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The Lady Cook - 17

On the third and final day of my conference at our Head office in Mumbai, our Division's President, Mr Shroff called me to his chamber. He said, "I have some good news for you. You have successfully handled your Branch since you took charge two years back. The top management has decided to give you a bigger role now.

You must be aware that we are planning to open our international branch offices in Singapore and Dubai. These are scheduled to start operations from the beginning of next month. We have chosen you as our Operations head for the Middle East countries based at Dubai. There are a couple of other contenders but I would personally want you to lead our Dubai operations. I hope you do not have any problems locating out of the country."

This news came both as a pleasant surprise and also a jolt to me. Obviously this will be a great opportunity for me. Setting up a Branch office in a new country and creating its market base was a challenging job and will be beneficial for my career growth in future.

I did think of my foster family and relationships brewing up in my present location though. I knew that the sisters Geeta, Sita and their mother Uma would definitely not like my moving over to some other country. But it was not in my hands to refuse. If the top management has decided to transfer me out, they can do that anytime. So it is better to accept the management's offer of such a promotion gracefully, rather than to make excuses of not leaving India and declining the offer. This might be detrimental to my future career prospects.

I said, "Sir, I feel that since you want me to take up the Dubai position, I will definitely honour your decision."

Mr Shroff was all smiles. He said, "I knew it. I had full faith in you. Very well then, it's decided. I am deciding on your replacement at your present Branch very shortly. I want you to try and wind up as early as possible from your present location and move on to Dubai at the earliest. We have already finalised an office location and also a good flat, fully furnished for our Operations head. I think you will like it. I'm scheduling your meeting with the Exports department Managers who will update you on what they have done till now, so that you can take over smoothly. Although there is a few weeks time now, for you it will be quite hectic. I want you to personally invite all the relevant dignitaries in their country's Government and Administration and all our possible big ticket clients to the inauguration program. For that reason, I would like you to be in position at least ten days earlier, so that the inauguration ceremony is smooth. I think you would also like to visit your hometown to meet your parents before you finally leave India. I know it will be quite a last minute rush for you. But we couldn't help it, our decision had to be taken in quite a hurry. So, congratulations for your new position and best of luck !" Mr Shroff stood up and gave me a warm handshake.

The day went by like a whirlwind. The meeting with the Exports managers took some time. Lots of thoughts were going on in my head. I have been asked to move out as early as possible. So I have to start winding up with immediate effect. Practically I will hardly be getting any time back at my Branch location. I definitely would have to visit my parents in my hometown and take care of some formalities there, since I will actually be moving out of the country.

Sita was back in the hotel at 7pm, after her training program got over. I reached the hotel at around 7.30 pm. Our flight back from Mumbai to our city was on the next day, which was a Sunday. Earlier we had plans that since this would be the last evening in Mumbai together, we would go out in the evening. I couldn't give much time to Sita on the last two evenings as my meetings used to end up quite late. So Sita had to go around all alone in the markets and Mall near the hotel and did some shoppings on her own.

But today with all this new assignment for me and its immediate implications on my personal life going on inside my brain, I wasn't in the mood to go out shopping. I texted Sita that I've come back to the hotel. I also told her that we'll not be going out but let us spend the evening together sitting in the room and just talking. I had not yet told Sita of my impending transfer over phone. I freshened up, changed into my casuals and then called Sita to my room.

Sita knocked on the door. She came in and immediately sensed that something was wrong. Possibly my body language gave me away. As I turned away and came into the room, she came around and stood in front of me. The big 82 kgs Sita standing tall at 5'9" blocked my path.

I had the same odd feeling like always looking up at her face from my 5'3" height, feeling dwarfed with my 63 kgs frame standing right in front of her. Sita put her hands on my shoulder, her body was almost touching mine. She looked down at me with a kind face and asked, "What's the matter Sir ? You look disturbed."

I looked up at her and smiled. It's time to break the bad news to her. Yes, although it would be a very good promotion for me, it will not make her happy. I said, "Come let's sit down. There has been some crucial development at the Head Office. I need to tell you that."

We walked over to the two-seater sofa in my hotel room and sat side by side. She always sits tall and erect. Even while sitting on the same level, I feel dwarfed beside her with the top of my head reaching up to her lips only. She looked at me with her head bent downwards to meet my eyes.

I told her in detail whatever had transpired during the day without leaving out any point. I saw her face harden as I proceeded with the information of my transfer out of the country. When I finished, she sat quietly for a few moments, not even looking at my face. Then she got up and walked out of my room. I called after her but she did not respond. I knew that she could not take the news of my transfer and was very upset. I called her up on her mobile…she didn't respond…just disconnected my call.

