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It was evening when sky over city was getting darker with every pasing minutes. But that day was somewhat different some illomens were going to happen as atmosphere was showing its different colours. Last round of monsoon was about to finish & winter is yet to start. Dense clouds blocks the sunlight and sometimes lightening happens which  shows the mother nature is angry & to take revenge that day. It looks quite scary. Strong and gusty winds started blowing. As time pases people started gathering with rage in their eyes and their body language. Some person came with banners to show thier anger and some wearing black clothes. Slowly and slowly mob of people increases from different parts of the city as it seems some giant protest is going to happen. Shops, gyms & restaurants were closed forcefully. The group of "YOUTH UNION OF INDIA", government teachers and aged people who were in sanetorium came with candle in their hands with violent mood and body language. Even the traffic policemen was not able to control the situation. It seems tha law and order situation is going out of control in various areas of the city and sirens of PoliceJeeps were constantly ranging. Loudspeakers were activated to make annoucements and to handle the situation at any cost. Media was imediately informed  various news channel reporters were constantly taking live coverage of the situation & at that instant police take their respective positions behind the barricades with Loudspeakers in their hands.  The mob set the government vehicles on fire, khadi clothes were burning on the streets of roads & violent protest start with hustle and bustle of noise. Each & every way tried to disperse the crowd by appleaing to maintain discipline but who cares. Heavy rains started & situation was getting more terrible. Each and every people held other's hand to show that "Unity is the strength of internal Soverginity".  Traffic stands still and majority of the roads were blocked. From tear gas to pistols & water cannons all was in vain and only one slogan ringing in the ear "UNITED WE CAN UNITED WE WILL". The wet clothes clung to the body of each and every people .  It seems the raindrops were piercing the eyebrows of mob & gusty winds was supporting to disperse the crowd. Heartbeats was getting high as violent clash is going to take place and now RAF comes in action with guns & shotguns as shoot & sight orders have to be given if situation remains uncontrolled. Even the comon citizens never witnesed such a violent rebel. That day the atmosphere weather was crying and showing its revengefull mood to humanity. Not a single ray of hope is considered to tackle the situation and scene was getting more terrific. It seems a clear cut battle between the ego of the system & people demand who were not satisfied by the actions of the system & some corrupt officials. It all started with great lessons of life and to give great message to today's generation-said professor Akshat Singh.

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