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No Policy In Love-Part 7-Pick Pocketer

Love is so blind that it just happens unexpectedly.
You may fall for anyone!
Would you let go of your policy if you fell for someone you shouldn't? What would you choose-your policy or your beloved?

“Oh, I’m sorry! I felt like calling you Kiku...Like when I get closer to someone, I start calling them Kiku so...Do bear it, Kiku…Sorry, Naomi Kiku…Sorry sorry, Naomi…sorry sorry sorry Naomi Dixit…”, explained he.

“Kiku…. Akshat. No no, I meant Kiku sir. Oh no I meant Akshat Kiku…oh my silly brains I meant Kiku Akshat. Uhhhh! You are making me mad”, confused I.

I released his hands as we laughed our hearts out. He revealed that he had found my address from my application form. He narrated that while he was just a little away from my house, he got down from his car to sip a cup of tea which had cost him a lot. He had dashed a guy at the inn by mistake who had mistaken him to be a pick pocketer. He chased him without giving up at all.

“I left the main road and ran into a street assuming that my predator would go astray. But there was more in store on the narrow little street. A cute little calf ran towards me. I then noticed the three street dogs barking intending the failure of their larynxes and following this poor prey”, continued he, after a deep sigh.

He concluded that he escaped from the battle of these animals and ran out of the street only to return to the hands of his predator who too wanted to save his life at that time. As the herd of animals ran behind him, he too followed Akshat.

“Running, running and running, I somehow managed to reach your street. I jumped into the fourth house and entered through the stairs behind”, completed he.

“Awesome adventure, Akshat sir!”, complimented I.

I managed to pull his flat cheeks and wondered at him with a higher pitch like that of a cute kid,” Aww! Akshat sir, what a donkey he was to suspect you to be a pick pocketer? You are so sweet and meek…”

He sighed and I released his cheeks. We then burst out another round of laughter.

“Fine, adventures apart. I want to tell you why I wanted to meet you face-to-face”, said he, coming to the point.

He commanded me to close my eyes and I obeyed, begging,” OK, but don’t tickle me again and make me dance. “He asked me if I trusted him and I nodded, smiling, with my eyes still shut.

“Tada! Open your eyes, Naomi!”, announced he.

I slowly opened my eyes; my curly eyelashes of the upper layer disentangling their neighbors of the lower layer. 

He was holding the admission letter up and right in front of me. It had the following content in black Times New Roman font and the principal’s seal at the bottom. It was a letterhead having ‘Janki University’ in dark red in the center at the top and the brown trademark on its bottom left corner. 

I read it out, “This is to inform Naomi Dixit that your request for transfer to the second year of Law at Janki University has been approved.”

I smiled inviting the widest dimples on my face, as I continued reading it, “You must submit your TC, migration certificate, photocopies of your tenth and twelfth mark sheets, and pay your annual fee of two and a half lakh at the admission office before the fifteenth of August.“

I took the notice in my hands. I touched the paper and confirmed that it was all real.

“And you must report tomorrow onwards to the second year ‘B’ section at sharp 8.30 AM for it's my class-your Criminal Law probation of offenders act class. Get notes from Vyomi or any of your new classmates and update the introductory sessions although you wouldn’t have missed much”, he instructed.

I nodded back in tears. He smiled at me, permitting,” Congrats Naomi! You can celebrate if you wish to…” I blushed and hugged him like a kangaroo’s baby clinging to its mother. “Thank you Kiku Akshat sir!”, announced I, drenching his coat with my uncontrollable tears. 

He hugged me in return and massaged my back, convincing me, “It's fine. I helped you because you are a better person than a better student. Keep it up! I did what I could to save a studious student’s career.”

He lifted my head up and wiped my tears. He caught my palms and we smiled at each other, relieved after a series of adventures. I broke the eye contact and walked inside the Puja room. I returned with the plate of sweets and offered him. He took one and forced half of it into my mouth and then pushed the rest into his. We chuckled at each other after which I left the plate back inside the room.

“Akshat sir, more than the good news you brought, your surprise plan was very special, sweet, and impressive. Thank you, Kiku!” I said, smiling back at him.

The other fellow who had been unconscious all this while stood up opposite our corridor and grabbed our attention,” Hey you fool! How dare you hit me with a vessel and try to rob me? I won’t leave both of you buffoons.’

We turned towards him. I screwed him, shouting,” Abbey! How dare you get into my house without my permission? Who are you? How dare you threaten me, you stupid intruder? “

Akshat pinched my palm secretly for which I replied, “Why should you and I be scared at this ill-mannered pig? We haven’t even done anything wrong.”

I turned back at the intruder, scolding, “How dare you call my professor a robber? Mind your language or I won’t spare anyone who hurts a good soul like that of my Akshat sir. “Akshat blushed at me as soon as I completed my statement and looked back at him with confidence.

“Oh, I see! Just wait and watch. You buffoons will pay for your insane actions very soon. Fuckers!”, cursed he, walking back towards the terrace.

“You are a fucker, not us!”, shouted I, pointing towards the stairs there and asking him to exit that way through the main door. Who would exit from the terrace unless one wants to attempt suicide? Such a dumbass he was!

After he left our field of vision, Akshat started laughing. I shrugged at him who teased,” Nothing, Kiku. I love it when you get vulgar. Hahaha!” I chuckled and looked away.

