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Love at First Slight - 2

Rahul's mom chuckled. "Well, beta, it seems like you've made a mystery out of it! You don't even know her name?"

Rahul shook his head, his eyes sparkling with excitement. "No, Mom, I don't. We met in a rush, and I didn't get a chance to ask her name. But I can't stop thinking about her!"

His mom smiled knowingly. "Well, maybe you'll run into her again, and you can ask her then."

Rahul's face lit up with hope. "Do you think so, Mom? Do you think I'll see her again?"

His mom nodded encouragingly. "Life is full of surprises, beta. You never know what might happen. But one thing is for sure - you'll always have a special place in your heart for this mysterious girl."

Rahul grinned, feeling a sense of wonder and anticipation. He couldn't wait to see what the future held. Little did he know, their chance encounter was only the beginning of a beautiful journey.

As the day passes...
Rahul was engrossed in his studies, determined to ace his exams. He spent hours poring over his books, notes, and online resources, hardly taking a break. As the night wore on, his sister Aarushi burst into his room, full of energy and mischief.

Aarushi: (jumping onto his bed) Hey, genius! What's with the nose buried in books? You're going to turn into a bookworm!

Rahul: (sighing) Aarushi, I'm trying to study here. I have a big exam coming up.

Aarushi: (playfully) Ooh, exam? That sounds like so much fun! (starts pretending to read a book) Oh, yeah, I'm studying too... the art of procrastination!

Rahul: (chuckling) Aarushi, you're not helping.

Aarushi: (sitting beside him) Okay, okay. What are you studying? Maybe I can help.

Rahul: (skeptical) You think you can help me with finance and economics?

Aarushi: (grinning) Well, I'm a master of economics... in the sense that I know how to spend money wisely... on shoes and ice cream!

Rahul: (laughing) That's not exactly what I'm studying.

Aarushi: (peering at his notes) Oh, what's this? Supply and demand? Sounds like a love story!

Rahul: (shaking his head) You're ridiculous, Aarushi.

Aarushi: (giggling) Hey, someone's got to keep things interesting around here! Now, tell me more about this supply and demand... maybe I can apply it to my shoe collection!

Rahul: (smiling) I think you're getting a little off track, Aarushi.

Aarushi: (pouting) Fine, be that way. But I'm still here to help... or distract... whichever you need!

Aarushi: Mommy, Mommy! I want ice cream and a pencil and pen!

Amrita: Let's ask big bro Rahul to take you out for ice cream and shopping, okay☺️?

Aarushi: Yay! Big bro, please take me!

Rahul: (sighs) Uh, Mom, do I have to?

Amrita: (smiling) Come on, Rahul. It's just for a little while.

Rahul: (dramatically) Okay, okay! But just for a little while. (bows)

Aarushi: (giggles) Big bro, you're so funny😅!

[They head out on the royal bike]

Aarushi: (excitedly) Wheeee! My hair is flying like a princess😉!

Rahul: (laughs) You're a little princess, all right! With a bad hair day!

[They arrive at Sweet Treats Ice Cream Center]

Aarushi: Ooh! Ooh! 🤔I want the one with sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Rahul: (smiling) Okay, little one. One scoop or two?

Aarushi: (giggles) Two, of course!

[After enjoying their ice cream, they head to SuperMart Mall]

Aarushi: Big bro, look! Pencils! And pens! And colorful markers! Oh, can we get them all?

Rahul: (smiling) Let's get them all, little one! We'll make you the most colorful student in school!

[They purchase pencils and other supplies]

Aarushi: (excitedly) Look, big bro! I got so many colors!

Rahul: (smiling) I'm glad you're happy, little one. Now, let's head back home.

Aarushi: (pouts) But I don't want to go home yet! I want to explore the mall!

Rahul: (laughs 😅) Okay, okay! We'll explore the mall for a bit. But then we have to head back home.

[They continue exploring the mall, enjoying their time together]