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It's a beautiful day in Sumeria. Everyone in the Sumeria Kingdom are celebrating, the face of the people in Sumeria is enlighting with happiness and joy. It's all because "Leon" the king of the Sumeria kingdom blessed with a beautiful and magnificient baby girl. She so gorgeous that her eyes are like precious gems just uncovered. Her face is just like a mixture of clear sky and a touch of early morning dew. Everyone in the Sumeria kingdom are gathering at the castle for the celebrations and to see the baby princess. But the eyes of the king leon are searching for someone.

Wife of king Leon, Queen of the sumeria kingdom "Diana" asked king Leon - "For whom you are waiting for honey, Everyone is waiting for you to come and to take the blessings of the sumeria kingdom people for the princess.

The king said - "I am waiting for the important person that you already known Diana and He is very dear to me. He promised me that he will come at the right time, And my best friend never break his promises".

Diana - "I know honey but we can't let the people of Sumeria kingdom wait for just one person. I know that one person is so important to you but if he didn't come to the celebrations i will personally send one of our troops in army to bring him".

The king went to the main hall of castle and welcomed the people of Sumeria. He took his baby princess into his arms and showed to the Sumeria kingdom people and named princess as "Elena". People of sumeria kingdom started chanting "Hail princess Elena". And suddenly all people in castle become silent and they are giving way to someone. Through that way a person with big arms and wide shoulders with 6 ft height came and said - "I miss you so much my friend"

Leon - " I missed you too 'kratos', i am waiting for you all this time. You should see my princess and give her your blessings.

Kratos - "I am waiting for this time a long ago my friend, The princess has brilliance just like you my friend. I did bring a gift for the princess Elena.

Kratos took out a locket and presented to the princess elena. Kratos said "I also bringed a gift for you too my friend" and dragged a knife from his belt and tried to stab King leon, Queen diana pushed king leon to save his life but insted she got stabbed by kratos and queen diana died infornt of the king leon. In a blink of eye an army of enemy soldiers came out of sumerian people and starts killing king's Leon army. King's army resisting the enemies army and trying to save the king leon and princess elena. King leon asked to kratos - " why are you doing this? You are my best friend, i treated you as my brother.

Kratos - ''I did so much for you and for the sumeria kingdom, And i fought so many battles just for you. But you refused to marry my sister and she died just because of you, But you are living a happy life with Diana, And now Sumeria kingdom people also got a princess here. That's why i joined hands with our sworn enemy king 'Draco' the king of 'Eldoria Kingdom'.

On the dead bodies of Leon's army soldiers a man walking with an evil smile, And with blood lusted eyes. He looks exactly like a demon. He is the sworn enemy of the Sumeria kingdom "Draco" the king of Eldoria Kingdom.

Draco - "After all this time i got the right time to see your end"

Kratos - "From now on I'am the king to the Sumeria kingdom and Sumeria kingdom will have Diplomatic relationship with Eldoria kingdom, From now on Draco is the only friend i have.

Kratos tried to Stab the leon with knife, But Leon's Soldiers fight with Draco and Kratos and buyed some time for King to escape with princess elena. After a fierceful battle King Leon escaped into the forest with princess and with some of his soldiers. But he is still chased by the some of Draco's soldiers. He Gave princess elena to one his soldier and commanded him to go and hide in a safe place and save princess elena at any cost. King Leon fought with Draco's soldiers and in that battle he fell into the valley. King leon lost his wife, His people, His army and His kingdom, Everyone thought that King Leon is Dead. Now Sumerian people has no choice but to accept Kratos as their king.

Now Kratos became the king of Sumeria Kingdom. Even though the people of sumeria kingdom doesn't like living under kratos Ruling but they don't have any other choice. Kratos started collecting high taxes from the sumeria kingdom people. He got the full powers and he also get the weapons, resources and army from the Eldoria kingdom. Kratos married Draco's Sister and blessed with twins, one boy and one girl. Kratos and Draco defeated so many kingdoms and they are ruling those kingdoms under Sumeria and Eldoria Kingdoms. They both together became a powerful God's.

'Like that 19 years had passed'.

One day at the forest nearer to the Sumeria kingdom a horse carriage is going with an escort of Sumeria kingdom soldiers. The escort security seems to be so tight. The person in the horse carriage is no one but a wicked oldman, Master of kratos. His name is Vilehart, His mind is completely filled with evilness. He is the one who raised the Kratos when kratos lost his father, And he is the one who taught to kratos battle skills, how to kill the enemies in the war and Everything. Vilehart is like a mentor to Kratos. He is the one who raised the thought in the brain of kratos to backstab the king Leon for the kingdom of sumeria. Now Vilehart is the Main Advisor to the king of the Sumeria Kingdom. And also he is like bridge to the Sumeria kingdom and Eldoria kingdom.

While they are travelling through the forest towards the Sumeria Kingdom. A mob of Bandits surrounded them. The bandits attacked the escorting soldiers. The Soldiers fought firmly with the bandits but they are losing to them. They told to Vilehart to run and hide beacuse they know they will lose cause they are outnumbered by the bandits. The bandits crushed everyone in the escort soldiers with ease, And now they are going to Abduct the Vilehart.