Ten minutes later there was a knock at my door. I opened the door. Sita walked in. She closed the door and turned to face me. She put her hands on my shoulders and from her imposing height of 5'9" looked down at my 5'3" frame and asked, "Why are you doing this Sir ? Are you trying to end your story with us ?"

I laughed uneasily, "I have not done anything, Sita. This is the decision of the top management. Come let's sit down and talk."

I pulled her hand and came to the two-seater sofa. She sat down on the sofa and before I could sit down beside her, she pulled me down on her lap. She made me sit on one of her fat thighs sideways, with both my feet going over her other thigh. I realised that her one thigh was wider than my entire bottom. And it was as if I was sitting on a very thick cushion. She put her left hand around my back and wrapped it up on my stomach. Her right hand rested on my thighs. I was having problems placing my hands. My right side was fully resting on her body. Even sitting on her thick lap, my face was still not upto the level with hers because of her longer upper body. My right upper arm was actually touching her soft breasts and I had to keep my palm on my right thigh, where her right arm was already resting. So in effect, my right palm had to rest on her right forearm. It was just solid thick...and the skin was amazingly soft to touch. Similarly, I was not finding a place to keep my left hand. Her two big hands totally covered up my own thighs. So my left palm either rested on one of her forearms or wrists or landed on her thighs. My left palm closed on her right wrist. Ohh what a thick wrist. It was not just fat, I could make out her bone structure was really thick.

My mind was busy with all this, when Sita said, "So what will happen to me when you go away ?"

I came to my senses. "What will happen? You have a confirmed job. You will continue working."

She was still serious, "See Sir, ideally I should be happy for you, you are getting such a big promotion. But I cannot accept the fact that I will not be able to see you again. You know na Sir, that you are the greatest thing that has happened to me in my life. How can I live without you now ?" I just didn't know what to say. I just patted her thick arm, sitting on her lap.

She continued, "This means that today is the last opportunity, I can be alone with you."

Her eyes were sad. She held me tighter in her arms. Our faces were almost touching. Her lips were brushing my forehead.

I said,"Why? I'm still here for some more days. I'll be meeting you in the office."

She said, "What can I do in the office ? I can't even touch you. In the evenings, Geeta will monopolise you at your home. And I don't know what will happen when our mother comes to know of this. She will come down from the village and start staying at your flat again till you go. Then Ma and Geeta will take turns and they will only gobble you up. You know how dominating both of them are. I can only look at you in the office."

I patted Sita on her cheek lightly. I still didn't know what to say to her. Whatever she was saying was correct. If Uma, their 55 year old 5'9" and 83 kgs mother, comes to know of this, she'll come down immediately. And she is so dominant, she might even create problems for my leaving. She won't understand my career problems.

Sita was again speaking, "Sir can I make one request ? Can I stay with you for the night today in your room ?"

Her face looked so sad and morose that I couldn't say no. I nodded my assent. Her face lit up immediately. She got up from the sofa. I went up with her too, this time in her cradle. She said smiling, "Sir, from this moment till we leave tomorrow, I'll not let you down from my arms or lap. Sir, I had told you earlier of my daydream of kidnapping you and taking you away to a far off town, to have you all for myself, not haunted by my mother and sister. Let me utilise every minute of my last freedom with you."

She was walking around the room holding me in her cradle. Rocking me, whenever she stood for a while. Looking down at my face, sweetly and lovingly. I was feeling like a small child in his mother's arms. Only that I was 40 years; and she was 37 years. I was 5'3" and 63 kgs and she was 5'9" and 82 kgs.

Sita lifted me up on her body a little. She was now holding me high up on her body, even higher than her breasts. My face was just beneath hers. She looked sweetly into my eyes, bent her head and pulled my face towards her. First she gave a series of short soft kisses all over my forehead, then she kissed my eyes. One eye and then the next. Then she kissed my nose, coming down to my cheeks. One cheek and then the other. She ended up on my lips. She crushed my lips with a strong and hard kiss. She thrust her tongue inside my lips. She twirled her big tongue inside my mouth, and started to moan in pleasure. She was swaying from side to side, slowly rocking my body. It was a strange feeling for me. I was feeling helpless in the captivity of this tall big woman. I knew she could do anything with me the way she was holding me so strongly, so high up. Anything meaning Anything. I was totally unable to move. But she wasn't hurting me. Her hold on me was strong, but not too tight. My hands were touching her skin around her shoulders. Her arms, her shoulders, her neck, everything was so big and solid. I was just overwhelmed at the mere size and mass of her body. But even being carried about 5 feet off the ground, floating in the arms of this giant woman, an unexplained ecstasy was filling my senses. I felt my whole body responding to her deep kiss...her strong but loving hold. She held me so close to her face, so high up in the air. She was rocking me from side to side like a mother rocks her baby. I felt so small and weak being held so helplessly in her massive hands. She took her tongue out of my mouth and pressed my face inside her big, wide neck. She bent her head a little down, trapping my face inside her neck. Her chin was touching my cheek. Her hair fell across her face and entirely hid my face. She just stood there holding me in her cradle, so high up in the air, rocking me slowly from side to side. Her grip on me was so firm but all so tender, as if I was a baby and she was careful not to hurt me even by mistake. I was lost inside her. My body… she had already captured it. But my mind and senses were also now controlled by this amazon beauty. I somehow felt so safe, so secured, so protected being covered up so totally in her massive arms. I felt so comfortable and cosy with her huge breasts supporting my small arms around her neck, my face buried in her wide, soft neck. I totally gave in to the heavenly bliss and lay on her big firm breasts, surrendering myself to the power and control of this big and tall and strong woman.

