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The Dark Moon is totally a work of fiction, narrated by the girl in the lead role.

Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. And any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

Acknowledgment To:

“Almighty who looks after me”

Anjali Gawarkar the proof reader of my book. Shahid Hasan for his support and inspirations. Moin chaudhari for his suggestion. My family and my friends.



Monday afternoon 2.00 pm

Mumma received a call from an unknown number, I didn’t had a personal phone. I used mumma’s cell phone sometimes .I was in 10th standard and my personal phone was scheduled the next year .Mumma informed me that someone called her and was asking for me .She didn’t knew who was on the other side ,so she asked me to call back on that number on getting free .

I was not that sure but it seemed as it would have been I had a crush since I was a small dreamy girl studying in 4th grade .So I thought not to call him back in mumma’s presence . As mumma used to go at grandpaa’s place every noon after 3.00pm, today also she was supposed to go there .

She was leaving when I requested her to leave her phone with me .She agreed with that.

I could clearly hear my heartbeats .Many questions were popping up in my mind .Why did he called me ? Did anything go wrong ? We would have talked in school the next day .Why did he called on mumma’s phone ,that too at 2.00pm- the time to doze ? He could have waited till the next day . Was it something urgent ?

As he was the only one with whom I had imagined myself in every fantasy , deep inside I was glad that he called .Shuddering my questions away , I called him.His phone might be ringing . I was curious to hear him for the first time on call,but no one answered ,I left the phone aside and was about to take a nap ,when the screen flashed showing the same number again .

He- Hello Shayan here !

Omg ! What a sexy voice lips soon took a nasty curve .I was lost in a dreamy world ... I didn’t knew that just his voice could give me Goosebumps !

He- Hello Aariyana , are you there ?

Me – Ha Shayan, you called me at 2.00pm ,Any work ?

He- Yeah! I wanted to discuss something important with you .

I leaped with joy ... excitement seemed uncontrolled .

Me- Yeah , you have my ears (blushing)

He-But it’s fine we will talk about it later ...

Me-Ok ! (with disappointment)



I wanted to force him to tell me the reason why he called. The thing sounded very interesting. I could not control my curiosity , but if I would have done that ,he would have thought of me as a child .It was our first talk so I didn’t wanted to mess it up .I tried to show some attitude as if it was OK if he talks to me about it later on.But only I knew about the whirlpool of thoughts spinning all over my mind .

The rest of the day, I was thinking just about him . It was like a dream come true ... “HE called me” ..that was such a wow moment for me .Can’t stop blushing …

** * * *

He had the attitude on peak . He never used to speak much,his body odour always attracted me whenever he passed by my side . Not only me, but every girl in my class had a crush on him.

He walked as if he never cared what is happening around him,looking straight with that “khadus” face he had . In class , he didn’t had many friends.He was secretive guy. Any girl would fall for him to know him , but he always ignored everyone .

He stared at me sometimes in lecture- That’s what my friends used to tell me.But I never noticed that because in classroom , I was very talkative type of girl who was always busy with her friends , her work and her studies . But as soon as it was our break time ,I used to follow him , notice him. I was damn sure he was familiar with all my flirty things . I never used to miss the chance to talk to him .

I found silly reasons to talk to him like, “Shayan, what is our tuition time today ?” But he , slowly , without any expression or eyecontact would answer my questions, as if he had no interest in answering them .

It was Saturday so there were no tuition classes , but I was informed that we had tuitions at 8.00pm , so I had my dinner quickly and moved for tuitions which were conducted near Shayan’s place .When I was passing by Shayan’s house, I saw him , as I regularly used to peep in through the window in his room .I saw Sofiya there in his room- both were studying together.It was heart-breaking thing for me . Sofiya was the only girl with whom Shayan was too close ,playful , talkative and full of joy .

Sofiya was the class topper , active in sports too.She danced well too . She use to score 90% and above, so she used to go at Shayan’s place to teach him as he was not that scholar in studies . Sofiya was way too beautiful ,fair , had long ,straight hairs - hardly any boy would reject her.

Sofiya and Shayan came to school on a vehicle . Sofiya used to drive her activa and Shayan used to sit behind her . I noticed this everyday as my place was just opposite to the school campus .They shared a great bond,but no one was clear whether Sofiya was Shayan’s girlfriend or not.

When I reached tuition, I found no one was there. It was dark. I heard someone’s footsteps behind me ! Fear was all over my mind. I had no guts to look behind and identify who was there , but the body odour- I had smelt this one before! The person was too close. I felt his presence but for a second , I thought, “How could he come here? . I saw him studying at his place .” But soon, he whispered.

“Aariyana why are you here? There are no tuition classes today .”

I shouted, “Shayan ! You scared me, stupid!.. I would have died of fear !”

