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Never Healing - 1

It was love at first sight when I met this amazing innocent guy, he was skinny and light in complexion. He was the guy from my hood and we never talked to each other even once, this other day he saw me and boom he was on my inbox, "do you mind if we become friends?" I couldn't believe my eyes, I felt butterflies in my stomach and responded"sure".we met on that night and we had sex on our first meet up. In the morning I had regrets I was very quiet on our way back to my house "I love you so much and I want you to be my girlfriend" said Gee. I was fooled by his words thinking that he has pure intentions not knowing that he's not innocent. We met every night having sex, that was the way of showing my love to him, we connected through sex. This other time I wasn't feeling well, it was itchy down there. I went to the nearest clinic, "you're having sex at you're age?" said the nurse I responded "yes" with my head, "you have STI and it's best if you come with you're pattern to treat it" said the nurse. I went back home worried, lost in my thoughts thinking about how I'm going to approach the guy. "hi can we meet, we need to talk" I sent the text. We met I told him what the nurse said at the clinic and he responded "so you sleep around? I thought you were having sex with me alone". I couldn't believe what my ears were hearing,"how can you say that...", he shouted "how can I say what cause I'm not cheating on you? You are the one sleeping around... You're making me sick damn!" said Gee. I was so stupid and fooled by the fake love, I asked for forgiveness knowing very well that I'm not sleeping around, I lost weight and my vagina had bad smell, I went back to the clinic, they told me the same thing the said to me last month. Sex was very painful, and this other time Gee drank some medication in front of me, "what are those pills for?" looking straight into his eyes. "ah these are for my skin" said Gee.

Early in the morning I decided to search the name of the pills online and discovered that those were antibiotics pills, "so he knows that he's sick. " I said to myself. That was red flag number 1, but I stayed in that toxic relationship with so many lies not knowing that I'm going to discover a lot about this guy and see who he is. The stupid me always had that soft spot for this guy that's how I love him. Even if I find something bad about him, I try so hard to not believe it and create my own story or scenarios In my mind. "Hy can we meet tonight at my crib" said Gee. I ran like nobody's business