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Kabir's Cleverness

“Kabir's Cleverness”

-Anand Vishvas

For a long time, Kabir and his mother had been desiring to visit Somnath Temple. But sometimes Kabir’s father's office work and sometimes Kabir’s studies. That's it, the program could not be made.

But this time all the roads were clear. There were no obstacles and on top of that it was the month of Shravan. The play of that person above is unique. In any case, when Bhole Baba calls, there is no problem and without his wish, even a card cannot move, then what is the chessboard of man.

Reservation of Ashram Express train was done immediately and tickets were also confirmed.

All the necessary items and clothes were collected in briefcases and bags. Kabir’s father also came home from office by 2 o'clock today. Kabir’s father, mother and Kabir get ready and reached Delhi Railway Station at around 2.30.

After reaching the railway station, Kabir’s father had no problem in locating the train and seat. S-2 sleeper coach had three berths, belonging to the Kabir family. Arranged all the stuff on the seat. Kabir sat near the window and anyway children especially like to sit near the window. There was still a lot of time left for the train to start but it is better to reach earlier.

On the front seat were two gentlemen of about thirty-thirty-two years of age. three-four people had also come to see-off them. He had only two brief cases as luggage, so he kept them on his berth.

Some people do have magnetic attraction. Seeing someone, you feel like talking to them and someone who has done you no harm, yet you feel disgusted with him and feel like moving away from him. The chemistry of the mind itself is different. Only the mind knows this.

Kabir’s friendly nature and attractive personality automatically has the ability to attract everyone towards him.

The gentleman in front asked Kabir– “Where are you going?”

“From here we will go to Ahmedabad and then from there to Somnath for dev-darshan.” Kabir said.

“And where are you going, uncle?” Kabir asked.

“We will also go to Ahmedabad from here and then go to Mumbai from there.” Uncle replied.

“What is your name, you look very cute.” one of them asked.

“Kabir, and what is your name, Uncle?” Kabir asked the question along with the answer.

“My name is Shiv Pal Singh and his is Rajpal Singh and we are residents of Meerut.” One of them replied.

The conversation continued for some time. The guard signalled, blew his whistle and the train started. Kabir started looking at the fascinating scene outside.

They kept coming and going one station after another. The speed of the train is sometimes slow and sometimes fast. Like life, sometimes slow and sometimes fast.

The train stop at some stations for two minutes and at others for ten minutes and then leave towards the destination. To take everyone to their destination.

T.C. came and checked everyone's tickets. All the passengers were genuine and no one was without ticket. The few local passengers had also alighted.

When the train stopped at Dosa station, Shiv Pal Uncle got down on the platform, talked to a man standing under the electric pole, who was probably waiting for him, and then took the bag from him and sat on his seat. Kept the bag under the seat. Kabir felt something strange and even got suspicious. After all, who was it who gave his bag to uncle and went away?

The train was moving towards its destination every moment. After all, he too had to take everyone to their respective destinations. Sometimes a small station would come, the sound of tea-hot, tea-hot and sometimes the sound of cold water would come and then as the speed of the train increased, the sound would stop. The moving vehicle starts moving towards its next destination.

The train stopped at Jaipur. There was a stoppage of about ten minutes here. Kabir’s father came down from the compartment to take a walk on the platform and also to take some breakfast.

The thought came to Kabir’s mind that he should call from Uncle Shiv Pal’s mobile phone to Papa to bring him chips. So that their mobile number will come in father's mobile.

He cleverly said to Shiv Pal Uncle, “Uncle, should I make a call to my Papa.”

"Sure, why not." He said while giving the mobile to Kabir.

Kabir called his father and said, “Hello Papa, I am Kabir. “Please bring a packet of Uncle Chips also.”

“Okay, if there is nothing else, ask to your mother also.” Papa asked.

“No, nothing else, Papa, that's it.” Kabir said.

