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( Dear Reader, I would request you to read the earlier parts "The Lady Cook 1 to 17" to understand the story so far. )

( I am copying the last part of the previous episode no. 17, for a recap and continuity of the story….)

Then, as if she had finally come to a decision, she looked down at my face. She was holding me cradled in her arms near her stomach level. She pulled me a little high up on her body. Then without putting me down, she let go of her hand which was under my knees and again caught me instantly around my thighs with the same hand. She then released her hand which was behind my back and brought it also under my buttocks, to hold me firmly to the front of her body. I knew her strength, but still was amazed to experience that Sita, a woman of 37, was just playing with my body, an adult man of 40 in the air, as if I was a small child in her arms. She laughed and said, "Now, what are you waiting for Sir, you know the routine. Wrap your small legs around my hips, so that I can walk with you easily."

I laughed back at her, "Sita, do you remember that even a month back you felt so shy to talk to me and you couldn't even look at my eyes directly while talking to me. And now you are playing with your boss in your arms as if I'm your small child."

Sita smiled at me. "I must thank you Sir for this change in me. You have given me all this confidence in myself. In fact, I myself am surprised at the transformation I have undergone, since the time I have come in contact with you Sir. And as to handling you like a small child, that is nothing. You may be a powerful International Manager now, but once I lift you up in my arms, you are in my power. In the office you are my boss, but in my arms you are a weak and helpless little man. I am 3 years younger than you, but I am 6 inches taller and 18 kgs heavier and much stronger than you. In my hands, you are such a small, weak man that I can do whatever I want with you and you cannot even free yourself from my arms. And right now, you are in my captivity and at my mercy, my cute little sweet ..….", she didn't complete the sentence.

I smiled, "Cute, little, sweet what ?"

She tried to make her face look serious, but couldn't and laughed out instead, "That is for you to decide Sir. I don't know what I am to you ? You tell me - Hum aapkey hai kaun ?"

( Now read on…….)

The Lady Cook -18

I laughed, "Ohh! Trying to be filmy, eh ?"

She gave me a wry smile, "Sir, I know you cannot answer this question. You are very much aware Sir, that all three of us, that is my mother Uma, my younger sister Geeta and me, are more or less similar in size, physically. Each one of us is 5'9" tall compared to your short height of 5'3". We all weigh in the range of 80 to 83 kgs compared to your lightweight 64 kgs only. But in respect to your emotional relationship with each one of us, I only come third."

Sita paused for an effect, then continued, "I know you have your heart for my sister Geeta. She met you first. You know she loves you and lifts and carries you like she owns you and God knows what all she has done with you. But you can't do anything because she is married and has a child.

Second comes my mother, Uma. She is so possessive about you as if you are a reincarnation of her late husband. She carries you in her cradle like she used to carry her short husband. You cannot resist her because she dominates you being so much bigger and taller and stronger than you even at 55 years of age. But since she is 15 years older than you, she cannot marry you.

So, I come only as the last option for you. But I'm boring and unromantic. So you don't want me."

Sita was walking slowly with me in her arms, as she was talking to me. She held me in a front straddle, with my face right in front of hers. I was practically sitting on her two big strong hands which were crossed under my bottom. My legs were wrapped around her waist. My arms were around her neck and resting on her back. My palms were touching her cold, bare skin on her back, which was creating a strange sensation in my veins..

I smiled at her and said, "Very smart eh ! But wasn't this supposed to be your dream? That you will kidnap me and carry me away to a faraway place where your sister and mother cannot reach you. So, haven't I fulfilled your dream by bringing you to Mumbai? In the last 3 days, haven't you been carrying me in whatever way you have wanted, even in front of a Mall full of people? You had even dressed me up like a girl and breastfed me, with me lying on your lap? And you are saying that I don't want you ? You now have me captured high up on your breasts; you just now said that I'm so weak and helpless that I cannot free myself from your arms; and you can do whatever you want with me. So, can't you understand what you are to me and how I see you ?"

