PATH OF THE WARRIOR - PART 2 books and stories free download online pdf in English


The bandits crushed everyone in the escort soldiers and they are going to abduct the Vilehart who is the Main advisor of Sumeria Kingdom.

In a flash, A young man came out of the woods with a huge sword in his hand. His eyes are reflecting resolved bravery, His stance emitting unbeatable confidence, His face resembles the spirit of a fearless warrior. He smiled, It's like he already knew that he's going to defeat the bandits and save the Vilehart. The bandits attacked that man and he fought with them amazingly. He has used every techniques that has to be used in real battle. His fighting style shows that he practiced a special martial art's. He defeated everyone in the bandits very smoothly and Easily with his marvellous fighting techniques. The bandits were defeated and they ran away. Vilehart was surprised by his fighting skills. Vilehart thanked him and asked him to come to the Sumeria Kingdom to meet the king kratos.

Vilehart - "I am really suprised by your fighting Skills. Where have you learned this from, what's your name ?"

Alex - "My name is Alex. I have learned these fighting techniques, Sword fight and battle Skills from my village chief. I came from a long way to meet the king kratos"

Vilehart- "Then you are a lucky boy, you are talking to the Main advisor of Sumeria Kingdom now. You saved my life, It's Just a small thing for me to take you to the king. I'll definitely take you to the kratos and i'll make sure that you will be rewarded by the Great king kratos".

Alex - "It's very pleasant to meet you Sir, Vilehart. I think god's trying to help me with my goal, that's why i am going to meet the king kratos sooner than i thought".

Alex entered the main hall of the Castle with Vilehart. The king kratos asked Vilehart "who is this young man"

Vilehart- "He is the young man who saved my life from the Rouge bandits. I saw his fighting skills and sword techniques with my own eyes, those were really amazing. He said he wanted to meet king kratos. That's why i bringed him with me here kratos.

Kratos- "I've never seen the Vilehart praising someone's sword skills like this. But if he is saying this much, you are worth to be present here. What do you want Mr. Youngman"

Alex - " It's so much honour to meet you the great king kratos. My name is Alex, your Majesty. I belonged to a very poor village, we don't even have basic needs for so many people. To fulfill the starvation of our village, our ancestors has participated in so many historic battles. That's how our villagers are good in battle and sword skills. That's the only thing our villagers are good in. But our village is facing drought from a few years. We have sent request mails for help to this kingdom so many times but we didn't received any reply from your side Majesty. So my village chief has taken a decision to taught every young people of martial art's and sword skills, And selected the only one of the strong one to sent here. I want to join in your Army, Majesty. So i can help my people in my village".

Kratos- " After listening to your story, I decided to add you in my powerful Army. From now on you are one of my sincere soldier. And i'll think about sending help to your village people as soon as possible.

Alex - "Thank you so much, Your Majesty. I will forever be indebted to you".

Kratos - "From now on you'll be serving under the Army leader and General, Skar. Vilehart call General Skar now.

A six feet perosn entering the main hall of castle. He had thick arms and corded muscles and veins. He has a huge scar on his face. His skin is weathered and scarred, a testament to a lifetime of brutal battles and conquests. His eyes are coal-black, radiate an intense and malevolent intelligence, revealing a mind as sharp as his physical might. His Aura revealing an intense fear and dominance.

Kratos- "He is Skar. We also call him Death warder. He is the General of my army, and my true guardian of this Sumeria kingdom. Skar, from now on this young man is serving under you. You should teach him our troop skills and take care of him".

Skar calmly nodded ok. And asked Alex to follow him. And he took Alex to someone and said "He will tell you what to do, And Don't come near to my sight ever. It will be good for you, Ok".

Alex with unease voice - "Ok, General Skar, I will never disappoint you. You can trust me.

Skar's not even looked at alex and went back to castle.

Alex - "Hii, My name is Alex. It's very nice to meet you".

Oliver - "Hii, My name is Oliver. It's nice to meet you too. So you are the one who saved Vilehart from bandits. Everyone is talking about you in Sumeria.

Alex - "Yeah ! Fortunately that was me. So, what are we going to do now ? Any training sessions?.. Any escorting work?.. Any spying work?.. I'm so excited oliver, I never be a soldier in a army before.

Oliver - " Woaah..! Hold your horses Alex. First we have to fed the horses and wash clothes of our soldier's. And help to bring the groceries for the castle cook. And we have a whole list here.

Alex - "Whaaaat...? I thought i would be assigned to an escorting troop or a battle troop. What's with the horses and clothes?. If i would be like this, when i will become General of this army and earn lots of money for my people.

Oliver with a smile - "You planned to become General of this army, 'Hahaha' . You don't know about king kratos and this kingdom, Do you??

While doing their work they have continued their conversation

Alex - " I don't know about any backstories of this kingdom but i do know that this is a powerful kingdom with huge army and many resources.

Oliver - "Actually the main backbone of this Sumeria kingdom is Eldoria kingdom and Eldoria king Draco who is the brother-in-law of king Kratos. Eldoria and Sumeria kingdoms together became this powerful. But Sumeria people doesn't like the ruling of kratos. We are even better, but the Eldorian people are far worse than us. They are living in Hell.

Alex - "Then why don't they ran away from that kingdom and go live somewhere better.

Oliver - "That would be more worse, if they tried anything like that, Draco would kill them and their families very brutally. So don't expect any good things to happen when you are in the Sumeria kingdom.

While Alex and Oliver having conversation and going with the groceries towards the castle. They heard a loud horn sound. Alex asked "what's that sound oliver ?".

Oliver - "I think he started the game at Arena ring. The horn sound, we have to go Alex. Leave the groceries here and come with me Alex, Right now".

Alex - "What game oliver?, who started the game?, why are you in such a hurry?".

Oliver while running with Alex - "Gorok, He is the own brother of General Skar, Even though the General to the army is Skar. Gorok is the one who controls the whole army. He is not a good perosn Alex. We shouldn't be late to the battle Arena".

Alex - "What..? Did you just said Battle Arena".