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Unknown Love - Episode 43

Rajawat and his team take Anshika and Rajveer to hospital.
In hospital, doctors treats Anshika and Rajveer, but Anishika's condition was getting getting worst and critical.
Doctor comes out of operation threater, doctor seeing Rajawat say, "Rajawat Sir, I told about her condition to you that she can't handle stress... Rajveer is stable and soon he will gain conscious but... Anshika is saved from the danger but she in coma."
Rajawat, Ayesha get shocked. Avinash asked about is there chances of recovery again... Doctor say with sadness, " Avinash, see some days ago she gained her memory back but this time so got badly hurt on head, blood loss then this time injury is deep. As, I know her personally she knows to fight but this time recovery chances are less. But let's hope good and prayer to God for her good health. I am shifting her to ICU... excuse me!"
Ayesha say with pain, " No...no God please save her...I lost my son not now daughter... please don't make her so much suffer that little boy Ansh needs her. Rajveer is her love he can't leave without Anshika... please we all want her back... Rajawat now what we will say to Rajveer!"
Rajveer's mother Sarika say, "Oh... God that girl is really a brave and my son loves her please save her. Rajawat and Ayesha don't worry I have faith on God he will save her and she will get normal soon."
Rajveer was admitted in the special ward, Rajveer was unconscious lying on the bed but suddenly movement in his body.
Rajveer suddenly wake up and shout, "Anshika... Anshika...my love she is in danger...she needs me...!"
Rajveer get up from the bed and removes the saline, walks towards out of the ward.
But he was having problem in walking as he was also badly injured.
Rajveer comes out of the ward and see everyone in tension and that little kid Ansh crying and looking scared.
Kavi was discharged as he was little recovered and Siya was with him at home. Harsh and Aditya,Dr.Kaira was also reach there to hospital to see Rajveer and Anshika. Rajveer say to Harsh to take care of Ansh for sometime. Rajveer tell them to take Ansh to his special ward were he is admitted.
Rajveer walks towards Ranveer and asked about Anshika.
Kashish say in low voice, " Rajawat Sir and Ayesha anuty... Sarika anuty Rajveer Sir...has come now what to say?"
Ranveer hugs Rajveer and with hestiation say, " Rajveer... Rajveer... Anshika... Our Anshi is saved but... she...is... in coma!"
Rajveer say with smiley face and gently push him away, " What yaar forget about her surprising idea. Previously also she made us fool and scared this time also same way...!"
Ranveer say by holding his arms, "Rajveer...this time she is really...in coma condition...!"
Rajveer ingore his talk and seeing his mother Sarika , Rajawat, Avinash and Ayesha, "Muma ...you know we just got engaged and she promised me that she...ah...ah...!"
Rajveer sit down on the floor as his feel like pain in head.
Sarika say with tears in eyes and pain, "Veer... Ranveer is saying is true her condition is not good and doctor told chances of getting normal is less."
Rajawat say with sadness, " Rajveer doctor told about her health condition is weak but you can break up with this relationship as there is no guarantee...dear!"
Rajveer say with anger, " Sir... please and Muma she is fighter and yes, I don't like her childish behaviour...but I love her a lot and Sir for me this relationship is important... Ansh needs her. I need to talk to doctor now!"

What would happen next episode?