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Martialism - 1

Welcome readers !
With great pleasure and excitement. I am presenting my first English novel on Matrubharti. I hope that all of you will enjoy this a lot. So, let's begin.

Let's move the clock anticlockwise and take you to that time when different political groups were fighting together for the independence of India from the British rule.
The names of the main two organisations are also in the minds of everyone that are:

1) The Indian National Congress
2) All India Muslim League

These were the organisations that were responsible mainly for the withdrawl of British power from India. We are enjoying our independence because of these and many independence organizations. After so much struggle the Indian diplomats got success in convincing the British government to reserve seats for Indian representatives in the Central Legislative Assembly of Delhi. During the provincial elections of 1911, the INC won 18 out of 21 seats. This victory of INC created a feeling of insecurity in the mind of the leaders of the All India Muslim League. They thought that being in minority the muslims will be treated as less significant in the independent India. Therefore, they demanded a separate nation for muslims,which further came to be known as 'Pakistan'. The demand of the Muslim League was supported by many other muslim organisations and individuals across the country,which resulted in communal riots between Hindus and muslims. After a lot of struggle, the British government was forced to partition the British India into two independent dominions namely, India,Pakistan( East Pakistan and West Pakistan). Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the then president of the AIML was declared the Governor-General of Pakistan and Liaquat Ali Khan, the vice-president of the AIML got the post of the Prime Minister. After becoming the Governor-General, a large number of steps were taken by Jinnah to empower the Pakistani military. The main cause behind this step was to make sure the security of pakistan from India . One of his step was to provide a financial help of 25 crore rupees to the military. Jinnah also gave the power to the military to take independent decisions regarding security measures without any consultation from the Defence Ministry. These powers had a negative impact on the democracy as the generals of Pakistani Army now started inferring in the political administration's of Pakistan to receive more and more funds for them. The senior officers of the military were also given reservations in the legislature of pakistan, I.e. the National Assembly. The Chief of Army staff was also given the power the control and lead the cops that were reserved for the security of the Central Ministers. In the next chapter, we will know that how the decision of Jinnah to empower the military resulted in the introduction of martial law in Pakistan that lasted for almost four decades under different military generals. It is only due to this that pakistan is today a very poor country having a young constitution of less than 20 years.

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