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New Start of Lovestory - Trailer

This is the story of romance couple Vikram and Ahana, but fall in love with each other unknowingly.
Ahana young cute and beautiful girl, Ahana join as nurse at Pinka hospital.Vikram a rich businessman and a successful doctor at Pinka Hospital.
Dr.Vikram with Diya at her home having talk, Diya and Vikram was dating her. But he suddenly wakes up from his dream due his phone rings. Dr.Vikram was sitting on chair and eyes were closed, it was night time and he was taking a short nap. Dr.Vikram sees its Ahana calling to him. Dr.Vikram remembers he has to pick up Ahana from pub because she was on date with a guy.
Ahana was in pub and with guy was dancing on dance floor. Ahana was enjoying the date. But he takes her to a side and asked Ahana to come close. Ahana was drunk and she was in her own world. But she feels seeing him that it’s Vikram. Ahana comes close to him and she hugs him.
That guy try to take advantage of her, he kisses her on her neck then slowly remove her sleeves of dress but then Ahana release that it was not Vikram. She tries to push him away and that guy forcefully tries to kiss her on her lips, but Vikram reach on time.
Vikram hits that Guy and says, “How dare you to kiss her with her permission?” That guy runs away, Ahana hugs Vikram and says, “Vicky…My Doc my friend…thanks for saving me. I love you…”
Ahana kiss on his lips and cheeks. Vikram was shock with her confession and he thought to drop her safely.
Ahana help a lady Aisha from her husband as he used to abuse here and her son want help so Ahana was helping by support of Vikram.
One day Ahana's mother came to meet Ahana and Ahana told about Vikram to her.
As she want her daughter should have good life partner that was Vikram.
Ahana says, “Mom, I have to confess something!” Her mother says “I know it’s about Vikram right.”
Ahana see her mother with shock and her mother says “Oh.. I know he proposed you that day night I was in the restaurant and, I was there and I saw you both close, he informed me first about it and I like him and know him well, he is good person and his is not like Ganny.”
Ahana with shock says, “But mom how means, you have no problem.”
Ahana’s mother says, “I know him before and want him as son-in-law firstly, when you where good friends. I know he is best for you but, your decision matters more, because you have to spent hold life with that person whom you want to marry and love is most important part so ever relation.”
Ahana emotionally hugs her and her mother’s eyes were full of tears. Her Mother says, “We will have grand wedding…”
Ahana says, “No mom, I want to do court marriage and we threw a party and we will invite only close friends, relatives and some colleagues.Please, I don’t want anything else.”
Vikram with flowers in hands and some sweets with chocolates, he comes and says“As you wish I have no problem.” The door was open so Vikram came inside.
Ahana see Vikram and get happy.
Ahana with anger asked, “What are you saying?”
Suddenly, some day later the man on call said, “You know me well and I want to kill you but that your lovely husband saved you.” Ahana with hesitating voice “Means….means… You are Ku..ku..Kumar.”
The man says on call, “Yes, right if you want Aisha, Vikram, Tammy and my daughter-in-law Kamini to be safe come. Then come to meet me at old house where you used to live without informing anyone okay and their surprise for you, bye!”
Kumar disconnect the call. Ahana gets in shock to listen and sit down on the floor with shock.
Ahana goes in the house and sees Vikram is standing with cops, there is something happened? Then she goes near to see and she sees her mother is lying down in floor and she is murdered. She thinks Rakesh and Sumit showed the orginal video on the mobile.
Did Kumar kill her mother or it’s a trap for Vikram and Ahana?
How they both will come out of this danger situation?
What must be the reason behind this situation sudden changed?