He smiled .Looking at his smile, my fear ran away and I started blushing .For a while, I thought of hugging him and I was up to do the same , but controlling myself, I stepped back. He was still standing there, staring at me as if he was waiting for me to hug him .

“Shayan, how could you be here? You were at your place , busy , studying with Sofiya . I saw you just a few moments ago .” I spoke with an unpleasant voice. He, without answering my question, told me to go home as he was also leaving ,so I left back for my home .

On the way to home, I thought of asking him about his and Sofiya’s relationship but how to ask that when he never replied to any of my questions ?…


I loved to go to tuition as Sofiya didn’t came there . She was the topper so she didn’t need that . There, I used to get some time with Shayan without any kind of hurdles as in school ,Sofiya was always around him.

Next day, it was Sunday . I called Shayan.

Me-Hello Shayan !

He-Yes Aariyana , how are you ?

Me-I am fine.

He-Good ,dear . Say, any work ?


I was lost again . I didn’t knew what to speak next.He talked so sweetly that if I asked him for coffee, he would never say no to that proposal, but I was not able to be that straight to ask him out.

He-Speak up Aari , I am listening , be quick dear ..

Me-Shayan , I was thinking… if possible ,can we meet for a cup of coffee today ?

He-Why not, dear? See you soon at “Café Soho” …6:00 pm ?

Me-OK, see you ! bye .

He- Bye

I was shocked for a while .How did he agreed so easily to be there ?

Anyways , I was so glad to meet him . After the call, I kept blushing for the rest of the day.

My eyes were stuck on the hands of the clock . I was waiting eagerly to meet him so,I started searching my wardrobe to find a good dress to wear , as I took our first meeting to be our “first date” .

He was my crush , not only crush but I was falling for him day by day . But whenever I saw him with Sofiya , I felt so disappointed .

The clock showed 5.30 pm .I was ready . Mumma asked me where I was going ? I, without any eyecontact with her , replied that I was going out with Zara . Zara was my best friend , She had a very good nature and supported me in every situation .I was not close to any of the girls in the class except her .And manytimes , I used to go out with her .Mumma never had a problem with that so she told, “Fine go... but don’t be late ,my child”...I replied , “Yes mom ! Bye see you soon” ...I took mumma’s cell phone with me .

Reaching the café which was 10 k.m away from my place , I called Shayan to know when he would reach there .

Me-Hello Shayan , where are you ? I am here at Soho .

He disconnected the phone call telling me that he was there only .

I started searching for him .He was sitting in a corner, staring at me with a smiling face . When I looked at him, we both gazed at each other with soft smile on our faces . Then, I walked towards him.He checked me out from my hairs to my heels and smiled as soon as I reached near him. He stood up giving me a seat and spoke.

“Aari ,you are looking gorgeous today”

Hearing that, I was on cloud 9 . I was so happy to hear that .His eyes were not ready to look anywhere else -They were just on me !My heart was beating faster . His behavior was totally different at that time . I was not able to believe that it was Shayan ,in front of me , who was being so flirty and a lovely boy .

“Am I late,Shayan?” I asked . He smiled and said,”It’s OK, baby .Waiting for you was my pleasure.” I felt shy.

Holding my hand , he exclaimed , “Aariyana, are you being shy?”

“Naah Shayan…” I replied...

He was so comfortable with me and so was I . He started talking about the recent affairs in school. That was the first time I saw him this joyful and he spoke a lot , that too, with me.It was not Sofiya this time .

I felt like going close to him and feel his lips with mine. His lips were wet as he kept licking them again and again .My eyes were stuck on him . He asked me to have look at the menu and order something ,I didn’t responded as I was busy staring his eyes .

“Aari, order something and then, you can again continue with your flirty acts!” We both laughed . I, without sparing time , ordered cold coffee for me and chocolate shake for him as many a times, I had seen him having chocolates . He gazed at me ,being amazed as I knew his choice . I excused myself . As I stood up ,he grabbed my hand and spoke.

“Aariyana, please don’t move.Be here with me. ”

“Shayan, I will be back soon .” I quickly spotted the washroom, looked at myself in the mirror , combed my hairs , darkened my lipstick shade, adjusted my dress and soon returned back . He was there only, facing the washroom . It seemed like he didn’t wanted to move his eyes anywhere except me.

A nasty smile was there across his face . I sat down . He again took my hand in his and spoke.

“Already you were looking hot . Are you planning to set me on fire ? You are looking damn sexy ! ” He winked ...

We had our order on our table. I offered him coffee but he told that he doesn’t divvy up ,

“OK ,its fine .” I said, getting a little low .

“Ohhh ! Aari ,please don’t mind but, by nature, I am like that , I didn’t wanted to hurt you . Sorry !” He exclaimed.

“Shayan , its fine. No issues.”