Sita smiled shyly, "Sorry Sir for saying all those things. I didn't mean them. Actually I have taken a lot of liberty these 3 days and tried to dominate you both physically and now verbally too. I thought that you like Geeta and my mother Uma because they dominate you. I shouldn't have said all those things to you. You have made me what I am today and I'm insulting you. Please forgive me Sir."

Sita hastily bent down to put me down on the floor. But I did not remove my legs from around her waist and my arms from around her neck. So it was an odd scene. With her head bent forward, although she had removed her hands from under my back, I was actually hanging to her body, with my hands around her neck and my legs around her waist. I was literally clinging to her and hanging from her body with all my might. When she realised that I wasn't letting go, she started laughing and straightened up again. She hugged me tightly to her body once again. Her laughter wasn't stopping. When she finally stopped laughing, she said, "Ohh Sir, it was so funny. I was bending forward to put you down. I didn't realise that you were hanging on to me. You looked so funny, like a child clinging on to his mother's neck and not wanting to get down from her lap. Really Sir, you are so small and cute. I don't know how I'll live without you now."

I was looking at Sita's face. She was hugging me tightly to her body now. I was pressed hard on her breasts, my face right in front of her. Her one hand was under my bottom holding me up. Her other hand was behind my back pressing me tightly to her breasts. Her big soft round breasts were like two big airbags pressing on my chest. It felt so sensual, I was feeling uneasy down there in my pants. My legs were tightly crossed behind Sita's waist. I hugged her tightly too with my arms crossed behind her neck on her bare back. Her skin felt so cold and soft and smooth and sensual to my touch. The way she supported my full body on her two hands, I was feeling weightless and totally under her physical control. She was handling me as if I was a toy in her hands.

Sita looked at me imploringly and said, "Sir, you have given me everything which I also never expected, without even asking for. But can I still ask something from you ? Will you give me ?"

I said, "If it's not so expensive that I cannot afford, I'll definitely give it to you. You ask. What do you want ?"

Sita, holding me up on her breasts, with me sitting on her arms at the level of her stomach, said, "No Sir, you don't have to buy anything for me. Sir, please give me something which I can remember you by, when you are not here." Sita continued.

I said, "Yes, that is possible. Tell me what you would like to have ?"

My face was right in front of hers, with me held tightly on her breasts. She held me so high up on her body that I was of her same height now sitting on her thick arms holding me strongly under my buttocks.

She didn't reply, just looked at me thoughtfully. I said, "What happened ? Tell me what you want, so that you can remember me by ?"

She looked me straight into my eyes and said, "I want you to make love to me."

For a moment, I was shocked. What did she say ? Did I hear it correctly ? I looked back at her with a bewildered expression. I could just say, "WHAT ?!!?"

She replied very calmly, "You heard it right Sir. I want you to make love with me."

Sita was standing in one place holding me tightly over her breasts, while talking to me. She now started walking with me held in her front straddle carry, slowly all around the room.

I said, "But how can we do that without marriage? And you know, I cannot marry you without first informing my parents. And since this transfer was such a sudden development, now there's not much of a time to do all that convincing."

She was still calm in her reply, "No Sir, you don't have to take any responsibility in this. I will not let anybody know. I will just be satisfied throughout my life that I had the honour of having the love of my life all to myself at least for one night."

I said, "But if anything happens because of that? Then? How will you explain to everybody?"

Sita was still coolly answering me. "You mean Sir that if I become pregnant ? We'll take all precautions for that. Sir, please understand that if that happens, more than you, I will be experiencing the maximun problems. Also loss of face to my family and my office colleagues. More importantly I will lose Your trust and belief in me, which I can never afford to lose."

I was still stunned by the request. I said, "I don't know what to answer. But why do you want this?"

