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New Start of Lovestory - Episode 16

Vikram glanced up from the grill when Ahana came out through the patio doors, his breath catching in his throat at the pretty sight Ahana made with her flowery skirt, her pink top and the soft smile that tugged at her mouth as she dropped into one of the deck chairs. “Salads are ready whenever you are,” Ahana announced. “And don’t worry, nary a tomato to be found in yours. Mine, of course, is loaded with them.”
His response was strangled in his throat, and he had to pull himself together with an effort. “Sounds great,” Vikram finally managed. “And how do you like your steak?” Vikram asked, trying to find his balance even as his thoughts raced. How had this suddenly turned into a date?
“Medium-rare,” Ahana said. “And let me guess, you’re the kind of guy who likes your meat to moo at you.”
Vikram couldn’t help but laugh. “Not me, I like my steaks medium-rare, too.”
They ate out on his deck, overlooking the lake, and Vikram couldn’t remember ever enjoying a meal more. When the sun set over the horizon and the mosquitoes came out, they reluctantly went inside. Since Ahana was on crutches, Vikram brought all the dirty dishes in and set them on the counter. Ahana tried to start the dishes, but Vikram shooed her away. “I have a dishwashing machine, there’s no reason for you to do them.”
“All right,” Ahana agreed. “It’s time for me to head home, anyway. Thanks for dinner, Vikram.”
“You’re very welcome,” Vikram said huskily.
Vikram walks towards Ahana and get close to her, He hold her waist tightly and Ahana hold his shoulder little tight. Ahana and Vikram see to each other and smile. Ahana closes her eyes and Vikram gives a naughty smile and take his face to her face. Ahana then gently kiss on his cheeks and Vikram kisses on her lips. Ahana get surprise with his kiss and kisses him with passionately with love feeling. Vikram shouts and says, “Ahana in which world are you, I said welcome…where you lost?” Ahana suddenly get surprise see was seeing dream with open eyes.
As much as he didn’t want her to leave, he knew that it would be best for him if Ahana did. He was already far too aware of her. And far too comfortable around her. “Do you need help getting out to the car?”
“Hey, I’m a pro with these things by now,” she said, propping the crutches beneath her arms. “Although you were right about the fact that crutch walking isn’t as easy as it looks. My arms are already tired and sore from one measly day.”
Vikram knew exactly what Ahana meant. “You’ll get used to it after a few days.”
“I hope so.”
Vikram held the door open for her so Ahana could make her way outside. The ride back to her apartment didn’t take long, another novelty of living in Moti Lake compared to Bela Nagar. All the streets in Bela Nagar led to the capital, which made traffic a total nightmare every day.
“Are you working tomorrow?” Ahana asked, breaking into his thoughts.
“Yes, are you?”
“No, I’m off one more day.” Was that a flash of disappointment in her features? It was difficult to tell in the dim light. For a moment, Vikrant considered asking one of his colleagues to cover for him so they could spend another day together.
Bad idea, Vikram told himself. Really bad idea. Besides, he’d see her the following night.
Vikram tried to find a neutral topic. “If your ankle isn’t better, get in to see your doctor. I still think you might need that MRI.”
“I will,” Ahana promised.
Vikram pulled into the parking lot of her apartment building and shut off the car so he could help her out. Of course, being Ahana, she was already trying to get out on her own.
Trying not to roll his eyes, he hurried around to assist. Ahana attempted to pivot on one foot and teetered to the side.“I’ve got you,” Vikram said, catching her before she could fall against the door. Her small frame fit into his arms perfectly, and suddenly, Vikram didn’t want to let her go.
“Thanks,” Ahana said breathlessly, her face buried against his chest.
Vikram stood, fighting against the desire to wrap his arms around her, drawing her even closer. But then Ahana pulled back a bit and tipped her head to look up at him. And he couldn’t seem to help himself.
Vikram lowered his mouth to capture hers in a tender kiss.

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