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You and Me#Lets Begin# - 1

Pooja_Hey ,I feel attracted and want to connect with in Toto.Just you and me nothing in between.
Prashant an Orthodox boy thinking of her all time but was afraid to get her in this form was hesitant and so thought let's go deeper before culmination.

Prashant:Do we really need this in the way you are asking right now.We are just friends and sex is not what we should think about in this junctute.Let's have a session with our doctor and get out answer in proper format.What say ?I am very curious and had started masturbation by 12 and still feeling confused in this matter.

Pooja kissed him very passionately and not in a mood to talk .She said ..Will see and get out from Google but right now am feeling to make love and move with you.Believe me it's going to be memorable for us.
They are very close now and started foreplay to get that ectasy they want to have.

Sex is safe way to relieve stress and boost mental health even masturbation can reduce stress and anxiety as it release harmones which produce temorary mood boost.

It is seen sex can improve closeness and communication.Cuddling, kissing and gesture of love do the work.
Sex boost well-being and protective effect on cardiovascular health in women but high risk in men are also seen.Women having satisfied sex life have low incidence of high blood pressure in older women .Men with ageing need proper consultation from expert with drugs selection and regular follow -up.It is seen that rate of Prostate Cancer is low with high frequency of ejaculation in comparison to one who is having less than 7 times in a month.

Pooja and Prashant is feeling complete with each other and slept together under same cover with cares for each other.

Sex is natural way to relieve stress as intimacy raised Cortisol level in response to stress.Feel good Harmones such as Endorphin and Oxytocin have role in making Happy health through sex .

Sex leads to release of Oxytocin,Dopamine ,Endorphin throughout the body are responsible for good sleep .

Orgasm is key and we all want for sure as it release Prolactin which give feelings of satisfaction and relaxation.

'Orgasm 'is a poweful feeling of physicsl pleasure and sensation which include discharge of accumulated erotic tension.
Health benefits:
It release good Harmones and boost immunity.
Not always related with sexual stimulation.

Trans people are able to orgasm after reassignment surgery.

It brings mental and cognitive changes.
There are many models of Orgasm
Commonly practiced term are
Kaplan's Three Stage Model
Master and Johnson's Four -Phase Model.
In Kaplan's Model
Desire is key word.
In day to day practice sexual activities are seen without the desire part getting involved from both parties.

Prashant was feeling guilty as he had Premature Ejaculation and now want to discuss with his doctor.
He said sorry to Pooja and assure her to be better in next time .
Pooja was in love and so smiled back and said..
No worry 😊😊
We will find out the way to feel happiness together..

To be continued

Dr Anita

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