We continued talking . In a jiffy ,I finished my coffee and soon later, he was also done with his shake . It was time to leave ,as mumma would have been waiting for me . Still ,my hand was in his hand . He was not ready to move or leave , even I didn’t wanted to leave , but we had no other option as mumma would get worried if I got late . So , I made him stood up .He paid the bill and we left the café .

The clock showed 7.30 pm . It was dark outside and that darkness brought us more closer . He had a bike so he told that he would drop me home till 8.30 pm . I was ok with that .

We still had one hour to hang out . The first time seemed so precious to me .

There were benches outside the café in the garden which was bushy , We both sat there .

We were getting closer , his hand rolled over my waist , my hands were around his neck. Coming close, he licked my lips and I too started kissing him . It was a heavenly feeling . Shayan was in my arms ..

“Where are you lost, Aariyana ? What are you thinking so deeply?. I didn’t knew that you dream with your eyes open.” He smiled …”No no ,I was just thinking that we should leave now else we would get late.” Unwillingly ,we both had to leave .We had a good ride together and he dropped me near my place .

“Goodbye Shayan ! And thank you …”


“Hey mumma , I am back .”

“Yes , Aari. Go ,get changed.Freshen up, beta . We will have our dinner. Today, your papa will be late so he has informed us not to wait for him .”

“Ok mumma .”

Aariyana’s daddy was a business man . He had to go out of town many times .

I got fresh .We had our dinner and I was tired, so wishing goodnight to everyone, I headed towards my bedroom . I wished to take mumma’s cellphone with me as I wanted to chat with Shayan , but I didn’t had enough guts to ask for her phone ,that too, at night , so I just left .

Next morning , I woke up early as it was Monday . I was eager to meet Shayan and look how he would react. I dressed up quickly and left for school . We had to go to school only for few days now as it was our reading vacation after two weeks because soon we had our SSC board exam’s next month.

But, he was normal and reacted as if that meeting mattered nothing to him. He was with Sofiya but looking them together, I felt that I was stupid to dream so much about him .

The days passed by and we started meeting regularly on weekends. When I met him, I was forced to forget his weird behavior in school . He was totally different when he used to be with me , so I kept ignoring the school time . In tuition also, he behaved well . We had some personal time after tuition . He always invited me to join him for studies at his place but mumma never agreed to go for night studies , so I had to stay at home .

He sometimes came to my place at night after dinner with silly reasons and mumma was OK with that, as he would first call mumma ,take her permission and then visited .,Mumma was so impressed with Shayan that whenever he came, she would offer him chocolates and snacks . We used to study in my bedroom and when mumma used to fall asleep , we would keep studies aside and have some personal time together . We sat holding each other’s hands .Both of us wished to kiss each other but something stopped us , still goodbye hug was a compulsory thing !!

On the last day of school, someone wrote on the green-board that the topper girl in the class will be Shayan’s girlfriend . I had no idea about who did that , but I doubted on Sofiya as she was the only topper . No one could ever doubt her , but I was not sure about it .

This made me more tense . I started working as hard as it was possible .

As mumma was now familiar with Shayan , I once thought to ask her if I could go to Shayan’s place for studying and she agreed with that on my request . So I got ready and planned to surprise Shayan as his parents were out of town for some days .

The clock showed 8.00 pm and Shayan’s place was near , so I soon reached there . His room was separate. Anyone could enter his room without facing any of his family members . The room had the separate door for entrance and the window was by the side of the door . I thought of directly entering the room by opening the door , but as it was my first time , I was a bit nervous , so I peeped in from the window .


What the hell !

How can Shayan do such a cheap thing ? I wished to step inside and slap him and that bloody Sofiya too .

They both were sleeping together with Sofiya’s hands rolled on Shayan’s back and her clothes hanging over the clip nearby .It clearly seemed that both were naked as their legs were crossed with no clothes on Shayan’s body too. They shared a thin blanket just to cover their bodies ..

What the hell! I felt as if I was ditched badly . Shayan was with Sofiya then, why even I thought that he could be mine ? He once told me that he didn’t like sharing things and now , look here ! They are sharing the bed with no hesitations .

I didn’t had guts to enter the room so , I just left .As I was on the way to home, totally broken ,with tears rolling down my cheeks . I felt someone was following me. I turned around . It was dark so I couldn’t recognize who he was. I started walking faster. He ran behind me and handed me an envelope . He was Aryamaan.

“Aryamaan! Who was he ?

Why was he following Aariyana ?

What was there in that envelope ?

Shayan and Sofiya ! Were they really in a relationship ?

If they were, then why did Shayan spent time with Aariyana?

Was Shayan cheating on both, Aariyana and Sofiya ?

And who would have written on that green-broad about the topper girl being Shayan’s girlfriend ? Was it Sofiya herself ?”