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Unknown Love - Episode 44 - Last part

Rajveer goes to talk to doctor, doctor tells Rajveer about Anishika's condition. Rajveer get upset, he walked out of the hospital with tensed feeling. Rajveer saw a mandir and go there to prayer to God for Anshika's wellness.
Three months later, Rajveer was making ready to Ansh for school as it was morning time. Sarika call them for breakfast and they all have together. Rajveer say with smiley face, "Mom...you please drop Ansh and I am going to hospital then for the duty."
Ansh say with cute face, "Rajveer Uncle... I also want to meet Anshika anuty... please I don't want to go to school today please...!"
Sarika say with concern, "Rajveer please don't say him no...see Ansh go and change the clothes."
Rajveer looks towards Sarika with annoyed look .
Sarika say with emotional feeling, "Rajveer, I feel this three months was hard for him and you. Please you daily make new reason to avoid to take him. Please...I know but what if some change for Anshika...I want to say that if she respond to his talk...!"
Rajveer say with sadness, "Mom...I have no problem to take him with me to hospital, but if he get scared seeing Anshika in unconscious state?"
Sarika say with low voice, "Okay! As you wish...!"
Sarika walks towards the kitchen and Ansh comes running towards Rajveer. Rajveer take him with him to the hospital.
They reach to hospital, Rajveer's phone rings he sees it's Aditya calling him. Rajveer receive the call and Aditya tells him about his engagement with Dr.Kaira. Rajveer congrats him and say him that he try to attend the ceremony if possible.
Ansh insist him to take him to Anshika now, Rajveer with hesitation take him to special ward where Anshika was admitted.
Ansh enters to ward and Ansh seeing Anshika unconscious state he get questioned, then he asked Rajveer why she is not speaking to him.
Rajveer tells him that she is sleeping and Ansh runs to wake up her and say with cute voice, "Anshika anuty please wake up...I am waiting from long time to meet you and talk to you. You know I want to show something to you but you where busy in work and now got ill, Rajveer uncle told me. Anuty, Rajveer uncle is good and taking good care but Dad told me to give you that surprise when I meet you!"
Rajveer get emotional and turns back then he swipes his tears. Rajveer remembered his old good memories with Anshika.
Rajveer say in the mind, "Anshika please wake up I want you and I can't see you in this situation...I can't handle Ansh alone as I don't have answers of his question. I miss you and I missing to fight with you and I love you very much! Please wake up...!"
Suddenly, Anshika's condition get serious and Ansh get scared. Rajveer tells nurse to call doctor immediately.
Rajveer pickup Ansh in his arms and take him out of ward, doctor comes then check Anshika.
Doctor get clamed seeing change in Anshika's condition and comes out ward to tell Rajveer.
Rajveer gives his mobile to Ansh and tell him for sometime play game on it. Ansh get happy and play game on the mobile.
Rajveer see Doctor came from the ward, he asked doctor what happened?
Doctor say with smiley face, "Rajveer, congratulations Anshika respond to Ansh's talk, right. I saw as I was going for the round sometime before. Don't worry soon she will gain conscious. Your and Ansh's love for her make her come back."
Anshika gain conscious after some days but she was in shock, as she feels because of her Ansh got orphan. Rajveer notice her behaviour, Ranveer-Kashish come to meet her to hospital. Anshika say with sadness, "Hello, hm...!"
Ranveer say with concern, "Hm...this Rajveer Sir serious about you really we all suggest to leave you as you danger zone. But he said he loves you and never leave you alone. I told don't do this mistake as you are mad and stubborn childish girl...!"
Ranveer try to change her mood by teasing her but she say, "Ranveer, I am problem for all see that Ansh got orphan and Rajveer is suffering from pain due to me...!"
Rajveer listening to this say loudly with annoying feeling, "No...you are not problem Anshika. Ansh wants you and we all love you. See we can't change your past but present, future we can change. Your family wants to see you happy and healthy. Ansh needs a mother care that you can give... remember that Nile took promise from you. Rajawat uncle and Ayesha Aunty, Avinash that's your family. Vikram and your family got justice other families who got suffered because of them,they also got justice because of you. Your not a problem your are the fighter and reason of happiness."
Ansh comes running towards Anshika and gives her tight hug. Anshika get emotional and see Rajveer step out of ward with pain.
Kashish say in low voice, "I think Rajveer Sir is right, Ranveer and I got married officially Anshika, that because you make us realise feelings for each other and Rajveer Sir make our relationship offical. Siya and Kavi also got married officially and they are going to get parents soon. Next week is Dr.Kaira and Aditya's engagement ceremony." Anshika feels happy for them, Ranveer asked her to think again what Rajveer said.
Anshika say to Ranveer with naughty smile, "RV, I want to get discharged from the hospital and I want to plan a surprise for Rajveer listen to it carefully...!"
Ranveer-Kashish get excited and inform to Aditya and Dr.Kaira in their engagement ceremony a small surprise for Rajveer is planned, is they having problem to participate in it .
Dr.Kaira respond it positively and Aditya also support as their best friend needs help.
Anshika get discharged from hospital but she was still little weak now also needs to rest but she feels she cannot make Rajveer more hurt. Now as it is important to her to confess her love feelings for him.
At engagement ceremony, Dr Kaira and Aditya get engaged and suddenly Ansh asked Rajveer to come with him.
Ranveer say with attitude, "Really, Rajveer now also need formalities...!"
Anshika suddenly arrives on the wheel chair and say, "RV yaar, Rajveer is really a dumbo guy...Ansh come here. Rajveer now also sad and upset...! Oh...offo I have to say it...Ansh what you say?"
Ansh winked his left eye and gives naughty smile. Anshika say with mischievous smile, "Oh... Rajveer I love you, yaar! Dad and Mom, Avinash...see I am ready but he is not. Sarika anuty your son is dumb and...ah...ah my headache!"
Rajveer with panic feeling runs towards her and say, "You need rest Anshika and I... love... you! Now okay...! Means headache was a prank. You and Ansh are same only age difference!" Anshika gives smile and winked her eyes and Rajveer gives her a tight hug.
Rajawat say with emotional feeling, "Rajveer take care and protect her. Sorry that time I..."
Avinash interrupt their talk and say to forgot the past pain and start with new hope with happiness.
Anshika say to Rajveer can they adopted Ansh as their child. Rajveer agree her wish and Anshika say to Ansh from now they are his parents. Ansh get happy and give a hug to Anshika.
Everyone was happy Anshika got normal and Ansh gives her the papers of her house with some pics to her. Anshika seeing that get emotional and the pics of her house. Rajveer say, "He told me and I visited your old house everything is fine and designed same way as before it was!"
Anshika get happy and hugs Ansh. Rajveer and Anshika get married.
After some years, they became parents Anshika gives birth to a girl child. Rajveer get happy and give her name Radhika. Nash was happy as he got normal life abd now he has became the elder brother. Anshika-Rajveer get happy for Ansh as he got sister to play with him and he is happy with them.
Avinash got married to his secret girlfriend Soniya, Rajawat-Ayesha was happy as their children got good life partners.
Harsh also got married to Jiya, as they both date each other for time pass when then they fall in love and got married with family acceptance.
Anshika and Rajveer works together in same office and had a normal life.

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