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You're my favorite rhythm... - 12

I melt at your glance and become music...


David : Don't say anything.... If you don't want me to come with you, why did you bring me so far ?

Anand : David...

David : I don't want to hear anything... Even You took my mobile with you.... You fool me... I thought you were more important than anyone. You don't think so, right ?

Anand : Nothing like that, hear me out first.

It is not David's character but today he is a bit disappointed. So he's not ready to listen to Anand's stupid excuses, so he tries to leave. Little did he know that the big surprise was waiting for him at the door to reduce his anger to tears.

As he stepped out of the door and put his feet up, was unexpectedly slapped by someone. It took him a moment to realize what had happened.

David's mom : This is how I raised you. This is how you treat others, where did you get so angry ?

David : Ma...

David's mom : Don't say anything.... I don't want to hear anything....

David : It must have come from you, Ma...

As he said this, his eyes filled with tears and a happy smile on his lips. Words refused to come out of his mouth at that moment of both sadness and joy. David reached out his arms with the intention of hugging her then reluctantly dropped them when something stopped him.

Now tears escaped from his eyes and began to run down on his cheeks.

David : I'm.... I'm sorry mom... i...

She hugged him before he could say the next word....

David's mom : You idiot... Have you not thought of seeing me even once in all these years ?

David : Ma... Not a day goes by that I don't think of you... i... i really miss you Ma...I was in guilt that I was responsible for my father's death. I never thought you would forgive me.... Thanks Ma.... Thanks for getting back to me.

David's mom : We have to thank Anand for all this, and we also have to thank that girl.

David : Anand ?

David turned his head to look at Anand's face, tears still filling his eyes.

When David looked at him, Anand turned his face upwards and pretended to be looking for something and start to count the Lamps.

David : So, is she the friend you came to see ?

Anand : David... Don't look at me like that, I know it was wrong not to tell you 😬... But... Try to understand...

David didn't think of anything and the next moment he ran and hugged Anand.

The lips that a moment ago had poured out so many words in anger were now at a loss for words. Anand stood there not knowing how to pacify David who expressed all his emotions in tears....


Even a forest fire starts from a tiny spark. Doubt can burn a person faster than fire. Even an small drop of doubt can destroy a relationship.

Ananya was happy to the extent of saying that God did not give me wings, if He did, I would have gone and touched the sky.

As soon as she entered the house, her eyes searched for her father. When she saw her father, she ran and hugged him. But her father didn't seem to have the same happiness that she had.

Sharma grabbed her shoulder and quickly pushed her away.

Ananya : What did I do wrong and why are you pushing me away like this ?

Sharma slowly went and turned on the TV.

Breaking news : Today the results of class 10 public examination have been declared. As usual, girls scored higher than boys and topped the list.

Latest Entertainment news : According to the director's press release, the film produced by him with the mega star will be released for the upcoming Pongal.

Celebrity gossip today : A video of popular music composer and lyricist Anand Joshva dancing with girl has gone viral on the internet. The video has topped the most shared videos of the day. As the face of the woman in the video is not clear, Anand's fans continue to raise doubts and debates about the woman in the video.

Next we move on to sports news....

Sharma : Others may not know who that girl is, but I know it very well.

Ananya : Yes it was me but as they say I did nothing wrong. Is it such a big mistake to dance with someone ?

Sharma : I have no problem with you dancing with someone. But I never thought it would be him. I have already told you to stay away from him. I don't want others gossiping about my daughter.

Ananya : But dad... There is nothing wrong with us.

Sharma : Shut up b*tch... Well, you're right.... there is nothing wrong with you, I think there is something wrong with the way I raised you.

Ananya : Dad.... ( Now her eyes began to fill with tears. )

At that moment her mobile started ringing....

Sharma : He is, right ?

Sharma snatched the phone from her hand and threw it down. It breaks into many pieces. Without even looking back at her face, he went to his room and closed the door.

Ananya was looking at the broken phone on the floor for a long time. More than that, her heart was shattered into pieces....

Ananya : Am i a b*tch... 🥺


To be continued....

I noticed that some people are giving 2 stars and 3 stars for the previous episodes. I request you to point out my mistakes. I try to improve myself every day, Your reviews will be very helpful for me.

Thank you....

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