The uncle in front laughed and also liked Kabir’s foresight. Perhaps the importance of mobile phone has been learned. Kabir thanks uncle and returns his mobile to him.

After some time, Kabir’s father had arrived. Breakfast had also arrived and Kabir’s uncle-chips had also arrived. Everyone had breakfast. Some brought from home and some just brought.

After resting for some time, they started getting ready to sleep. Kabir preferred to sleep on the lowest berth. Papa and mom slept on the upper berths. The people in front also slept on their respective berths.

It must have been around two o'clock in the night. There must have been some small station, perhaps Falana. The train stopped for two minutes and then started.

Kabir saw that both the uncles from the front berth were not on their berths. Both the berths were empty and there was no luggage in them.

There was doubt in Kabir’s mind. If one had to gone to bathroom then other must be here. He had to go beyond Ahmedabad to Mumbai, but why did he get down midway?

It was natural to have doubts. When he bent under the seat and looked, he was shocked. There was a bag kept below from which a ticking sound was coming. And this were the same bag which the man had given to Shiv Pal Uncle at Dosa station. There was no delay in understanding Maybe it was a bomb.

He immediately woke up his parents. After seeing it they decided that it was a bomb. By then the passengers nearby had also woken up.

Kabir’s father informed T.C. about this. T.C. immediately informed to the guard and the driver. By now all the passengers of the coach were awake. This news spread like wildfire in the front and rear coaches also. As soon as the railway staff got the information, everyone came into action. He also requested the passengers to maintain peace and patience.

On the other hand, this information was immediately sent to the nearby railway stations Ajmer, Abu Road, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. So that all possible help can be provided as soon as possible.

Railway staff took a decision that this S-2 coach should be cut and separated. So that even if the bomb could not be defused in time, at least loss of life could be avoided and a major tragedy could be avoided.

Railway staff asked all the passengers of S-2 sleeping coach to calmly vacate S-2 coach as soon as possible and shift to nearby coaches S-1 and S-3. All the passengers quickly vacated the coach. By the time the S-2 coach was empty, the train had stopped.

Railway staff separated S-2 and S-3 coaches, moved the engine forward and separated S-2 coach from S-1. Thus, only the S-2 coach was cut apart so that in case of a bomb blast, there would be at least no loss of life.

The rest of the train was taken forward and stopped. All we had to do was wait for the bomb disposal squad. Who could defuse the bomb and save the coach. But neither the bomb disposal squad nor any help reached the incident site in time.

The bogie was vacated with the help of railway department employees and passengers. And after a few moments there was a massive explosion in the bogie. The explosion was very terrible. It felt as if the eardrums had burst. It was a heart-wrenching explosion. The pieces of the bogie were scattered far and wide. It seemed as if the flames wanted to touch the sky.

The train was standing divided into two parts and the S-2 coach was smoking and burning in the middle. The contents of the entire coach were scattered here and there. Sleeping coach S-2 was completely destroyed.

It was a million thanks to God that all the passengers were safe and no one was hurt. And there were no casualties. The only loss was the coach.

People were just giving millions of blessings to that unknown child, thanks to whom he was alive today. Just imagining it would give him goosebumps.

What would have happened if this had not happened? Perhaps they would have been reduced to ashes and their carcasses would have been scattered somewhere. It was beyond imagination to imagine what would have happened to so many families.

By morning, Railway Protection Force, Bomb Disposal Squad and I.B. team had reached the incident site. Police and IB team came and informed about the entire situation received from Guard, Railway Staff and Driver.

ATS And NIA The team studied the burnt coach. Perhaps an effort is being made to find out what material has been used in the bomb and which organization could be behind the blast. The damaged coach was now under surveillance of N.S.G.

TC informed to the police, ATS and IB and also Introduced Kabir and his father. Because Kabir’s father and Kabir were the only people who could tell anything about the terrorists.

