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A Psychopath - Part 1

One day a man goes to an office and starts beating his boss, he runs to save his life, then he throws that man down from the roof. Then the man goes to a house and finds the person who killed his father. Then he sees a photo. Then in the movie he tells his story. he thaught about his father. name of his father is rajeev and his name is akash. by a misunderstanding akash have to go jail.on the day his father come to meet Akash.he said that he was not ready to do anything .akash try to ready him but he was not.after sometime again start the present story.then we see a new man name Arjun.he stand on his home roof.he tell that he find and kill the man but who he doesn't clear. Akash go and meet his mother to take an answer that he has a doubt on anyone his mother say about owner of royal steel company. then akash goto meet him and say a question that he kill his father but he didn't say anything.the he kill him and then we know that this is the man who kill in the starting story.again we see arjun when he thaught about his father. a man talk with akash' s father and say that akash is a good person but after sometime a man enter in his house and pull akash father to take him with him then Akash's brother come and start fight with the man and he finally take akash' s father with him. all the things Arjun see but he is a coward guy. Arjun starting to follow them. he see that the man take him to a hill and start talking with him.then he start cry and the man is very angry. he pull him and he throw him from the mountain. again we see the present story. Akash sit and drink with his friend sonu and they heard a news that a man in the city that kill mens. arjun pass through the road and he see a father with a boy he beat his son his son run away to save him . then arjun was very angry but he go away and akash also see them and he know that the father was not any other she was father of his friend. Akash stand and say his friend to go and buy something. Akash go to near them and catch the man because akash see the man when he do misbehaving with his father and say that you kill my father? the man say that who is your father then the men start running and she catch by a man. he start beating him then akash jumpfrom window and catch the man then we know that arjun is the killer who kill all the men. they both start fighting then arjun start run and akash follow him and go to his house. try to find him. then he see a photo of arjun' s and arjun. there is a secret room. when akash entered in room he see many photos of mens who arjun kill then arjun attack on akash during the fight akash see a photo of men name sanjay. akash tell that who is he then arjun said that he is my father and he left me because he want to control me but i am not in his control so he left me . then akash said that for why you kill all mens.he said that I only kill those fathers that want to control their sons. but why you kill him. he want that what he say he have to follow it. then arjun take a rod start to attack on akash and said how dare you to try to kill me. Arjun said that i tell you how i kill your father. you go to kill him on the hill remember but after throw you again catch him. after you go from the place. i want to punish him. but a good news for you that i dont kill him he is alive.she is tie in the room because he want to controller so he have to felt the pain. after heard this Akash stand and beat him. and throw him from the window. there are some crocodile in the lake they catch and kill arjun. after this akash go in room and free his father.take him back to his home.

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