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You're my favorite rhythm... - 21

Love is rooted in stability and security...!
So you can decide what you want to do...?
Simply watch out or be struck by an arrow of love...!


Charan : So finally... We have arrived.

Hearing Charan's voice, Ananya came to her senses and started noticing the place. Her eyes widened in surprise.

Because her company arranged accommodation so she thought it was a small apartment or something like that. But what she sees now is a big house, no, let's say a palace.

Ananya had never seen such a big house in reality that she could only see in movies. Swimming pool, garden, large space for car parking, fountain, all these give the house a royal look.

As soon as they entered the house some helpers came and took Ananya's belongings from the car and took them inside the house within seconds.

Charan : You have a lot of time to admire this house, but you look very tired now, so go and freshen up.

"Did you finally find a way to home?"

Both of them turned towards the direction of the voice.

Janani kept her hands on her hips and stood staring at him, her face became red in anger.

Charan runs towards her and tries to calm her down. Ananya can't hear their conversation but it looks very cute watching their arguments, Janani ignores all his reasons and Charan keeps trying to convince her.

"They are always like this" Rohan said from behind Ananya.

When Ananya turned, their is a boy of about seven years standing with a toy in his hand.

"Come with me aunty, I will show you your room. If they start fighting, they forget to even consider the guests" Before Ananya could say anything, the boy grabbed her hand and dragged her inside.

Rohan : This is your room aunty and all your things are stacked in the closet. Come down after you are refreshed, your food is waiting for you.

After saying this he started running from there without waiting for a moment.

Ananya : Hey little boy... At least tell me your name.

He disappeared...

Ananya opened the door of the room, was more surprised as the room was bigger than her house. It looks even more majestic from inside.

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Ananya falls on her bed after taking a bath and changing into her casual clothes.

"The company which i work is not such a big company to provide such facilities, or Have we come up here mistakenly?" Her mobile started buzzing to distract her from her thoughts.

"What? 20 missed calls"

When Ananya called Anand again, he accepted the call on the first ring, But he didn't say anything.

Ananya : Sorry Sorry, phone was on silent mode so I didn't notice.

Anand : Oh really Miss.Ananya... You don't have time to take my calls but you have time to reply to David's message.

Ananya : When did I message David bro? It's been a week since I talked to him.

His mind : Again he cheated me. David... i will kill you man...

Ananya : Hello? Are you in line?

Anand : Yeah... How was your journey, did you get safely to your accommodation?

Ananya : Actually yes... but... I'm confused... Someone named Charan came and picked me up but this place is 100 times bigger than I expected.

Anand : Your boss may be very kind to provide you with such good facilities.

Ananya : Maybe...

Anand is not ready to hang up until Rohan arrives and invites Ananya for dinner.


Dinner time....

Charan and Janani's fight is not over yet.

Janani (J) : I'm not going to accept your reasons no matter what you say. No one cares me here, Rani Ma went to her hometown, Rohan went to school, you have gone somewhere and most importantly Varun and Priya went on their 3rd honeymoon trip. I roam around like a ghost in this house.

Ananya : 3rd honeymoon... seriously?

J : Can't you just believe it? But they really do. I'm not jealous. But.... wait... Why am I telling you all this? Who are you first?

Charan : Sweetheart... I understand your difficulties and that's why I have brought you a friend to be with you.

Ananya : This is not a proper introduction.

Ananya went near Janani.

Ananya : I can't stop you from roaming around this house like a ghost but I am ready to roam around this house as a ghost along with you.

Janani raises her eyebrows and asks Charan who it is with her eyes.

Charan : Did you Forgot? Okay let me introduce... Darling, This is Miss. Ananya Shree Sharma. She is going to be a new friend and a member of our family. And Anaya... Meet my life Mrs.Janani Charan... I have a lot to say about her. She is childish, careless, sensitive at the same time she is strong, mature and responsible person. Is this introduction enough or is more needed?

J : Stop your nonsense talking... Ananya Come and join us.

Rohan : J, i want ice cream...

Ananya also sat with them for dinner.