Sita's eyes were almost imploring, "Sir, you already know that I cannot think of anybody except you as my true love. Whatever my mother might think and my sister might try, I know that I cannot ever have you as my husband. There is a gulf of difference between your family and mine, socially and economically. Your parents have their own social status and family prestige. And added to that, with my giant size compared to you, they can never accept me as their son's wife. I am sure that you also know this very well, but cannot say so on our face. Because you are too much of a gentleman. You also would not want to go against your parents' wishes, which I fully appreciate and respect. Sir, now that you are going away, I will not get another chance after tonight. Please let me fulfil my dream. Please don't say no, Sir."

I was dumbfounded. What an extraordinary request. But the way Sita was pleading, I did not know how to say no. I have already shocked her today by announcing my transfer. I could only say, "But we do not have any protections."

Sita's face brightened. She squeezed me a little harder to her body. Then said, "It's only 8.30 pm now Sir. I saw some medicine shops on the streets near this hotel. Let's go and buy them."

I said, "What do you mean by let's go ? How can you go with me to buy these things ? You wait here. I'll go and get them. You order dinner from room service, whatever you want for both of us. I'm coming soon."

I was back in the room in 15 minutes. I bought a packet of condoms from one shop and a strip of anti pregnancy pills from another shop. Just in case…

I found that Sita had already changed her dress within this time. She was now wearing a new dressing gown she had purchased on this trip. With the loose fitting cotton dressing gown, her body looked even more bigger.

We finished our dinner early by 9.30 pm. I had purposely booked an afternoon flight for tomorrow, Sunday. So we can relax in the morning in the hotel before we leave for the airport.

I said, "Sita, tell me one thing. What exactly have you thought of doing tonight ?"

She smiled shyly, "Nothing planned Sir, I don't know what to do. Let it naturally happen."

She was standing by our 5th floor hotel room window looking out to the flow of evening traffic on the busy Mumbai road. I walked over to her, stood very close to her. Whenever I stand so close to the tall 5'9" woman and compare my height of 5'3" with hers, I get excited. Standing so close to her, I said, "You said you wanted me to make love to you. What do you mean by that ?"

Sita had to look at me from her tall height with her head bent down fully, since I was standing very close to her body. She said, "Because I don't know what to do. This will be my first time."

I put my hands around her waist. She continued to look down at me, now with her hands on my shoulders. I said, "I'll share a secret with you today, which I haven't told your sister or mother. From my adolescence, I had all along fantasised about a tall, big girl or woman to physically dominate me and overpower me with her strength and lift and carry me around. That gets me excited and aroused." I looked up at Sita meaningfully.

Sita was laughing. "Ohh really? That is why you didn't object or feel awkward when first Geeta and then all three of us lifted and carried you all these days. So you were actually enjoying it all the time? That means I was right in thinking that you liked it when Geeta and my mother, Uma physically dominated you. Sir, you dreamt about one big tall girl; you got three. But all three of us have been lifting and carrying you in the standard ways only. So tell me Sir which is your favourite way to be lifted and carried ? Or any way which you had fantasised to be carried, but we have not yet lifted you that way ? Let me carry you that way now."

I said, "Ok fine, you can carry me that way. But you tell me, what has been your fantasy or dream about making love."

Sita said, "Wait I'll tell you. But first let me pick you up. Now I'll no longer feel that I'm embarrassing you when I lift you." She laughed.

Sita bent down and just picked me up from the front and set me on her stomach. She put her left hand under my bottom to hold me up. My legs went around her hips. And my arms were around her neck and shoulders. I was literally hanging on to her from the front. She jerked me up once to adjust me properly on her body and asked, "Comfortable Sir?"

I smiled, "Very comfortable Sita. Now you tell me, what is your dream about making love "

Sita was blushing. She started rocking me, holding me in front of her. "Sir, all my dreams have been centred around you. But the one position which I would love to hold you on my body, I have experienced it after coming to Mumbai only. But I can't tell you that, it's too embarrassing for me to tell you."

I laughed, "Ok, you don't have to tell me, just show me."

She gave a shy smile, "Really Sir ? Can I ? Sure you wouldn't mind ?"

