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MAD X ...DREAM - 2

Agents introduction..!
Before going into that incident. We will see my team. There also known as my squad.
Ravi Choudhry
Taniya Roy
These guys are my squad they are Indian agents and spies nationwide.
They helped me in many cases.
These guys became my gang and friends in the national training squad. We became so close.
Now, we are going to have a friendly meeting in a restaurant. but before that, there was big breaking news on television 📺 which shocked me. The news was in Delhi a private school was been bombed by terrorists. This information was given by that local area Commissioner. He told that it must be a terrorist attack. there was 2000 causality. in that private school, more than 3000 students are studying. 2000 of the students died on the spot. And 1000 of the students are badly injured and there in bad condition. Struggling for life. so this made me so sad and worried. Total Delhi was in shock.
So now we all came for the meeting with our team. I was with Jenni. I also introduced everyone to her. She too spoke well with everyone. But my squad also brought they are family. We were so happy.
we came to the discussion about that incident. they told me now the cases are handled by the Delhi police. I asked my squad do you know any other information about that incident. They told me that this was a great plan executed at that school. But we were confused that why that gang planned that in a school.
So now I and Jenni left the restaurant. But by that time our car was not starting. So we left our car in the restaurant parking. And we went to the main road for a taxi. But there was no taxi. So on our mobile also there is no signal to book a taxi in OLU taxi center. So now we both started walking on the road. We both were talking about the meeting. She told me that she enjoyed it a lot. I asked her where are your parents she told me that her parents passed away in an accident a few months ago. I told oh I am sorry. She told it was ok. And she asked about my family I told only my father he is also in Kerala. U know that my mother passed away when I was 4 years old. We both were talking and going on the road. After some while, we got the signal on the phone. So now we booked a taxi and we went to our quarters.
And on the next day morning, the news was the Delhi police are given some time if they are not going to find the gang behind the bomb blast. And this case will be given to the hands of the CBI.
I know if CBI too can't solve this they will ask the government detective to help and I too will work on this case.
So now the police also can't solve it. And the cases were given to the CBI by the Indian government. When CBI came into this case they asked for the help of the government detective. So I was also appointed to this case.
And there was also a big bomb blast at the Delhi railway station.
And some gang is also coming into the street of Delhi. Shooting the people in Delhi. Now the Delhi situation is also going so terrific.
We moved so fast into the cases for the solution.
With help of my gang, I moved in this case so personally...!

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