Charan : I think you will be comfortable here, if you have any problem....

J : Don't hesitate to ask or tell me that.

Ananya : The only drawback is that it is scary to sleep alone in such a big room.

Charan : Haha... I can't give you Janani because I can't sleep without If you need someone else, kidnap this Rohan.

Rohan : If you want me to come with you, you have to tell a story every day. Because Janani used to tell me bedtime stories every day.

Ananya : I have many stories to tell you and not only that I will buy you lots of chocolate.

Rohan : Buy me ice cream instead.

Charan : Are you always thinking about ice cream... First, eat your food properly.

Ananya : It was scary to come here alone. I should thank God for such a family. I have heard that getting an apartment is a big deal for expats like me.

Charan : If the boss is willing, you will even get a palace.

Ananya : This house is no less than a palace. I am also curious to see that boss.

After hearing what she said, all eyes were on Ananya, were looking at her strangely.

Ananya : did i said anything wrong?

Charan : No no... I guess I didn't introduce myself properly.

Charan took the cooling glass from the table and sat cross-legged, wearing it stylishly.

Charan : Hi... Miss.Ananya... I'm Charan Mehta... And I'm really happy to welcome you to our "MEHTA Groups of company". I hope you will give your full effort and skill for us.

Ananya quickly got up from where she was sitting... "What? MEHTA GROUPS?"

Everyone started laughing at Ananya's expression.

Ananya : I don't think it's a good idea to stay at boss's house.

J : Hey dear... He is just kidding... You sit down.

Charan : I think you are right Ananya. I had other ideas for you. But it was only after seeing people like Yadav who care about you a lot that I got such an idea.

Ananya : Yadav? There is nothing wrong with him. Actually...

Charan : I don't care about him. You can stay here till you go back after your work. As far as I know, I think your project leader will like it too. Am i right?

J : Getting "Back to form" is no small feat. All my team members from other countries are on their way. Varun and Priya also join with us after their 3rd honeymoon... lol.

Charan : That's an amazing "come back" baby.

It was a little surprising and a great shock to Ananya, who was watching and listening to all that was happening there.

Rohan : Daddy... Don't forget you swore you'd come sightseeing with us.

J : Kutty (Rohan) Won't you take us?

Rohan : No J... Tomorrow you, me, daddy and Ananya aunty we all go out together.

Ananya : No... How can I come with you?

"This is my order" All three of them said at the same time.



J : Did you sleep well?

Ananya : I slept a little ma'am. New place so I didn't get much sleep.

J : Stop calling me ma'am you can call me by my name.

Rohan : J, what do I choose green or black?

J : Why always black let's give a chance to Green...

Rohan : Daddy... I won, J chose green...

Ananya : Naughty...

Rohan : I'm not naughty...

Ananya : Then why are you calling your mother by name?

Rohan looked at Janani...

Rohan : She is not my mom... she is my J...

J : If you say I'm not your mother one more time, I'll kill you.

Rohan giggles and run away from there.

Ananya : Forgive me, I didn't think he would say like that.

J : He is true... he is not my real son. His mother has gone to native. When I first saw him he was a small child of four. He calls me by my name since the day he saw me. It's a bit difficult to change him, but I'm not trying to do that.

Ananya : But... you want him to call you mom, am i right?

Janani only smiled in response to Ananya's question.

J : Oh c'mon Anu...Oops... Shall I call you Anu?

Ananya : Others call me Ananya or Shree.

J : This is not an answer to my question. I think there are someone special who calls you Anu.

Ananya : Janani...

J : Okey... I can understand. Someone you never want to lose calls you by that name. You can't stop thinking of them. He will become the moon of your night and beat of your heart. Believe me... Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station dear... bla.. bla... bla

Rohan : J... it's getting late... Are you both coming with us or not?

J : Ananya... let's go... If not, they will leave us.

Ananya (in mind) : In a sense you are right. But unfortunately... I ran to this Singapore to escape from the person whom I thought I should not lose. He is not going to be mine in this life so I better not meet him again.

"In my dreams, he is mine...
But in my life, he's just a dream..."


To be continued...

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