I smiled back. Sitting on her stomach held by her strong arms, my face was right in front of hers. I said, "Tonight, I'm all yours. You can treat me as your boyfriend, husband or slave, whichever suits your fancy."

Sita had started walking towards the bed carrying me straddled in her arms from the front. "Don't say 'slave'. That word doesn't sound good." Sita exclaimed.

I said, "Why ? One of my favourite daydreams was that I was in the mediaeval period, where I bought a slave girl for myself. Tall and big and dark; well toned and solid body; but not muscular and very feminine. I would make her carry me around in her arms and never put me down. Even while sitting, she would hold me on her big, soft, cushioned lap."

Sita laughed out aloud listening to my daydream. She said, "I have a comment on this. I'll tell you later."

Sita had carried me to the bed. While still holding me up against her breasts with one hand under my bottom, she arranged two pillows by the bed-head with her other hand. She sat down cross legged on the bed resting her back on the pillows. She carefully laid me across her lap so that my head was lying on her left knee. Half of my body was on her lap, whereas my legs stretched out on the bed on the right side.

I was lying like a child on his mother's lap looking up at her face. She placed her right hand on my chest, smiled at me and asked, "Sir, how do you like to lie on my lap like this?"

I smiled too, "I love it. You have made me lie on your lap like a small child and you are still calling me Sir?"

She said, "Yes, I like the feeling of superiority that I'm holding my boss and my employer on my lap, fully surrendered to me and in my total power and control."

I sat up on her lap, sitting on her one thigh only, sideways. I was wearing a half sleeve light coloured round neck cotton tee shirt and soft cotton printed shorts. I asked her, "Take my tee-shirt off."

I put my hands up and she took my tee-shirt off and kept it aside. I was sitting bare bodied on her lap. Her left hand was lightly wrapped around my back, her other hand lying on my thighs. She was wearing a full sleeve pastel green dressing gown over a cream coloured sleeveless nightie with thin straps over her shoulders. Sitting on her lap, I untied the knot of her dressing gown's cloth belt. It came loose. I got off from her lap and knelt in front of her on the bed. I took off her dressing gown arms out of her long thick arms, one after the other. She kept on looking at my face with an amused smile on her lips. The top portion of her gown was now hanging loose behind her. I opened out the lower portion of her gown from her lap. She was now sitting with only her sleeveless nightie on.

What a sight it was for me. For the first time I was seeing her full arms exposed. Smooth soft skin; well rounded lower and upper arms and shoulders. No muscles there. Just solid rounded arms. Long and wide neck, silhouetted by her thick hair running down her back.

I just sat there admiring her for some moments. None of us were talking. I slowly moved back to my position sitting on her lap. My legs went across her thighs and rested on the bed. I was facing her sideways. I rested my head on her shoulders with my face going inside her wide neck. One of my arms was behind her back. My other hand rested on her bare shoulder and upper arm. Her skin was so smooth and soft; but her arms and shoulders were so thick and rounded. She wrapped her arms around my back and hugged me on her upper body. I just lay on her big breasts with my face inside her wide neck. It naturally came out of my mouth, "Wow! You are so tall and big and beautiful".

She didn't reply. Just smiled and bent her head down a little, trapping my face fully inside her neck. My nose was touching the cold, soft inside of her neck. My eyes were closed. I was inhaling the fragrance of her deodorant mixed with her body odour. It was intoxicating.

I heard her say, "Sir, the slave girl in your dream, was she taller and bigger than me?"

I took my face out of her neck. I am so small compared to her, I was easily sitting on just one of her big fat thighs. Her arms were wrapped around my back, trapping my body on her big full breasts. My face was now level with hers. I smiled at her and said, "No dear, she was exactly your size."

She replied, "So, why can't you take me with you as your slave?"

I held her face in both my hands and said, "I'll come back to you dear. Just let me settle down there. I'll take you with me. Not as my slave, but as my other half. Just give me some time."

