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A Guy Named James Will - 1

July 1987-James comes with his girlfriend in his car to reach a wedding function, there he saw guys surrounding the bride he went to the spot and asked what was happening then he came to know that it was all about the groom. the bride informed James that the groom is a drug dealer and most wanted one too. James was related to the groom in the term of brother, he got shocked about his brother being a drug dealer. Everybody at the function was upset about it but James went to a place where his brother goes regularly there he met his brother and asked him why he stepped out of a marriage and revealed himself as a drug agent. James' brother said he is in danger a mafia in Paris is targeting him and they would get their hands on him today. James got scared and upset about this news he said to inform to police but his brother replied it's too late am going to die I need you to do me a favour, James cried and said yes anything for you brother he said he has a child and a wife in Mexico whom the name is Esmeralda. James' brother said him to take care of his family and protect his kingdom from the drugs then his family would be safe and he stated that he is worth about 50 billion USD, JAMES didn't know what to say he was angry about how dangerous his brother was after some time there came a black jeep with assassins fired a bullet to his brothers head his brother got died after a sec James left the spot by unharmed mafia don't involve or kill others unless they involved with them. James was so angry he wanted to take revenge on that mafia. he went to Mexico looking for a name Esmeralda it was a tough time for him to find finally he made it and visited her and said her husband died. Esmeralda said she knew this would be coming and she mentioned James to take care of this kingdom of drugs. James continuously avoided it but she said the agreement made you are the new boss here if you take a back step you would end like my husband Jonathan. James take a walk around his brother's mansion there he saw many orphan children living peacefully and healthily then he came to know his brother built many hospitals and shelters for poor people he realized that his brother is a kind person what he knew before. there he meets a person named Carlos who is a 57year old man and cleans the floor he said everything about his b rother how he knew his brother and how loyal he was to him. Finally, he said to James if you run back thousands of children will lose their lives. James was still confused about what to do but then he said to him will I be wanted in every country like my brother.carlos said yes you will great demands need great sacrifice which means his image. Then he started to take what his brother left for him and came to know by others he soon have his own family with 5childrens of his kind on his 5th children 1st birthday he arranged a party where he invited all important gang members and associates, the party was going well there comes a noise in the kitchen a chef shouts to everyone saying that the food is poisoned as he knew the colour changed unfortunately James family member consumed it and died unless his 2nd children stayed alive.there he saw a man laughing in black goat with a black cap who is 6’4 he said to James it's not over it's just beginning then he casually walks out James try to wake his family members but it didn't work for him after a minute there was a fire around a mansion James and his son caught in that fire James got burned almost 40percent when he and his son got out he realized his body burned a lot this face changed completely then he cried waiting for help,vengeance in his eye and eager to know the black man in coat it made him to become unstable and angry there comes a police bus consisting of 20 cops they took James and his son. James was crying on their way to station as he couldn't able to take vengeance then he said to himself I will find that man and I will show what fear looks like then he went into the unconscious state .part 2 Jan 2 1988

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