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So what do you do? asked Naziya.

You’ve asked a difficult question, laughed Arjun.

I’m a software engineer by choice and a writer by heart. 

Hmmm…...Interesting!! By the way, what do you write about?

Not much, just regular stuff from here and there. Sometimes about battles of chaotic heart and mind and sometimes about romance. 

You speak in such a poetic manner. You’re a Software Engineer, doesn’t it bore you? asked a surprised Naziya.

Actually yes, I get tiresome in front of the computer screen. But you know naa, that we all have to do something-for-a-living. And writing is always in my heart which has fascinated me from the begining. Being able to say so much in a few words and moments. Now-a-days I'm writing a book also.

Wow!! that's great. So have you completed it? asked Naziya.

No, No!! just started it, laughed Arjun. Won’t you tell me something about yourself?

Making people look good, that’s what I do. I’m a fashion designer. Honestly, I love writing too. I’m a fashion blogger. I used to write for a fashion magazine when I was in college. As you can say, writing is my hobby.  Slowly and gradually, my interest grew and here I am. 

By the way, are you living with your parents, naa? asked Arjun. 

No, No, I'm living in a P.G. Basically I'm from Lucknow. My family living there. I'm here to fulfil my dreams.

That's so much interesting.

And what about you?

Actually, my story also is not differ from you. My family live in Delhi. Mom, Dad, a younger sister and I. 

Wow!!! Small family!! Happy family!! Laughed Naziya.

I've two sister and two brother. All are married except me because I'm the youngest one, she chuckles.

Wow!! So big family. When all would have gathered together then you wouldn't feel bored, right!!


Hey!! Arjun, I didn’t realize how much time went by, with you. It’s getting late. I gotta go home. 

It was nice meeting you, Naziya.

Me too, Arjun.



A beautiful meeting that my heart says should happen again and again, says Arjun while in his bed. He was thinking of her. Why I like to spend time with you, Naziya? Why I feel relax when you are with me? Why I get disturbed when I see you in trouble? I'm complete with you. My eyes keep on searching only for you when I'm waiting for you at the cafe. 

They were first met at Barista café . 

It’s two months back. It was Naziya's favourite place. Whenever she wants to live some moments with herself, she used to reach here. She usually used to book her seat near the window from where she used to sight the sea view. It was her favourite seat so she already used to book it. It used to give her relief and pleasure. 

Every weekend her footsteps automatically lead to this Cafe. Because this was not just a place for her, it was an amazing world where she could listen amazing stories of budding writers, or beautiful song's playlists. Not for her but for every visitor who comes here, this place was nothing less than a paradise. 

All types of Coffee are available here; Espresso, Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte, Cold Brew, Iced Espresso and many more. In summer she used to prefer mostly cold coffee. But in rainy season she prefers sometimes Espresso or sometimes Cappucino or Latte.

By hands wrapping around a warm and soothing coffee she enjoys the rainy season through her window seat. 

But that day the staff booked her seat to someone else by mistake and it was not a coincidence. Actually the universe wanted to introduce Naziya to someone special. A lot was about to change in her life- a new chapter was about to start.   

It has been drizzling since morning. The air had been dust-free, clean and fresh. Naziya parked her scooter in the parking area. She breathed a great gulp of wet, fragrant air and sighs. She liked the rainy season pretty much. 

When she enters the café, she sees someone is sitting on her seat. He was Arjun. 

She got astonished and came to him. Excuse me, this seat is mine. But he didn’t listen because he was listening music on his earphones. She again says but he was completely involved in writing something. Then she extracts out earphones from his ears in anger. 

What’s the……………furious Arjun, by this Arjun’s concentration broke. But when he looked up, Naziya was standing in front of him. 

Sorry!! He then got up and said.

Actually, this seat is mine, said Naziya, she crossed her arms against her chest. 

But I’ve already booked this. And if you haven’t any problem then you can sit here, he tilts his head slightly.

No thanks, she says a bit sharply. She cast him an irate look and went to another seat. Actually she was upset that she couldn’t see the rain through the window. 

Arjun was surprised about why this seat is so much important to her. I think I should go to her and tell her that she can sit here. I'll sit anywhere. 

He got up and came to her. I'm sorry if I’ve bothered you. You can sit there, I don’t mind, he says in a soft voice. I think it’s important for you to sit in that window seat. 

What is your problem, Mr!!! When I said no. Means no, she said harshly. 

Okay, okay, take it easy. Cool down, Ma’am, saying this he went back and sat down back in his chair.

Unbelievable!! He took a sigh of relief. 

After that they often bumped into each other. Gradually their quarrelsome began to subside. 

Love started blooming in the café. Cafe became a hotspot for their meetings. She used to make sketches while waiting for him. And he would also writing poetries or something while waiting for her. 

Both of them would have done their own work before each other's arrival. And they woul talk about here and there while drinking coffee. It happened for some days. 

And the day had come when both of them had to meet each other at a party other than cafe where they got to know about each other. It was a reception party of their common friend whom both were met in the cafe itself. He had insisted both them to gone to Goa where his destination wedding was but because of their busy schedule both refused to go.