She smiled and pulled me down to lie on her lap once again. She put a cushion under her left thigh to raise it up. She placed my head on her left knee, so that my face was also now raised to the level of her breasts. She slid her nightie strap over her left shoulder to expose one big soft breast. It was a breathtaking sight. Such beauty. I was just staring at her breast in awe. She put her hand under my head and guided my lips on to her small nipple. It was so soft outside but felt as if it was hard and fleshy inside. My eyes closed in sheer pleasure. She slid out her other hand from the confines of her strapped nightie on her right shoulder. She took my left hand in the big palm of her right hand and guided it on to her other breast. I felt as if my fingers closed over a big soft bag of butter. I started slowly kneading the big soft ball with my palm and fingers. My eyes were closed, lips pressed and sucking to my heart's content. I felt that this is actually 'heaven on earth'.

She was rubbing her free right hand over my bare chest and stomach. I felt her left hand on my head, her long fingers playing with my hair and lightly scratching my head. There was a tension rising inside my shorts for some time now. Her hand over my bare chest was lightly moving all over my bare chest and stomach and then over my bare thighs and legs. She was gently massaging my thighs and giving light pressure with her palm and fingers on the inner portions of my thighs. Her hand slowly moved over to my legs kneading my calf muscles. Her hand then moved back again to my bare chest; she was playing with the hair on my chest, rubbing them with her long fingers. Her hand slowly moved over my chest; down to my bare stomach. Then her fingers passed over my shorts over to my thighs again, kneading my inner thigh muscles. I felt the tension inside my shorts increasing. I felt my little hero was getting bigger and tighter.

Although my eyes were closed and my lips busy around her hard but soft nipple, I could sense that Sita had now noticed the tension inside my shorts. I could myself feel that a small tent was being formed as my shorts struggled hard to contain the growing rebellion rising under its cover. Her hand stopped massaging my thighs momentarily. She put her palm back on my stomach. I felt it stop over the elastic of my shorts. Then she was slowly pulling my shorts down, as if just to see the cause of the rising tent. I remained still, anticipating her reaction.

She pulled my shorts down to my knees. With the cover now removed, my little fellow was standing in full attention, saluting the lady.

I continued my sucking. But my eyes were open now. I was now lying on her lap, looking eagerly at her face at her changing reactions, with her nipple in my lips. Sita was staring with rapt attention to the saluting little fellow standing erect, right at the centre of her lap. I saw her delicately hold the throbbing rod inside her palm. My little guy had by then grown longer than the width of her palm and was peeping over her clenched fist. On an impulse she started rubbing her fist over it, with slow easy strokes.

I had to interfere. I feebly said, "No, Sita, no. Don't do that…"

She turned her head towards me, as if she was surprised to see that I was lying on her lap, she was so transfixed. I could see wonder and bewilderment in her eyes. I understood that she hadn't experienced this before.

Her voice was also hoarse, "What? Don't do what ?"

But her hand didn't stop. As if it had a mind of its own, she was going at it now, slowly but steadily. The more she did, the longer and thicker it became. By this time, I had started moaning. I was writhing on her lap in sheer ecstasy. Sita's left hand was now on my chest holding me tightly on her lap. Her right hand had increased her speed, going at it full throttle.

And then suddenly it was all over. With a full burst I came. And then in short stuttering bursts. Her hand was overflowing. She had stopped now, her hand still holding my thing, now getting smaller and flaccid inside her big palm.

As I lay exhausted on her lap, she picked me up in her cradle, still sitting cross legged on the bed. She lifted me bodily up from her lap, lying in her strong arms like a child, right under her face. She brought my face upto hers, bent her head down and crushed my lips with her full lips. It was a wild passionate kiss; long and dominating. She was literally sucking up my lips and tongue. When she finally released my lips, I was out of breath. She kept holding me up in her cradle, while sitting on the bed. She kissed me again, this time softly on my lips and said, "Thank you for giving me my first experience. Tell me, how long would you need to recover your energy ? Because this time I want to experience the real thing. I just love you Sir. I don't know whether you will ever come back to take me with you. But as far as I am concerned, I'm all yours for the rest of my life."