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I’m In Charge of SCP - Chapter 2

Three days later, Zhang Jue was brought to a test site. Inside the test site, a huge lizard several stories tall roared angrily as it looked up to the ceiling – it was none other than SCP-682. It was bound by countless chains all over its body and constantly emitted a dark aura as if it had just climbed out of hell.
Item No: SCP-682
Object Class: Keter
Description: SCP-682 is a huge-sized reptilian with an unknown origin. It exhibits incredibly high intelligence, and during its limited contact time with SCP-079 (an artificial intelligence computer), very complex communication was observed between them. SCP-682 revealed an abhorrence of all life, as confirmed by several interactions with it during containment.
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-682 must be destroyed as soon as possible. Currently, the SCP team is unable to destroy SCP-682 and can only inflict significant physical damage to it. SCP-682 needs to be housed in a 5m x 5m x 5m containment chamber, which needs to be filled with hydrochloric acid until SCP-682 is completely submerged and defenseless.
If SCP-682 tries to move, talk or break the containment measures, it should be reacted quickly and with full force as the circumstances call. To avoid provoking SCP-682, employees are prohibited from talking to it, and any unauthorized personnel who attempt to communicate with SCP-682 are to be removed by force.

“I remember you saying that you came here because of SCP-682,” Dr. Li said, “In that case, let’s start with it. Zhang Jue, the Foundation has been trying to kill SCP-682, but has not succeeded. I wonder what you have in mind.” Since the day he said Dr. Li was gay, he hadn’t given Zhang Jue a good impression and was probably holding a grudge.
SCP-682 was called the Hard to Destroy Reptile, and the SCP Foundation had used many methods, including missile bombing, poisoning, laser cutting, and even taking it to other dimensions, but had failed to kill it, and it was truly immortal.
Looking at the angry SCP-682 in the test site, Zhang Jue spread his hands, “Dr. Li, whether you admit it or not, SCP-682 can’t be killed. Your grandfather will always be your grandfather.”
“Oh? Really, that’s the answer you gave?” Dr. Li sneered, “Stupid outsider, I thought you would have some new ideas, but I didn’t expect anything more than that. I’m not going to lie to you, I did think of a good way to deal with it. Do you want to take a look?”
Dr. Li pulled out a special textured box from his arms and carefully opened it. Inside was a crystal-like object, he said proudly, “Do you know what this is?” Zhang Jue looked at it and recognized what was in the box, and it should be a fragment of SCP-409.
Item No: SCP-409
Object Class: Keter
Description: SCP-409 looks like a large quartz crystal, roughly 1.5 meters tall and 0.6 meters wide. Any object that comes into contact with SCP-409 will crystallize within the next three hours, an effect that will happen to any material except granite.
The crystallization effect will spread at a rate of 2.5 cm per minute, crystallizing both internally and on the surface. When the crystallization is fully completed, the object will crack and creak in the next 20 minutes, then suddenly break into endless pieces.

Special Containment Procedures: Under no circumstances should there be physical contact with SCP-409. Any object that has come into physical contact with SCP-409 must be immediately isolated, along with any materials used in the transport of the object.
SCP-409 must always be kept in a granite box, and any transfer of SCP-409 must be done in a granite container. All residues of SCP-409 and props used to transfer residues must be sealed in the granite container.

Seeing this, Zhang Jue knew what Dr. Li was going to do. It seemed that this world was a little slower than the SCP Foundation he knew, and many experiments had not yet been done, which was a great advantage for him.
Zhang Jue laughed and said, “You want to use SCP-409 to kill SCP-682? I advise you not to do that.”
“What? You don’t believe me?” Dr. Li.
Zhang Jue shrugged: “Dr. Li, it’s fine if you want to die yourself, don’t drag me into it. I still have a lot of time left in my life to enjoy.”
Dr. Li was so angry that he gritted his teeth, “Zhang Jue, don’t talk nonsense here. In a few days, the Site Director will know that you are useless. What you know is just hearsay. Then, see how I will clean you up!” So that was it. Dr. Li wanted to use the experiment that killed SCP-682 to prove that he was a useless person.
Zhang Jue was too lazy to talk to him and shouted, “What is it? Anyone, I need to pee…”
A stern female voice rang out from behind them. Zhang Jue turned around, and a young woman in her twenties approached them, notebook in hand, seemingly taking notes on her experiments.
Dr. Li’s angrily distorted face instantly changed into a flattering smile upon seeing the visitor, “Dr. Yang Xue, you’re here?” Zhang Jue gave her a look. To be a doctor of the SCP Foundation at such a young age, this chick is something else.
The woman known as the doctor frowned slightly and said to Dr. Li, “Why are you here?”
Dr. Li laughed: “SCP-682’s termination experiment was approved – as for him, the Site Director said, bring him when doing some of the experiments, just for a tour.”
Yang Xue remembered what happened a few days ago and looked at Zhang Jue: “Is he the one who came from the parallel timeline?”
“Exactly.” Dr. Li nodded, “we are going to execute SCP-682 and let him see it. He actually said that SCP-682 can’t be killed, what a ridiculous statement.Dr. Yang Xue, you need to talk to the Site Director Wenbai.” It turned out that this chick was actually the Site Director’s niece, no wonder Dr. Li was like a pug.
Zhang Jue sneered, “SCP-682 can’t be killed, anything that can’t kill it can only make it stronger. Dr. Yang, you’re here just in time to be a witness, I advised Dr. Li not to do this. If he gets bent out of shape, and something happens, don’t blame me. If it’s convenient, please find me a safe room, preferably with a live feed of your experiments, plus bring me some popcorn.”
“Popcorn?” Yang Xue frowned, “What do you need popcorn for?”
Zhang Jue spread his hands, “After his failure, SCP-682 will definitely go berserk. MTF (Mobile Task Force) vs. Immortal Lizard, doesn’t that sound like a good science fiction movie?”
Dr. Yang held her forehead with her hand. For a moment, she couldn’t keep up with Zhang Jue’s jumpy thinking. Dr. Li, on the other hand, was shaking with anger, pointing at Zhang Jue and unable to speak.

“Dr. Li, anger hurts the liver.” Zhang Jue shook his head, “Look at you, sooner or later you’ll get terminal liver cancer. How about this, how about we make a bet?”
Dr. Li could not wait to tear Zhang Jue into pieces right now. He gritted his teeth and said, “Okay! What’s the bet?”
Zhang Jue pointed to the box in his hand, “If you can kill SCP-682 with SCP-409, I’ll swallow this.”
“If the experiment fails, I don’t want you to swallow shit and kill yourself to thank the world.” Zhang Jue laughed, “It’s never too much to get down on your knees and say, “I was wrong, Grandpa,” a hundred times.”

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