This was so uncharacteristic of Sita. She is never so aggressive or dominant. She is rather sober and gentle. And whenever she had picked me up in her arms, she had politely asked my permission. But today I don't know what has gotten into her. She has become quite wild in her actions.

Hidden under her hair, with my face lying just under her neck, with her big strong arms holding me tightly on her body, I said, "What is wrong with you Sita today ? You were never so aggressive or dominant with me earlier ?"

She removed her hair from over my face and looked down at me lying helpless in her cradle hold. Her face was sad. She replied, "I am not being aggressive on you Sir. I'm just desperate. Now that I'm on the brink of losing you forever, I have lost all my senses of decency. I knew that I would never be able to have you as my own. But the fact that you were near me, that I can hold you and carry you in my arms whenever I want, was such a consolation. I had dreaded about this day, the day you would come and tell us that you are transferred. But even then I had some hope. Wherever you are in the country, I could at least go and see you and touch you, even if you couldn't come to me. But now that you are going out of the country that chance has also gone. Now you are going beyond my reach forever."

Sita's eyes swelled up with tears. Since she was holding me up in both her arms on her breasts, she couldn't wipe her tears. I put up my hand and wiped her tears. She snuggled her wet face on mine, like a mother loves her child lying in her arms.

Sita was silent for some time. She paced around the room cradling me in her arms high up on her breasts, looking down sadly at my face. I didn't have words to console her either. I knew that what she was saying may be true. I myself do not know whether I would be able to make time to come and meet her when I return to India to visit my parents in my hometown.

She was slowly strolling all around the room carrying me in her arms, not speaking to me. Sometimes she stood at one place lost in some thoughts. Whenever she stood, she was subconsciously rocking me in her arms slowly from left to right and back, like a mother rocks her baby lying in her arms. I could sense that she was thinking something deeply. She wasn't even paying any attention to me and was just casually holding me tightly on her breasts. I felt as if she was trying to make up her mind on something.

Then, as if she had finally come to a decision, she looked down at my face. She pulled me a little high up on her body. Then without putting me down, she let go of her hand which was under my knees and again caught me instantly around my thighs with the same hand. She then released her hand which was behind my back and brought it also under my buttocks, to hold me firmly to the front of her body. I knew her strength, but still was amazed to experience that Sita, a woman of 37, was just playing with my body, an adult man of 40 in the air, as if I was a small child in her arms. She laughed and said, "Now, what are you waiting for Sir, you know the routine. Wrap your small legs around my hips, so that I can walk with you easily."

I laughed back at her, "Sita, do you remember that even a month back you felt so shy to talk to me and you couldn't even look at my eyes directly while talking to me. And now you are playing with your boss in your arms as if I'm your small child."

Sita smiled at me. "I must thank you Sir for this change in me. You have given me all this confidence in myself. In fact, I myself am surprised at the transformation I have undergone, since the time I have come in contact with you Sir. And as to handling you like a small child, that is nothing. You may be a powerful International Manager now, but once I lift you up in my arms, you are in my power. In the office you are my boss, but in my arms you are a weak and helpless little man. I am 3 years younger than you, but I am 6 inches taller and 18 kgs heavier and much stronger than you. In my hands, you are such a small, weak man that I can do whatever I want with you and you cannot even free yourself from my arms. And right now, you are under my capture and at my mercy, my cute little sweet ..….", she didn't complete the sentence.

I smiled, "Cute, little, sweet what ?"

She tried to make her face look serious, but couldn't and laughed out instead, "That is for you to decide Sir. I don't know what I am to you ? You tell me - Hum aapkey hai kaun ?"