin, we can discuss everything here direct!"

Mohan stood up from his seat and stated walking towards Menon’s cabin as fast as he can on the way he passed by co-reporter’s’ cabins and the news editors cabins and reached Menon’s cabin.

When he opened the door the fragrance of the ‘Brut Deodorant ‘which is the favorite brand of Menon welcomed him. In the cabin the portrait of Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai was there on one corner. Menon likes cleanliness and at the same time do not like if someone stands in front of him and talk. Mohan sat down in a chair before him. On seeing Mohan, Menon took his mobile and played a WhatsApp voice message for him to listen…

Dear Sir,

‘I watch MB TV regularly and is a fan of your ‘Sunday Film Bites’.

Recently I went for a trekking with my friends to the Naga forest. As we were all members of the ‘Manolal fan’s association ‘out of curiosity we went near our dear super star’s bungalow but the security who was on duty there behaved rudely with us and asked us to move away from that place immediately. When we watched through the grill gate we saw that a boy was playing with a ball which came over the gate and fell down before us.We took that ball and went to give it back to that boy but again the security was very particular in preventing us in not to go near the gate. The boy started crying and came near the gate we give him back that ball and he was very happy and asked “You have come to meet my grandpa? But he is always sleeping inside his room and not even permitting me to meet him.” We were really shocked to hear that.

A child won’t lie. So we are sure that our beloved Mano lal is there in that bungalow only. Sir, we are afraid that, may be his life is in danger! We fear that there is some mystery behind this we request you to bring out the truth about this through your channel at the earliest.’

Yours sincerely,

Manolal fan’s association

After listening to that voice message Mohan said, "Very interesting, Sir.”

“Mohan, I am very sure that some mystery is there behind all these and if we bring this out, just imagine about our TRB ratings!"

“It is true, sir ... I am leaving today itself, I will investigate on this"

"By the by, do not imagine that Naga forest is just like any other forests. I think it's good that you google a bit about that forest before you go”

"Oh, what’s so special about that forest, Sir?"

“That is the spirit young man! It’s a forest with people living with many superstitions. They believe that there is a Naga angel in that forest and that is why the forest known as Naga forest*.They also believe that there are a lot of rare snakes in that forest which carry a lustrous, shiny stone on their hoods which radiates blue light. They believe the possessor of such a stone is benefitted by wealth and his enemies are thwarted and he achieves fame and victory..."As Menon continued his story, there was a shadow of disbelief in his face and he smiled.

“Dear, I know the reason behind your smile, but what I said is the result of a brief study I have conducted on this subject. Believe it or not ... "

"Okay,Sir,anyhting more on this subject that I should know? "

"There is still a lot more...there is a group of ethnic people living in this forest .....they don’t leave this forest for any reason. They consider It is a big sin to go out of the boundaries of the forest. They also do not permit outsiders in their area. That much strict regulations they follow.”

"Sir, I think they still follow the old customs because of lack of education ..."

"That's true. But they hunt animals and climb trees like a professional.. They collect honey, herbs and fruits from the forest and sell them to make a living.”

“Sir, how do they sell all these products without going out of the forests? "

"They used to assemble in the forest border every week and barter the goods with traders like in the olden days.“

"Sir, didn’t our government do anything for their development ...?

"Mohan, do you know that for a street light in my area still I am fighting and how these people are going to climb all the hill to help these tribal..? "

"They might have been suppressed for a long time ... Isn’t that so?”

"It would be right if I say that they are being very submissive. Make a study about them too if you can. At Least we can bring them to the limelight”

"Of course, sir ... is there anything more, sir ..."

"Yes, Mohan. Now what I am going to say is the most important part."

"What sir?"

"Have you ever heard of the famous siddha doctor Ramankutty Vaidya ?"

"No, sir ....?"

“He is not a professional doctor…but is a great research scholar. "

"Did he find any new medicines?"

“He has found not one but many. People used to call him as V.I.P’s Doctor.”

“What happened to him, sir?”

“He has been missing for the past three months. He went to the Naga forest in search of some rare herbs on the last full moon day…”

“How did you know this, sir?”

"A channel director has got many sources to receive information that is not important now!"

"Okay, Sir ... Didn't his family go to the police to report this…?"

“Yes, they went to the police. An FIR has been registered. We know well ,what the police will do, they are searching and searching for him even today. The case of the missing Ramankutty is also another mystery worth investigating.”

"I'm getting very much interested in this investigation, Sir.”

“Dear, then show that interest in action. Find out whether Super Star Mano lal is in Naga forest, if he is there, then what he is doing there and why he is not in touch with the outside world. Mohan, we should be the first to tell this news to the entire world.”

"Of course sir .... "

"Remember always, a media person is not a police man.Think about your family before you act, do not take any unnecessary risk out of curiosity..."

"Sure sir."

“All the best. Before you go, please meet the cashier and collect the funds for your expenses, I have already informed them about this and make sure to keep in touch with me daily. "

"Definitely sir ... "

"Take care, Mohan ... "said Menon.

Mohan left the room..

In his cabin Mohan was already in a dream world in it, he has already reached the Naga forest. The thought that he is going out to roam around in a mystic jungle instead of being stuck under a concrete roof, where only the mixed smell of the sweat and room perfumes are dominating made him very excited and feel like this is a great escape from the regular routine!