“Kiku. I will show you, my room. Come!”, said I, smiling and pulling him towards the bedroom-the first room after turning left to the Puja room. I switched on the central chandelier with the help of the switchboard at the room’s entrance.

He walked inside and looked around; my room had a sofa set at its entrance, five feet straight after which was the loo on the right, five feet further after which was the light brown painted and streamlined wardrobe with two silver handles on it and five feet more brought one to my queen-sized bed left to which lied my study table with the night lamp which was currently off and placed on it. The AC was fixed above the balcony’s door.

The netted balcony marked the end of my room. I opened my balcony and he followed me. We stood close to each other for not more than a safety pin could fit there in my balcony which had nothing more than an empty, small, and plastic brown basket decorated with tiny widgets here and there on it lying on our left and a big blue stool on our right.

It had been the time for the moon to rise late that evening. We could see the lonely and silent street outside illuminated by its street lights full of light energy. The clouds were waiting to burst their tears out; the evening sky thus glooming with violet shades here and there.

A young boy of around five walked towards us on the road, looking up. I waved at him, greeting,” Shivu! Hello! Akshat smiled at me. Shivaansh greeted back at me with his voice resembling that of a cuckoo bird,” Hi didi!”

“Kiku, Shivu is my best friend in my neighborhood. Aww! I know him since he was eight months old. He is such a cute kid. Did you just listen to his sweet voice? Aww! So cute!”, exclaimed I. Akshat sighed, asking,” Sexy, Kiku! Do you love kids so much? “I nodded, declaring, “Yes but only when I see my growth along with theirs .“ We blushed and chuckled at each other.

“Didi!”, cried little Shivaansh, standing right at my house then. “Is he your boyfriend?” enquired he, squealing and smiling at us. Akshat and I stared at each other's faces and blushed, replying in chorus, “No!”

As Shivaansh giggled at us, raising his eyebrows, I diverted him,” Oye! No homework today? “He nodded, giggling. I turned back at Akshat who was still blushing at me. I pinched him and signed him to look at Shivaansh who replied,” Didi! I complete my homework at school itself.”

I shrugged at him who then described, “Didi! It goes this way...As I sit on the last bench, by the time my teacher comes there, I copy everything from Joseph and finish it off. “He completed, exhibiting two broken teeth in his mouth,” I study only the day before my exam. I am so cool didi!”

He ran back to his house as his mother called him. Walking back inside, as I shut the balcony door, we laughed our hearts aloud at the kid’s sharp and smart brains. “What if one fine day the teacher starts the checking from the last bench, all of a sudden, with no prior clue?”, asked he. I lost myself and fell on the sofa, tripping my heart out.

At last, we left the room. I pointed out and told him that my parents’ room was the one next to mine. The next to their room was the guest room thus ending my first floor. All the rooms were similar to mine.

We descended the stairs. There lay the kitchen on the right and the dining table, constructed out of grey Bhutanese wood, facing it just on the left side. The tall, fat, and pink refrigerator with the stabilizer over it housed a few Barbie and Disney princess’ stickers upon it. He smiled, asking if I still watched them, which I denied saying that they had all been my childhood friends.

I ended my house tour by escorting him to the hall beyond the arch that separated our dining hall from the main hall. The main hall had my family photo on the left side and the smart TV on its right side. It also housed two sofa sets one on the left and the other on the right. The hall led to my main door which was wooden in nature. An AC was fixed in the central hall which also had balconies on either side.

A small LCD tablet was fixed to the wall connecting the hall to the door. It was ON all the time and was blank at that moment. As he stood there, smiling at my photo which lay right beside my family photo in which I was a five-year-old little girl dressed in a blue frock, wearing a simple black pendant and had got a boy-cut done.

I walked to the fridge, grabbed the bottle of champagne, left to the kitchen to fill a small cup, returned to cough, and thereby interrupt him.

He sipped the drink, complimenting, “Sexy! Don’t we, the people of India offer tea or coffee to our guests?!” I laughed, reasoning that there were no milk packets left at home and that I knew how to prepare a cup of tea or coffee. My first statement was true but the second one was fraudulent! I didn’t even know how to switch on the gas stove! Thanks to mom for Sundays and our maid, Selvi aunty for the other days!

He enquired, “Where are your parents? “I smiled, replying, “They are, as usual, occupied with surgeries at the hospital. I am alone as usual! “He smiled, returning the cup which he had emptied by then and correcting me,” No, Kiku. I am here at your house. How come you are alone? Come on, think before you speak!”

“Aww! So sweet of you!”, remarked I, blushing.

He looked back at my photo, adoring me, “You are pretty now and were cute back as a child too! “None had ever called me cute or pretty other than my thickest friend, Vyomi. No guy had ever bothered to look at me and call me pretty; most were scared of me for they feared that I may complain or screw them for I was a topper and the teacher's pet.

I blushed and leaned on his shoulder as he wrapped me in his cozy arms. He captured my photo on his smartphone and saved it perfectly in his gallery. He stood there, looking at my photo while I was engrossed in looking at him, for the next couple of seconds. I have never been this close to a guy ever before.

Why have the great heavens brought Akshat and Naomi together? Is their relationship beyond a mere professor and a student?

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