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and once it brought curruption tradution out and situated a systemic under world in front us for just in ultimatams to us.

now has to refar that truth also that why communism called staunch fanatic for its walks!!

genraly human aurthodocs had nevar did categury that who call actulu survant!!

genraly and all most before democracy and in the walks of royelets there were all,like labour, craftmen and house keepers,counts in as survent peopels.
there was no any categury looks any more.and all owner peopels sights them as a survent commenly. and ofcourse,beheving to them as the same.
but marklism(marxim) read 'no'. and said ,survants are anothers and labours and craftmen athers.
now has to refar that also that who call survant actualy!

who peopels are just following our orders without using their sence,they call survants.

but there, after all sets of royelets and in the tanse of industrial revolution's rise ,there was made nacesity of they craft men who can abel to run mechinarys by their initial sence. and independantly too.
this kind peopels,to put them in categury of surrvants, karl mark said strictlyt a no.

now has to take look that also,why!communism got fails in no more longer!
but this topic we will take little bit ahed, but now some refars.

we had read one wird before there 'a fanatic', so friend what is call this to be a fanatic about to walk communism!
so friend human tradition or we can say all aninets traditiin there is a mutual that woman has to keep house and man has to earn.
and in human aurthodocs ,there is also one mutul that,every time surrvant has to be smallar infront owners.
this tradition is comming run from millions of era ago. so no human or no any maas of human was in faver to fight agains this aurthodocs.
suppose without industrial revolution karl marks whould also no there been abel.
any way,why russia and chaina were fanatic about their communism's walks!!

communism pronouncing tottaly human aurthodocs agains its code of conducts. i mean communism was saying that labour and owners are same.
actualy marks was suppose worried about that,they aurthodocs suppose will not be abel to run communism.and in kind of similarity he gave one kind of team work to the world.
which team work ,we talking about may be it gives of that communism.
so,in running tanse of they royelets to make them belive or to learn them leasons about similarity of they both,would be some strachfull. so russia and china adopt a fanatics of connunism and they said no to let enter evan in their nation for globel idoligy peopels. they littearly put bane for them.
becouse globel idology belive in some whear in rampanting.and communism was unplasced there.
we had listen that also some time that in chaina mostly peopels using cycles! but supose we nevar asked that why!
so friend,that was the true communism.that, from all they cyclists we nevar define that who is owner and who is labour.
may be from they all cyclists one would be a owner of that mega industry


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