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I’m In Charge of SCP - Chapter 1

“Zhang Jue.” (jué)
“Home address.”
“No. 28, Huanhua Street, Jianghai City.”
“I repeat, there is no such place called Jianghai City.”
“Ah, sir, I’ve said it many times. I’ve lost my memory. I only remember these and forgot everything else.”
Inside the interrogation room, Zhang Jue sat slumped in his chair with handcuffs, his eyes , the look of pending death. Obviously, this was not the first time this of conversation had taken place.
“Kid, I advise you to straighten your attitude and answer the questions properly.” The interrogator slapped the table and pointed to the eight big letters behind him “See where this is! Do you want to go to jail?”
Zhang Jue still and did not change in the slightest because of the other party’s threat. “I don’t know where this is.” He said lazily, “But I do know that you are not a police, and this is not a police station.”
When Zhang Jue finished, the interrogator’s face changed slightly, but he didn’t make a sound.
“Let’s put it this way.” Zhang Jue said, “I’ve been in the police station more times than you’ve peeked into your mother’s shower, and I can smell a cop with my eyes closed, and you-” he extended his index finger and shook it, “are not. ”
The interrogator sat up straight: “Kid, don’t play tricks with me. You’ll only suffer if you don’t cooperate.”

Zhang Jue smiled: “If you want me to cooperate, then I will. Find someone with a higher level to talk to me. While you, you aren’t qualified enough. So go home and play video games.”
The interrogator slapped the table and wanted to go forward to teach Zhang Jue a lesson, and then a voice came from his headset. He stopped and replied in a low voice: “Okay, okay, I understand.”
The interrogator gave Zhang Jue a fierce glare, opened the door, and walked out of the interrogation room. Zhang Jue watched the interrogator walk out of the room and shrugged his shoulders.
The reason he was in this place was not that he had been kidnapped, but because he had run into trouble – to be precise, he had crossed over. To put it mildly, it was probably because he’d had a dream in which he’d been chased by a giant black lizard and had managed to escape, and when he’d woken up, he’d arrived here.
He was brought to the world of SCP.
SCP, known as the SCP Foundation, a mysterious organization that operates without the interference of any state authority and aims to contain anomalies, events, individuals, etc., in the world, and collectively called “anomalous objects” or SCPs. The black lizard that chased him was one of the SCPs, the SCP-682 known as The Hard to Destroy Reptile.
None of the things The SCP Foundation contains are easy to handle, and some of them can even cause world-class disasters if they are released. Such as The Shy Guy that if you saw it and it will kill you regardless, and a statue that if you do not look at it and it will spontaneously move behind you to break your neck. Like those sealed supreme deities, reality benders whose minds can control anything according to their will, and those kinds of anomalies that kill you when you touch them or even die when you know about them.

As far as he knew, the SCP Foundation had rebooted the world at least twice because it couldn’t handle the containment. Compared to them, the Hard to Destroy Reptile or SCP-682, which just can’t be killed physically, is as friendly as a kitten.
He came out of nowhere, and his identity is suspicious, so the SCP Foundation doing a full investigation and evaluation of him. After the interrogator left, a tall man in a white lab coat walked in, tall and fit, and at a glance, it was clear that it’s a person who exercises all year round. His clothes were distinctly different from the previous interrogator, and he appeared to be a researcher by the looks of it.
“Yo, there’s a new fitness instructor this time.” Zhang Jue continued to talk trash, “Don’t you have anyone here who’s a little more normal.”
The researcher walked behind the desk and sat down, “You can call me Dr. Li. I have to remind you, put away that stunt of yours, it doesn’t work on me. I know you’ve broken free of your handcuffs, so no need to try to provoke me and then sneak up on me.”
“Oh, Really? you gym-loving gay guy.”
Dr. Li’s defenses were broken by his trash talk, and his chest rose violently for a moment before he returned to normal. Zhang Jue shrugged and casually threw the handcuffs on the ground; back at the beginning of the interrogation, he had already used the thumb dislocation method to break them free.
As the other man had said, he had initially wanted to sneak up on an interrogator, or a high-ranking officer, as a bargaining chip for subsequent negotiations. He knew very well that if this was really the SCP world, with his current situation, it was impossible to be released, and he might have to be taken in as a prisoner; he had to find a way to leave. During this interrogation time, he has made a series of plans; even if the sneak attack did not succeed, he still has another trick.
Dr. Li did not know what was in his mind and hummed, “You should be glad that I did not let that interrogator approach you. If you had hurt him, at this point, we would not be talking in this situation.”
“Alright, I understand.” Zhang Jue nodded, “It’s nothing more than being held at gunpoint by dozens of MTF (Mobile Task Force, the SCP Foundation’s private army) members.”
Dr. Li frowned slightly, “You know about the MTF?”
Seeing that he had been trapped, Zhang Jue laughed, “Not only do I know about the MTF; I also know that you are affiliated with the SCP Foundation and that this is a containment site.”

This time, Dr. Li finally made a move. He braced his hands on the tabletop and stared at Zhang Jue.
“Kid, you have a problem.” He said slowly.
Dr. Li’s reaction was just as Jue Zhang had expected. Ordinary people had no idea what MTF was, let alone the SCP Foundation.
Zhang Jue added, “The lizard that chased me was SCP-682, right?”
Dr. Li didn’t answer his words, sidestepped his head, and asked, “What else do you know?”
“I know a lot, besides 682, I can name and characterize at least a few dozen other SCP items, such as a statue that break people’s necks, stairwells that are bottomless, coffee machines that dispenses any kind of beverage, women who can’t wear clothes, etc., etc.” Zhang Jue smiled faintly, “But I can’t talk to you, seeing that your level is not low, only to reveal so little to you. I said, to get more information from me, you’ll have to find someone with a higher level to come.”
When Zhang Jue finished, Dr. Li’s heart fluttered slightly. Some of these anomalies he had heard of, and some he didn’t even know about. But he could confirm that they were certainly not something that Jue Zhang had casually made up.
However, Dr. Li did not show any difference as he sneered, “You seem to have gotten something wrong, here, you have no qualifications to negotiate terms at all.”

Whether I have the qualifications to negotiate or not is not up to you.” Zhang Jue looked up and gave a faint smile to the camera in the corner of the wall, “I’m right, aren’t I?”
A middle-aged man in a black trench coat walked into the interrogation room, and Dr. Li hurriedly got up to offer him a seat.

“I’m the Deputy Site Director of this Site, Huang Xingwen.”
He looked at Zhang Jue with a sharp gaze, like a hawk.
“I have to remind you that you only have one chance, and if you can’t provide me with valid information, then you will face-”
“I know.” Zhang Jue waved his hand, interrupting him, “For persons of unknown origin, the Foundation has the right to investigate, interrogate, study, imprison, contain, use various levels of memory erasure measures then release them back into society, send them to prison, or force them as a D-Class personnel, depending on the situation.”
Zhang Jue spoke quickly, as if he was memorizing a slogan, obviously quite familiar with the Foundation’s way of handling things.
Huang Xingwen narrowed his eyes, “It seems you know a lot about the Foundation.”
“As I said, I know far more than you think.”
“You better be.” Huang Xingwen said, “But I still want to emphasize once again, if you can’t prove your worth, the Foundation will take Dr. Li’s suggestion to slice you up and make a test subject out of you.”

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