The Vikramaditya Secret







All the characters, places, incidents and adventures narrated in this novel are totally fictions. It has been totally imaginative of the author.

There is no any resemblance of anything of this novel to the history.

This has been created for entertainment of readers only.

Summary of the last chapter

Mahaveer Shah is the owner of the “Shah Exim Pvt. Ltd “. He is the well known business tycoon of the Rajkot city.

He is living with his granddaughter Poorva Shah. He has lost his Son and Daughter in law in tragic car accident.

Poorva requested him to attend to annual function and deliver the motivational speech to the students.

He firmly believes that he has lost his family only due to the secret that he is holding. The secret is very powerful that it could change course of entire society.

Now read afterward…


Mahaveer Shah looked at the photo of his dead son and daughter in law. He closed his eyes and shook his head. He thought about that fateful moment when he received the news that they had been dead by car accident. Their car had been hit by heavy truck.

After few moments he took the long breath and opened his eyes. He came in to the reality. He slowly moved his attention towards the next picture which was hanging on the wall.

It was the very old oil painting. The painting was covered by the glassy photo frame.

That oil painting was very rich in the color and texture. Though it seems very old but the time has not affected the texture of the painting. It still looks gracious and majestic.

Mahaveer Shah came in front of the painting. He then folded his hands. He closed his eyes and bow down his head in front of the picture.

His all grief and sorrows are removed and his thoughts are cleared. He felt the sense of the peace and calmness.

Whenever he feels the sadness, Mahaveer Shah always seeks the help from this picture to overcome his sadness.

It was not an ordinary painting. It was the painting of the “Goddess Harsiddhi”.

The Goddess Harsiddhi was the Kuldevi of his family and his dynasty. They are the worshipper of the Goddess Harsiddhi.

The oil painting was truly gem of an antic peace because the painter of this picture was also special person.

The person who made this painting was not an ordinary individual. The painter was none another than the “Sheth Jagdu Sha". The Mahaveer Shah was descendent of dynasty of “Sheth Jagdu Sha “.

The “Sheth Jagdu Sha” was the forefathers many generations ago.


Somewhere in the Rajkot

“Are you sure what we seek is in his office?” He asked again.

“Yes, Bapu “He received the prompt answer from the other end.

“Excellent. What is his schedule?” He asked to him.

“Today He would go to Hemu Gadhvi Hall for the educational program “He received the answer.

“Why he is going for educational program?” He raised his doubts.

“There is the annual program of the college where his granddaughter is studying “He paused and added “He would deliver his knowledge of business and management to the students”

“Nice. That means we too need to attend that program “He informed to him.

“But why should we need to go there? What is there for us? “He was confused so he asked him directly.

“We have to attend the program really“.

He took the deep breath and said “I just want to hear for the final time from him. The so called great fellow who is protecting the secrets that does not belong to him or his family “

He paused and resumed,

“That thing, that bloody secret is only mine. It belongs to me and only me.”

I am the Yuvraj Sinh Khuman the royal blood and to my dynasty, to my great forefather “The Raja Bhoj”

“Bapu I heard you said the word ‘Final Time ‘“He was shocked.

“Yes my fellow you have heard me correctly. This would be his last and final speech.” The Yuvraj Sinh Khuman said loudly.


“Hurry up, Poorva! We are getting very late “Mahaveer Shah knocked her bedroom.

“Just a minute Dadu” He heard her answering behind the door.

They were going to attend the annual function of her college where she was doing her master's in the history with specialization in the history of the Gujarat.

“Let’s Go. I am ready “Poorva came out of her room.

Mahaveer Shah looked at her and admired her. She was in his mid twenties. She was tall and slim. Her look resembles from her late father.

She was very loving in nature. She knew that her Dadu is the only one left with her so she tries to take care of him very much.

Mahaveer Shah too felt the feeling of joy and sorrow in the same time as she do resembles like his son.

She reminds him his late son and daughter in law and now she was the only one in the name of the family. He was missing his son and daughter in law very badly.

“Wow you looked very beautiful, beta “Mahaveer Shah gave her compliment.

“I have to be as the same is in my jeans. My daddy was handsome and so as my Dadu" She replied.

The atmosphere became little tense.

He smiled and put his palm on her head and said “Let’s go the function hall”

They sat on the car and drove towards the hall.

Soon after they hit the main road a bike quickly and strangely overtakes their car.

Mahaveer Shah noticed the bike. He felt the suspicions but later thought that it must be just normal youngsters in a hurry.

They reached at the Hemu Gadhvi Hall were the function was held.

They greeted by the dean of the college Dr. Bhardwaj Mehta

“Welcome Mr. Shah. Thank you very much for coming in the short notice” Dr. Mehta said with genuine feelings.

They both shook their hands.

“Oh! No need to say that word Sir. It’s my duty to share my knowledge to the next generation for their bright future “Mahaveer Shah replied

“This is the function of Poorva’s college which I need to attend anyway.” He patted on her shoulders.

“Indeed you are the real gem to the society Mr. Shah “The dean said and escorted them to front VIP raw of the hall.

“Dadu, Can I join with my friends? They are waiting for me. “Poorva took permission to her grandfather.

“Sure. I am here with the Dean Sir “Mahaveer Shah approved her request.

As they were making themselves comfortable at the same time someone entered the hall with strange suitcase and went towards the last line of the hall.



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