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Revenge of the Ghost - 54

Every eye from the Police Station glues to the open ground outside the entrance. Soon the eyes quadruples and now there were just blood shot red eyes blanketed the entire station. Every soul within the station was jolted to the core. Row naked fear was in every atom of the air present in the station. Every single person including Baba and Mahabali was in trance of fear. The eyes were deep endless sea filled with purest form of rage. Suddenly, the red eyes parted and made way for someone to walk through. The silhouette was not clear but every single eye from the station was glued to that. The air inside the station was so tensed that it could be cut with a knife. It was a million dollar question who was walking towards them.

A deformed image appeared. Gruesome image of a girl who was shedding tears of Blood. The face of that girl was scarred and every scar was oozing some kind of liquid which was very disgusting. Wherever that girl stepped a burned black mark was created. The aura around that image was so sad that every soul cried a little bit. The image then became clear and it was Satya’s. Ravindra cried out loud after seeing that horrendous scene. Satya came very near to the entrance and in a very ghastly voice said, ‘Baba, Mahabali I don’t have any fights with you and if you want to live, you should leave the station right away and no harm will be done to you.’

Baba said, ‘We are the servants of the almighty and we can’t leave any soul behind like this. We will choose to die rather to run away from this kind of situation as we are the brave soldiers of the God. His grace is with us and no dark energy can harm us.’ Mahabali quietly raised his hands and chanted a mantra so loudly that for a second every ear cried due to the intensity of that mantra. But the positive side was all the red eyes were gone and it was just that ghost in the form of Satya. Everybody felt happy and they all praised Mahabali for his sheer power over these supernatural entities. Alas if that was the case.

But it was not as the victory was very short lived and when Mahabali looked around him, he found out why. The four constables started to take the forms of evil power and slowly crawled back to each corner of the room. Each constable walked backwards or rather crawled on to the wall and now they 4 were in four corners of the room and staring Mahabali and Baba with utmost rage. Their eyes were blood shot red and deep that once anyone looks at those eyes it will convert into a lifelong nightmare for anyone. The constables were murmuring something but it was inaudible to anyone else. All were covered in some forms of scars and similar to the ghost every scar was oozing some disgusting liquid. Now there was a tableau. Baba and team have to fight on two fronts now. They can’t run out as it was guarded by the ghost and inside too they were not secure. Baba was worried about Nagesh as it was his responsibility to safeguard the boundary of the station and no evil energy could penetrate the boundary.

Something went terribly wrong. Either Nagesh was not alive or Nagesh was badly injured before he could safeguard the boundaries. His job was to create a protective barrier around the station hence the ghost can’t enter the station. Clearly the barrier was not there and the evil soldiers of the ghost are inside and ready to attach on her command. Baba looked at Mahabali in an inquisitive manner. Mahabali felt the same thing that something went wrong with Nagesh and either his life was in danger or he was dead a little while ago. Both were hopeful but that hope soon died when they heard a cry of pain. They looked out.

Nagesh was floating in the air and hundreds of broken glass pieces were floating around him, ready to pierce the skin of Nagesh. The ghost said in a very ghastly voice, ‘Baba whom do you want to save now, Nagesh or the one whom I want dead to take my revenge. Surprisingly Nagesh was very calm and a smile was on his face. He said, ‘Don’t worry Baba, she can’t do anything to me. You know who I am so please don’t worry about me and protect everyone.’ Baba knew but still if matter goes completely out of hand then it could be fatal for Nagesh and Baba couldn’t allow that as he knew exactly the ghost wanted. There were three situations which must be fought at the same time. First to fight the constables, second to save Nagesh and third to protect everyone from the ghost. Ravindra asked Baba, ‘If the ghost wants a revenge with me please let me go so Satya can be safe and so does everyone else.’

Baba said, ‘The ghost is not talking about you. My story is not over hence you still don’t realise the actual reason for all these.’ Baba looked at Mahabali and they decided that it was the final and the last plan to protect everyone. Baba, Mahabali and Shashtriji sat on the rough surface of the station in the form of a triangle. As soon as they sat, the constables and the ghost attacked them at all fronts.

The ghost wants her revenge but with whom?  Will Baba and Mahabli be able to protect everyone? To find all the answers please read the next parts of the series. Please provide rating and reviews whenever possible. Thanks.

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