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A Visit to the Super-Specials - 2

As the sleek and quiet automobile lifted off the ground, it made a buzzing sound. Moon, who relies on me as a friend and reliable copilot, smiled. In the same way that she was, I was becoming increasingly excited. The ascent, which was rather uncomplicated, was an excellent opportunity to showcase Moon's engineering expertise.

"There is no need to be concerned about the noise," she said, assuming that she had guessed every thought that I had.

During our flight through the atmosphere, the planet below us took on a kaleidoscope of colors, ranging from blue to green. A sequence of twists and turns that could have easily been mistaken for a roller coaster were expertly navigated by the moon as we traveled through the landscape.

Mercury is the fiery orphan of the sun, and it is our eventual destination. As we got closer to Mercury, we were aware of the rugged and cratered landscape that was there on its surface. The perspective became skewed as a result of the shimmering heat in the air. An exhalation of relief could be heard coming from the engine as it decelerated when the truck slipped onto a gravel plateau.

Mercury, who was standing there with his thermometer firmly in his palm, had a wrinkled brown face and was standing there as we came.

The natural brightness that was there in his complexion was diminished, and he appeared to be exhausted. I took a few cautious steps up, and a worried expression appeared on my face.

"How come, Mercury?"

The words "a little under the weather" came out of his mouth in a raspy voice. This place is significantly hotter than usual, and" he appeared to be in excruciating pain and stuttering.

Moon had a response: "It's not just the heat," as she intervened.

An indication of melancholy comes from Mercury. Recently, Grandpa Sun has been exceptionally irritable. I am the one who is most affected by his wrath.

The pain in my heart was for him. "Are we to help?"

Mercury responded, "All you need to do is spread the word." It is important to remind the next generation to take care of our ecosystem. The more they are able to make Grandpa Sun happy, the more relaxed he will become.

A hand was placed on his arm by me. "We'll try our hardest."

Minutes before we departed, Moon presented me with a vial containing a liquid that shimmered. "Mint cooler," she remarked. It is for Mercury. Tell him that his mother was the one who made it.

Despite the fact that I was aware that this was our final assignment, I nodded my head in agreement. As soon as Moon became aware of my anxiety, she extended her hand to me and gently squeezed it. She spoke as she whispered,

"Remember that awareness is the first step toward recovery.".

Following that, we were on our way to pay a visit to the most stunning princess in our group of relatives. But I had heard about her agile temperament.