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A Psychopath - Part 2

one day there is a match of cricket in mumbai stadium.on that day during the match a dead body of a men was found beneath the seat of one of the audience.A police investigation held and it found that againg killing of cruel fathers has been started.two days before a dead body ofen having same sign 'R' on the head had been found like this body have . but this time it is being done by another killer or can we say psychopath. next day when akash was busy doing his work he came across the news of new emerging psychopath killing cruel fathers. Then he go on the place where he do a fight with arjun. because he thaught that arjun is alive. he try to find him but he didn't find anything. then in the night a man was take a box on his head and go to throw it in the river. next day akash said his father to drop him to friend's home. But rajeev say that he is busy. For a work when akash go to office he didn't find rajeev. he track his number and found that rajeev in the forest. when he start his car to go to meet his father on this time police come and say akash to come with them because he is only a man that know anything about arjun. he go with them and all the things happen with him. Police take arjun's father sanjay to police station for do some questions akash is present on the place. After sometime police leave them both but police have a doubt on both. when rajeev come home back then akash ask that what he was do in the forest but he didn't say anything he go in his room. Akash thaught something but he don't say anything. In night again his father go from home to forest now this time akash follow him and he see that his father try to find someone. Then akash go near to rajeev and say to his father that you try to find anyone. then his father start running and akash follow him. on the time he see a another person in forest. now he is lost in the forest.then someone hit on his head. take akash with him. when akash open his eyes he is found himself in a room and someone also present in the room. akash see in news that the psychopath kill many fathers. the person is not anyone he is sanjay and he tell akash that his father rajeev take akash to sanjay's house. after hear this akash is very angry on his father.after go back to his home. rajeev said that after the night. akash said that what are you doing father with me.you hit on my head and left me. Rajeev said him that what are you saying i don't know. rajeev go away from there mid- discussion. then akash start to check his father's room. Akash found a file in a drawer. this is the file of a bank locker. he decide to check the locker. He feel that someone in his house. he go out from the room and found that the psychopath entered in house. Then he start to fight with the psychopath. then psychopath run but now akash is very angry. during the fight akash found a sign of 'R' on his hand like the sign that found on death fathers body. when he snatch psychopath's mask. Then he know that he is not anyone his father rajeev is the killer. So he decided to sent him to jail. But after two days a new dead body found in a mall with sign 'R' now akash is confuse. So akash go in police station to meet his father his father said him that you kill my son. akash is in shock after heard this and he said that arjun is my real son not you. akash said why you live with me from twenty years. rajeev said that I am do it because he doesn't heard my word so i left him for save my repotation i have to do it. akash said you say arjun to kill all father. I don't say him to do this. you know that where he go after left you. no. then akash know that why arjun want to kill rajeev. Akash go to meet sanjay arjun's father because he thaught if arjun was angry on rajeev but he is live with sanjay. after arriving he see in tv that rajeev is killed by the psychopath. he go in the jungle in night and found a man with mask. he run to catch him but he also run. after sometime he catch the killer when he open his mask and know that the psychopath is not anyone he is sanjay. Sanjay said akash that he promise his son that he complete his work. you promise this meaning that arjun is alive.sanjay said he is not alive i kill him akash said why. he say because after fight with you he is in pain. I am don't see him like this. then we know that in the story we see a person in forest who take a box on his head. after heard this akash kill him and go away.Next day police got a body of killer and police closed the case of the mysterious case 'The psychopath'. When akash went to his home he see that all the person are sad after death of rajeev.Akash tell all the things to his mother and left his home and go to find his real parents.A man see him and starting shout that he is the son of killer akash is confused and say him that who are you. the man take him to his home and tell all the story. after heard this story akash is angry and say the man that I find the killer and give him the punishment and go away from the place.