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letter From Me 01

I am everyone's sense of loneliness, just bcoz I want's to be so, I want to be the one who without any partiality serve wholeheartedly to everyone related to him, no matter directly or indirectly .. how the relation or the connection is, have two aspects like half filled glass of water, positive and negative too, where you trigger sense of belief's feel or the near origin or the original so that real or pure feel of yours, with concentration or fixity one pointedly or with the sense of focus, you get the alartness, cognition or the clearly in your space of visualisation, the thing is you need to be very clear about what is your need, if you intentionally or unintentionally need to be aware about my that aspect which make you feel the sense of uncomfortability, you found me like the poison for you or if you consciously or subconsciously need to be aware about my that aspect, which makes you feel the sense of comfortability, you found me like the perfect medicine for all the problems related to you, now choice is completely yours, trigger the sense of belief or the original feel or the feel which is your originality to control your mind or your space without control, otherwise if mind gone to be the controller of you, then there is a fifty fifty possibility that, subconsciously negative aspect of mine or may be others strikes in front of your eyes of visualisation, the question is why I am telling all that to you, just because I am your well wisher, just because you are just like a part, like I am the part of the body or the systems such as physically visible world, emotional, logical, remembable, visionary and last but not the least, the sense of tense or the time called present if I compromise with your comfortability I too gone to pay for that, just like if blood not gives its service with the sense of equality to all the organs or the body parts or mean to say if that one be with narrow sense of there infinite self or selfishness and do partiality based on or not based on who do the same with blood, at the last whole body or system gone to suffer and finally there is the possibility that body remains no more and if body dies how blood able to exist, just because of that, I try to unintentionally serve others with the extremeness of sense of equality, no matter they are related to me directly or indirectly, In place of focusing or nurrishing mother, father, brother, sister, friends and all the aspects or dimensions of relationships or the connections, personal as well as professional I priorities to nurish the root connection or relation's aspect of all the relations or the connections and that is the one's relation to others on the basis of their individuality, we all have same feel within, we all takes the same breath or air, we all have the same feel of our psyches or physical mind as well as other kinds of minds such as emotional, logical and all, so why not we serve everyone, on the basis of relation of one with one self, just because of partiality there are lack of sense of clarity, only when there are two on more options, there is the sense of confusion or the uncomfortably, if there is one, no confusion or the problem remains, as I discussed earlier by giving the example of body.