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Anti Gravity Photography. - 1 - A theory, THE GRAVITED LIGHT

it is throughy that ,it is not possible that excess then earth diameater sun light goes westage in univerce.

if we think of univarce then,initial

univarce is throught out dont belive in westage cent percent.

principal of gravity is univercal.

evan can lord is also not out of this !! that will later on.

becouse this artical is in some another topic!!

so right now we will talk about principal,gravity,and photography,anti gravity.only.

traditional scince and its peoples mostly abouting that other sun light goes westage in univarcw and how much earth need,as per its diameater that much sun light meets to earth.

and most peopels are abouting that also that sun gives sun light ro circul is going onn.

but one thing is also thinkable that,when upper object gives light to us then its focus strap come made is very natural.but still to day we didant have get avidance ofthat focus strap on cosmic rout of between sun and earth.not evan between sun and any solaars. then whats the matter!!!

what is actualy there??

to understand this thing, we should have take knows of some side yopic knowlage too.
and that ropic is of depritiation.

so,asks are made that , where from this depritiation is comes .
amswer could be that,some through grevity and some from air wind and water surfacing.or prature.

once again that ,univarce is commanly dont belive in westage.
if it produce westage ,then where it could throw it.becouse its quatas are fix and limited too.

we can take that thing also that, which meachineries running here on earth at some years, but on moon it will be eight time more life longer and human life too.

so,life line destinations are deepend to the gravity force ,and if there is a low gravity then we can take of long life possible!!

now little bit back to the topic.
so, we ware talking about principal,gravity.
so, where and which univarcel and cosmic site use this principal for the bellamce of their heavy weight solaar stones and all.

it is not infact the earth is situated in front of sun just for fun or do.look at sun only.

how we talk above,that principal of gravity is univercal,no one transprancy evan is out of this principal. i mean sun light is evan!!
yeh,sun deserve this respect that god sun gives us a life,but grevity scince,i mean gravit to transperant evan, scince says no.....

sun is us light ,but,we the rather gravit sun light.

mostly we can think as a sun gives rounds and revolves to yje all solaars by its extreem gravity and self too gets round s and revolves through blavk halo suppose.

as per i think, that black holes are just nothing .they are just ,polution of univarce ,wheches are come from depritiations of solaars and come collected to the central of gelaxy.and more then eraing after this polution hole become bigger then whole solar system.
we can say this black holes as a polution planets too.

now,but we were talking about infections of theei gravity

how we got that ,the principal of gravity is univercal and it enforce to whole univarce.

as we got that ,we dont have any
avidence of that focus strap of sun light ro the earth!!
then what is thing by earth getting sun light,evan all solaars!!!

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