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Sword of Knight The Return of Gandar's Sword - Chapter 1


The land in the Easterland is dark, and its purpose is to spread darkness to the neighboring kingdoms. The great war initiated by Mundoghor began in the kingdom of Farra Mounth.

Farra Mounth is the land of the goblins, a vast kingdom that fell into the hands of the Anroc. The throne protected by the goblins fell, destroyed by the invading forces.

The second kingdom conquered by Mundoghor was the land of the trolls, the Black Land. The war lasted for three days, resulting in significant loss of life. The trolls surrendered willingly to the powerful Lord Gandar of Mundoghor, whose mighty sword was wielded for evil.

Lord Gandar abused the power of the dark sword, using it to intimidate neighboring lands. Many kingdoms fell under his rule.

The war in Easterland is not yet over. After defeating Farra Mounth and the Black Land, Mundoghor attacked the green land, West Aile, home to the Green Orcs.

West Aile also utilizes magic. The elder orcs wield magic capable of cursing everything around them.

The war lasted six days, as the Anroc struggled against the Orcs. The elder orcs were skilled in magic.

Mundoghor had not yet defeated West Aile, but with the arrival of evil, it fell in an instant.

Using Gandar's sword, the elder orcs were defeated. The sword struck the magic created by the elder orcs, causing them to vanish like ash.

The powerful elder orc leader of West Aile fought against the mighty Lord Gandar, also known as the Deathlord, for his evil deeds.

The elder orcs used their magic against the Deathlord, but it was no match for the dark magic emanating from his sword. As long as he held the sword, none could defeat him.

Mundoghor conquered West Aile; the elder Green Orcs surrendered to the Deathlord, relinquishing their honor and power to the Lord of Darkness.

With West Aile fallen, the Deathlord turned his sights to East Aile, the kingdom of the White Orcs. The White Orcs did not use magic but were skilled warriors.

East Aile did not easily succumb to Mundoghor due to skilled warriors fighting in its army.

Mundoghor needed help from West Aile and Farra Mounth to defeat the resilient White Orcs.

The battle led to the defeat of East Aile. Their kingdom fell into the hands of Mundoghor.

To gain more power, the Deathlord headed to the kingdom of the elves, Elfwood, the largest land in Easterland.

"What is the decision of Elfwood?" asked the Deathlord, standing before the Elvin King.

"My lord, Elfwood is ready to submit to you," replied the Elvin King, bowing and removing his crown as a sign of respect. The Deathlord was pleased with Elfwood's surrender.

The elves desired power, replacing their loyalty with a desire for new lands in other parts of the Earth Legion.

All the kingdoms in Easterland fell due to the Deathlord's power, pushing him to conquer the lands in the Northernland.

But the Deathlord's power had limits. His power could not reach Northernland as long as something blocked the way through the mountains.

Gour, a magical barrier, protected the borderlands between Northernland and Easterland. Found in Eradhor, the kingdom of the Orsins, the powerful Gour was placed by the Skypul Tower Counsel to block those who sought to cross into Northernland.

The power of Gour extended to West Legion, capable of destroying anyone who touched it. It appeared as a lightning bolt striking the ground, deterring anyone from approaching.

The Deathlord feared destroying Gour, as even his sword couldn't break it.

"Lord Erunvil Wood! As long as Gour is there, we cannot enter Wondryl," said the king's soldier.

"The Gour in the borderlands of Elfwood Mountain cannot be destroyed. Unless the elder wizards at the Skypul Tower are tempted, only they can remove Gour from our lands," said the Elvin King to his soldier.

Aside from the Gour placed between Mundoghor and Eradhor, there was also a Gour between Elfwood and Wondryl, located in the Westerland. Since Wondryl was vast, it was protected by Gour against the Elfwood Kingdom.

Lord Erunvil Wood went to Mundoghor to speak with the Deathlord. The Elvin King traveled a long way to reach Mundoghor.

Upon reaching Mundoghor, the Elvin King revealed his plans. He wanted to tempt the elder wizards at the Skypul Tower. The Deathlord would use his abilities to ensure he could control the elder wizards.

The Deathlord took his sword and headed to the depths of his kingdom. He went to his army awaiting his command.

The Elvin King saw how vast Mundoghor's army was, hidden underground. Many Anroc forged weapons and defensive tools. The Deathlord prepared for the war he would wage.

"Elvin King! Mundoghor's army is ready to conquer the kingdoms in Northernland," said the Deathlord, standing at a high cliff, watching his army.

"My lord, the conquest of Northernland is imminent," agreed the Elvin King.

The Deathlord failed to defeat the magic of the wizards at the Skypul Tower, so his plan failed. However, the Elvin King was clever and used the elder orcs of West Aile. The Green Orcs used magic, providing significant aid in the war waged by Mundoghor.

The elder orcs of West Aile gathered at the source of Gour. Alongside them was the Deathlord, ready to destroy the powerful Gour created by the Skypul Tower.