Kabir’s father shared the mobile number of the terrorists from his mobile to the officer. The mobile from which Kabir had called Papa to bring Uncle-Chips from the platform in Jaipur. He also gave alll the information which he was able to get while talking to them during the journey. He also talked about the people who had come to drop him at Delhi Railway Station.

This mobile number was very important for IB. The officer instructed the head office to immediately trace the location of this mobile number.

Also instructed the police and task force to chase those terrorists. With the help of Kabir and Kabir’s father, a sketch of the terrorists was also made on the basis of which they could be caught.

Kabir told the police officer that he had become suspicious of these two people at Dosa station itself. When a man was standing under an electric pole on the platform with a bag, Shivraj Singh came down, talked to that man and came into the train with the bag. After that both these men became very alert. And instead of getting ready to sleep, he opened his seat and sat down.

I had called my father in Jaipur just to get his mobile number and I was successful in doing the drama. I did not sleep, kept awake and pretended to sleep. I kept watching their activities with a stealthy eye. As soon as both of them got down at Falana station and the train started, I saw them going on the platform and immediately I understood that they had got down from the train and left. Something is definitely wrong. I woke up my father and told him everything.

There was a huge gathering of media at the incident site. Someone from the press, someone from the channel. Various types of interviews were being conducted. Media interviewed Kabir. Various types of questions were asked to Kabir. Kabir gave satisfactory answers to all the questions of the media.

Kabir’s father and Kabir were given special police protection. Police and IB Believed that his life could be in danger. Also requested him not to travel further for the time being. Kabir’s father accepted his proposal. So, they decided not to go to Somnath.

The police made arrangements to send Kabir and Kabir’s parents to Delhi under their security. Apart of this, strict security of police force was also provided in Kabir’s house and society.

Bhole Shankar, by saving the lives of the innocent travellers, gave the Kabir the virtuous results which were a million times more than what Kabir could have received by having the darshan of Bhole Baba in Somnath. Perhaps this is what Bhole Baba wanted, and he has made Kabir the medium of this virtuous work. Only they know his Leela.

On the other hand, the police, along with the task force, had reached the terrorists by tracing the location of their mobile phones. The terrorists were surrounded from all sides.

Firing had started from both sides. In the firing, two policemen were martyred and one terrorist was killed. After a tough struggle of two hours, the police succeeded in capturing the second terrorist alive.

The terrorists did not even expect that the police would reach them so soon. They may or may not have realized their mistake, but it was true that if the police did not have the mobile number given by Kabir, perhaps the police would never have been able to reach the terrorists.

I.G. Police and railway staff greatly appreciated this work of Kabir. I.G. The police even mentioned this in their interview given to the media and also praised Kabir profusely.

Later it was revealed that both of them were not Shiv Pal and Rajpal but dreaded terrorists Ajmal Khan and Mansoor Ali. The police believed that they were also linked to the Mumbai bomb blasts. Even Interpol was looking for these two terrorists.

The government had also announced a reward of Rs 2 lakh each for anyone giving information about this. Kabir’s cleverness and foresight led one of the dead and one alive to the government.

Dreaded terrorist Mansoor Ali was killed in the encounter and Ajmal Khan is now in police custody.

Next day, there were scenes of burning bogies in all the newspapers and the head line was, 'Burning train, clever boy Kabir saved lakhs of lives.' The headline of some paper was, Due to the cleverness of Bahadur Kabir, one dreaded terrorist was killed and another was caught.

All the channels telecast Kabir’s interview with special coverage.

A few days later, a function was held in Kabir’s honor by the police department. In which Kabir received a cheque of Rs 4 lakh and a citation from I.G. He also said that Kabir’s name has been sent to the government of India to be included in the list of brave children who are to be honoured on the Republic Day celebrations.

Kabir was very happy and perhaps many times more so than Kabir’s parents and grandfather.

Kabir took father's permission and donated the money in the Society Welfare Fund. So that this amount of money can be used for the upliftment of the poor and Dalit class people of the society. And got the citation hung in the drawing room.