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New Start of Lovestory - Episode 12

Vikram stood beside Ahana in temple, wondering why on earth he’d agreed to this. She’d given him an out, had offered to be dropped off and picked up in an hour when the service was over. Honestly, that was exactly what he’d considered before Ahana mentioned it.
But Vikram hadn’t taken the chance to skip out. Instead, here he was, attending temple in the first time in over a year. His sister had dragged him to services whenever possible back in Malvika house, but after moving to Moti Lake, he hadn’t bothered.
When Ahana had mentioned that she couldn’t force him to believe in God, he’d relaxed his guard. Vikram loved his sister, Kamini, but she was constantly preaching at him, trying to get him to buy into every one of her beliefs. Instinctively, the more she pushed, the more he’d backed off.
Vikram picked up the book and found the opening prayer. One thing he’d rather liked about the temple services was the music. It occurred to him now just how much he’d missed it.
As the organist began to play, they rose to their feet and began to sing along. His baritone was a bit rusty, but he soon got into the rhythm.
Vikram caught Ahana’s pleased smile as she joined him in singing along. Her arm lightly brushed his, and he kept his eyes centered on the book, pretending not to notice.
Even though he did.
The Piyush was younger than she’d anticipated. Vikram hadn’t expected to enjoy the service, despite Ahana’s glowing praise of Piyush Jha, but since the theme of the sermon today was forgiveness, he found his attention riveted on the pastor’s words.
Piyush Jha paused for a moment and then read, “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses .”
The passage struck a chord deep within. He’d remained so angry with Rubika after the way she’d destroyed his reputation at the University Hospital in Bela nagar. Telling his boss and the hospital leadership that he’d sexually harassed her when, in fact, Ahana was simply upset because he’d broken off their relationship. She’d cost him his job. No matter how much he’d tried to deny her allegations, Vikram knew there was no way to recover from the stigma.
It was her word against his, and he’d lost. Big time.
Shaking off the past, he focused on the prayer. According to Piyush Jha, if he wanted to find peace, he first had to cleanse his soul. And that meant forgiving Rubika.
Could he really do that? Vikram knew he should, but saying and doing were two different things.
The organist began the closing book before he’d even realized the service was nearly over. And he was even more surprised that he hadn’t been watching the clock, the way he used to. In fact, he’d enjoyed the service.
“Thanks for bringing me, Vikram,” Ahana said softly. “That was exactly what I needed this morning.”
“My pleasure,” he responded. “Don’t tell my sister, but I liked it, too.”
Ahana laughed, and the sound reminded him of picnics at the beach. Or maybe that was just the last time he could remember being happy. Odd that he felt more lighthearted and relaxed around Ahana.
“How would you like to go out on my boat this afternoon?” Vikram offered. “I know the lake will be busy considering it’s the Memorial Day holiday, but we can still have fun.”
Her blue eyes glowed with excitement and surprise. “Oh, I’d love to do that. You have no idea how horrible it is sitting inside the apartment while everyone else is out having a good time.”
“Great. How about we grab some lunch and then head over to my place. Unless you need to go home first for some reason?”
“No, I’m fine.” Ahana blushed. “And I was thinking of stopping at Riama’s Café, anyway.”
“Riama’s Café it is.” Vikram was glad she’d agreed to come with him, even though he wasn’t exactly sure why he’d brought the idea up in the first place.

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